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  • Basic Information

    Full name: Najia Rajesh (Nah-gee-uh) (Rah-jesh)

    Sex: Female

    Species: Human/Egyptian Cobra (Basilisk. NOT A NAGA!!!)

    Ethnicity: Arab

    Birth Place: Cairo, Egypt.

    Age: Mid-20's.

    Religion: Belived in Hinduism but holds no religious veiws at this time.

    Sexual Preference: Bisexual. She finds both males and females attractive in the same degree.

    Sexual Status: Uninterested. Will take on casual lovers only when it suits her.

    Offspring: None.

    Occupation: Seamstress, but her skills are focused on Arabic type clothing. She cannot do armor or bulky clothing more like free flowing sarongs in multiple patterns, scarves, etc. Her fabric choice is silk. When she is not a seamstress, however, she is a hitman for hire for only the most expensive prices. (More on this in the story section)

    Social Status: Merchant/ Stable middle class.

    Physical Basics

    Height: 5"4

    Weight: 120 lb

    Build: Lean, willowy, fluid movements.

    Body shape: Curvy, body fat is focused in breasts and ass with lean muscle over the rest of her body.

    Measurements: 38-26-38.

    Hair color: A deep golden blonde.

    Skin color: Mocha.

    Eye color: As a human she has normal eyes of a soft blue color. However, much like a viper she is able to see in infared to be able to see prey. While 'seeing' in infared, her eyes will turn a darker orange color and her pupils will become eliptical. Otherwise she see's in normal human color.

    Tattoos/Piercings: Navel, nipples, with ears pierced 3 times with golden hoops in each hole. Elaborate solid black tribal hindu symbol decorates the base of her neck.

    Scent: Cactus flowers and musky incense.


    Personality: Reserved but not shy. She is a very sensual person and is very open about her sexuality in the way she dresses, walks, and acts but she is not a whore. She is easy to be around because she is so calm and relaxed however she is always alert and sudden movements startle her. Her hearing is slightly poor but she gathers vibrations from her feet which are always bare. She is friendly and avoids confrontation unless paid, but she will not backdown from a fight when started.

    Negative traits: Can be manipulative, vindictive, will use people for her own gain, enjoys being in control, will exploit weakness.

    Outlook: Optimist.

    Likes: Strong men, raw meat (yes still kicking), basking in the sun, dancing, fast rhythums in music such as war drums, swimming, sewing.

    Dislikes: Overbearing people, prude women, cocky people, confrontation without cause, annoying and loud people, ignorance and stupidity.

    Quirks: Along with her infared vision she is slightly hard of hearing and her vision isn't keen. She judges others movements and speed by the vibrations made by them by using the soles of her bare feet. You will never see her in shoes.