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Kudos: Community Acclaim and Recommendations

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Melancholy

    Melancholy is an excellent roleplayer. While we're currently only a few messages into the roleplay I can already say that IC he's extremely litterate and pays good attention to details. OOC he's easy to work with, patient and friendly!

    And if you're reading this: you're the type of roleplayer I strive to be, and need, to develop my somewhat lacking roleplaying skills and language. I'll entertain you for as long as you let me, and hopefully I'll gain something from it myself.
    -- Cinders
  • Sazzness

    ok ROUND 2 KUDOS bc this shizzle got even BETTER!! i thought i had it good with 1 of her characters being the thing i needed, makin me a full blown addict... but then she went AND GAVE ME ANOTHER ONE!! and yet again i've been pleasantly surprised by the outcome by something that started off completely unplanned. such talent. such depth to her characters and writing. and also... such a great, caring, wonderful friend that i feel blessed to have. she is really so amazing <3
    -- Moki
  • MadRatBird

    PART 2: ok so his writing? don't let him fool you, he is not just average or merely okay. he is FANTASTIC!!! it keeps you interested and yearning for more. it's smooth and flowy without being over-the-top. his characters are so adorable that i just want to DIE and in diverse way with some being just plain ol classic adorable and others layered and faceted adorable. he also adapts to different time settings and genres with ease! toby is just all around gr8 and u should rp with him!!
    -- Moki
  • MadRatBird

    PART 1: toby toby toby my lovely little bean friend. i might be biased for knowing him irl but regardless i must share my love. this here is a beautiful human being and absolutely wonderful friend. he is open and willing to talk about almost any topic you can think of which makes conversation always riveting. he cares super deeply for his friends and he's so honest and sweet. also, this boy is HECKIN TALENTED LIKE WHOA seriously go commission him you will absolutely not be disappointed.
    -- Moki
  • Caro (played anonymously)

    It is the ultimate sacrifice, laying down one's life for another. And Acaeus and Caro...both in a way, have done this. Acaeus started, Caro joined in, and now...the end? Well. It will be bitter, heart shattering. I don't like it anymore to be honest, to the point it won't even be in my book. But I do know, I will enjoy roleplaying it out with Emi, because I know even if it' s a painful path of RP, it will be filled with all the right realistic emotions.
    -- Michonne
  • Caro (played anonymously)

    All the interactions I have seen thus far...they make it easy for me to explain why Acaeus did what he did, and why...he's in the predicament he is in. To watch her slowly die inside with him not being around without knowing would drive any man truly in love with someone, to reach for something that might be risky, to save their future together, and bring it back to where it was at the start. Only to die in trying. It is the ultimate sacrifice, laying down one's life for another.
    -- Michonne
  • Acaeus - COS (played by Michonne)

    To know Acaeus is to love him, and because of that, to see what he has become is a source of devastation and heartache for me and my characters. However, despite the great loss Caroline and Daniel have suffered, the continuum of roleplay that Michonne has crafted for her flagship character is nothing short of mind blowing. What remains of the real Acaeus is enough to bring me to tears, paired with the bone chilling duality of a calculating demon who cares for nothing that his host holds so dear.
    -- emroidz
  • fallingcity

    Known this guy for a few years now, great role-player! Very descriptive and always brings something to the table!
    -- Romluek
  • professormoony

    A Fantastic writer and she is such a kind person, I love Roleplaying with her, as she is an amazing partner and puts a lot into her replies! :D <3 such a sweetheart!
    -- RikuNanase
  • Hughie Wray (played anonymously)

    One of the cutest characters I've seen in a while. Great job making him.
    -- S_S_P

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