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  • Gender: Transgender Person
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: February 28

I am back and doing okay again thank you for your patience
I was gone alot longer than inteded but im doing okay now! i hope you will be understanding

Status: Here! But sparsely. I can log in once a day minimum! I try to get out at least 1 reply to each person each day. But my schedule is crazy now.
i am free:
Mon/Wed 6pm-10pm
Tues/thur 8pm-10pm
Fri 4pm-11pm
Sat/sun All day but these are also my homework days and i nap alot because on weekdays im up at 6am

As of feb. 4 i will be MUCH more available as i will be starting my truck driving career and wont give 2 hecks about my extra classes.

roleplays: 6
Somewhat open to more, i especially appreciate those who reply once a day. Though with my new schedule im more scarce.

who am i?

You may call me Cat, Kitty, (character name), im not picky!
i prefer cat/kitty

personal info

I am trans* and genderfluid, i prefer They/Them if you dont mind.
I am pansexual
I currently have a male mate who i love dearly and puts up with my rp/smut addiction
I own 1 cat named Maab

My characters are usually submissive gay males, or on occasions submissive females, i've started branching out slowly. My favorite thing to play is Cat-boy characters, (or anything with extra limbs) the added expressivity of a tail and ears helps me have more fun!

character types
Males/Male identified

i currently have THREE sweet little kittens up!
I also have a God, a cute troll/demon boy/herm! A Vampire! Avampire lord a cecaelia ! A jackalope furry A set of bunny boy twins~ which are boys or Herm a anthro wolf and a Cerybus/demon!

females/female identified

Most of these are Anons or dont have profiles up YET so you can request them via pm and i'll link you!
I have a cow-girl demoness/anthro(can be herm!)! A tiny but size changing Succubus! An alien known as a Twi'Lek! A herm werewolf! And a mute fire dancing human!
All are submissive but my cow and succubus can be switch-y depending on rp, but its quite rare.

I have a mostly "anything goes" policy on subject matter but im a bit specific on rp style.
I prefer third person, and would like to set up a storyline before starting into rping it means we can have longer more interesting plots! :3

I am currently accepting one-off scenes

18+ RP information, mature content
if you want to do a sexual rp im ALWAYS game! I have very few absolutely no's! My characters each have unique fetishes but all are bdsm or kink friendly!

If you like a character but youre not sure they'll fit with your idea i am always up for changing them up a bit. Or creating a new character all together!

NOTE: most of my rps are adult rps im not garunteeing any specific reason it could be for sexuality, cussing, gore, violence, general adult themes! Because PG IS BORING :3
This being said i only RP with those who are 18+ please understand this and respect it, i do not want to get in trouble if you turn out to be a MINOR! Thank you for understanding <3

Rave Reviews

  • ok i'm obsessed with this wonderful person and his skills in Rp are almost intimidating but lovely nonetheless! his characters are well thought up and his plots are always extremely developed and he is very detailed as well as thoughtful!! a joy to Rp with and a...
    -- Orrik_Zynn
  • Cat is super sweet and probably one of the best experienced I've had doing rp in a long time. I know I can slip up and do something wrong like reply a one liner but Cat just reminds me and I'm back on the ball. You're the best!!
    -- seraphimxoxo

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