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  • Gender: Female

Hey guys! it's Gothic_Girl here and welcome to my profile. I honestly don't know why you choose to visit my profile cause I'm nothing special but anyways welcome. My real name is Kaylynn you can call me whatever you want i don't care as long as its a cute nick name :33!
In role plays i can wright paragraphs or do one sentences what ever one want is fine. I mainly do romance role plays but any role play is fine with me. oh i also go through sever depression so sometimes i can make my characters do what i feel like doing....anyways don't be afraid to message me for anything.

Rave Reviews

  • Where do I start? She's funny, understanding, smart,and just great to talk to. I've been rping with her for as long as I can remember at this point, and she hasn't gotten bored of me, or me of her. She keeps thing simple and interesting and she really is one of my best friends. Love ya girl. <3
    -- Clayfire12
  • She is one of my best friends. When i see her she's acting crazy and smiling. She has an awesome smile and is honestly one of a kind. i love having her as a best friend and hope that won't change. You'd be lucky to know someone like her.
    -- apd9091

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