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  • Gender: Female

Hello there, how are ya? Let me guess your doing good well that's good I'm Kaylynn call me whatever ya want, so why are you here if I may ask, I'm not that special so why look at my profile, well anyways if you're here for roleplay then I'm gonna tell you know I mainly like romance, or horror and romance, or just horror, yes I can get evil but still that's the characters job to do all of My characters do have a normal side I just gotta put that on their profiles but anyways i am on the lookout for online friends so don't be afraid to say hello, oh and one more thing I do suffer from depression so don't be surprised if I make My characters do something depressing in a role play, anyways that's it for now have a good day or night

Rave Reviews

  • Kaylynn is the best female I know! And my personal opinion she is the only best female I know. She is always super cheerful and loving! Anyone is lucky to have a friend like her.
    -- SkyeAnnMarie
  • Gothic_Girl is a Really good role-player and a great friend as well. She loves roleplaying and replies pretty quick on her roleplays! I Highly recommend you to check out her characters and Role play with her!
    -- LillyBlack79

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