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  • Gender: Female

Hello there, how are ya? Let me guess your doing good well that's good I'm Kaylynn call me whatever ya want, so why are you here if I may ask, I'm not that special so why look at my profile, well anyways if you're here for roleplay then I'm gonna tell you know I mainly like romance, or horror and romance, or just horror, yes I can get evil but still that's the characters job to do all of My characters do have a normal side I just gotta put that on their profiles but anyways i am on the lookout for online friends so don't be afraid to say hello, oh and one more thing I do suffer from depression so don't be surprised if I make My characters do something depressing in a role play, anyways that's it for now have a good day or night

Rave Reviews

  • Gothic_Girl is a Really good role-player and a great friend as well. She loves roleplaying and replies pretty quick on her roleplays! I Highly recommend you to check out her characters and Role play with her!
    -- LillyBlack79
  • Where do I start? She's funny, understanding, smart,and just great to talk to. I've been rping with her for as long as I can remember at this point, and she hasn't gotten bored of me, or me of her. She keeps thing simple and interesting and she really is one of my best friends. Love ya girl. <3
    -- Clayfire12

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