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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: July 13

Huge thanks to Degu who designed my profile picture! I love it! As well as the actual PenGryphon itself.


About Me

UPDATE: I'm officially a Grad student! I'll be taking classes online for my Master's in Secondary Education starting August 2014. Wish me luck!

I like to work as many puns as possible into my RP titles, create many ironic characters, have fun, write novels in an insanely short period of time (50,000 words in 30 days--NaNoWriMo) and make new friends. I listen to all sorts of music, mostly Christian, though when I need a good story or character idea I'll hunt through just about anything, hard rock, power metal, alternative, rap though.

I have a longhaired mini dachshund (weiner dog) named Roosevelt (Roo for short) after my character Roosevelt Browning. Roo is in fact brown, and smart; and I'm pleased to say we've finished the Intermediate class at PetSmart!

Other than that, I love Latin (took 8 years of it or so, taught it for a year and some odd months) and I'm a Biology major with a passion for genetics. Let me know if you want something translated into Latin, I'll be happy to do it for you. :D

Fun Facts
I love tea. Loose leaf, bagged, I'm addicted to it. Peach Black Tea is probably my favorite. Right up there with Earl Grey.

I love Disney movies. Like seriously. And DreamWorks. I saw How To Train Your Dragon about 50 times in a month.

My favorite animals are (in no real particular order): African elephants and cougars/mountain lions/pumas.

Current Manga addiction is Library Wars: Love & War. I love the whole fighting-against-censorship motif. And the characters are hilarious.

Favorite authors to name a few: Robin McKinley (Sunshine and The Blue Sword), Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow), Tamora Pierce (pick one) and Scott Westerfeld (Leviathan).

If you wanna RP with one of my characters--just ask! Or PM me one of your characters you want to RP, and I can figure out who to throw at 'em. :)

Rave Reviews

  • I've only RP'ed with PenGryphon a bit but she's a very solid and meticulous roleplayer. Can't recommend her enough.
    -- mk_97
  • Don't care that I've given her kudos before - Pen is fantastic. A wonderful RPer and person in general. :) Completely sweet, and her characters are so full of life!
    -- Novalyyn

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