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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: April 10



Happily running my own group-roleplay, Eldrenae Academy!

So howdy, since you're here you probably want to read a little about me. I've been roleplaying for nine years now, starting with Furcadia. My name's Robyn and I like to think I'm pretty friendly, so please feel free to drop me a message. ^_^ Happily taken irl! <3

I often have several plots going with the same character for fun variety. So if you see a character and have a fun idea? Gimme! I'm always looking for them to meet new people. I'm a big 'ol para-roleplayer and adore offering detail in every scene. Less'play!


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Rave Reviews

  • I always enjoy roleplaying with Robyn. Not only is she a big sweetheart oocly but she never fails to make things interesting, even in slower settings. We gotta roleplay again some time, missy!
    -- yamashta
  • Oh Robyn. So sweet, so fun, so Devious. I love this woman and her adorable characters. I find her a blast to talk too and play with. World building, relationship building, character building, she's pretty awesome on all levels. Definitely would play with her...
    -- Cas

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