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Join me for stiff drinks, spicy memes, and a voracious appetite for words.

Hobbies: Flirting with narratives.

Ambitions: Achieve transcendence, or something like transcendence. Also finish grad school.

Talents: Able to shed my morality like snakeskin at will. (And regrow, regrow, regrow.)

RP: Let's go.

THiHqsj.png Interested in a low-tech, Ancient Mediterranean fantasy setting with Byzantine leanings? Come check out Trivantis: The City of Monsters. Don't worry, our monsters don't bite! Though they do routinely murder, enslave, and cannibalize. (Additionally, some do bite.)

Rave Reviews

  • So, Toreth. Where to begin?

    This gorgeous individual's prose is beyond beautiful. It is lush without being overwrought. It is descriptive and flowing and lively and every inch of it is stitched through with a delightfully wry sense of humour. It's a deep regret of...
    -- Hooke

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