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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: January 27


The Queen of Light and Unicorn Sovereign
☪ いっかくじゅう| | 廌
☪ Lumina | Lumi | Rah
☪ Female | Eastern USA | Biromantic Asexual | Single


hey. nice to meet you and my thanks for taking your time to read this lil blurb about me.
ive been on rpr for 8 years and apart of furcadia for 14, having a long-standing love for fantasy roleplay. im an avid gamer and reader outside of my time spent online, although since starting college in fall 2017, ive had less and less time to indulge my hobbies.

my days are generally spent either in class or at work, with little time in between for my interests. but i try to be active daily to message people and roleplay here and there. i prefer to conduct my rps on furcadia, as i am notoriously awful at being a timely poster on rpr or discord. but i am trying to alter this, once i have more time to myself (i.e during summer break)

if you happen to fancy a chat, whether it be about roleplay or shared interests in games, books, music, etc. feel free to drop me a PM on rpr or whisper me on furcadia, my main contact being Unicorn.

favorite things: unicorns. pokemon, yugioh, magic the gathering, legend of zelda (breath of the wild), fiction/fantasy novels especially tamora pierce's the immortals, song of the lioness and any others based in tortall. the last unicorn, anything studio ghibli related, harry potter, marvel cinematic universe, rick riordan's books involving the olympians and the kane chronicles...greek, egyptian and japanese mythology. mythical beasts of all kinds..


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Rave Reviews

  • One of the first people I met when coming back to roleplaying, she was friendly and kind. Years later, she is still one of the sweetest people I know. And a constantly encouraging friend. I'm always blown away by the elegance of her words and the beauty of her...
    -- Poppet
  • This girl and I don't talk much anymore, but, she's an amazing person through and through. She was one of the first people I befriended in RP land. Despite our unintentional social distance now, she's always more than kind and supportive when we do manage to talk....
    -- Reue

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