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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: January 27


"Through deserts and forest, savannas and mountains, she travels - Eternally young, invisible, and unbothered. Once in a thousand years, the Kalavan fishes' deep voices echo from the depths of the lake, and the glistening dew drops on surplice's wings reflect in the eyes of a unicorn, forming a mirrored passage into the 25th hour. Only then, for just a few breathtaking moments, she will appear in all her glory"


I go by the nickname Rah. I have been on Furcadia for about 13 years and have been roleplaying for about the same time. I strive to be very friendly and approachable to everyone. I'm a bit of an introvert and am not always the most talkative in OOC areas but I always enjoy whisper conversations with others.

You may contact me in game on the character Unicorn. Please feel free to send me a whisper or even drop me a PM on RPR.

☆ 24, Female, Aquarius, Asexual Romantic, Single.
☆ I love Unicorns and I am a firm believer in their existence. (All the Unicorn OCs...)
☆ Peter S. Beagle & The Last Unicorn are two of my top inspirations as a writer. Bruce Coville is third.
☆ Reading, video games, anime and music are some of my interests outside of roleplaying.
☆ Pokemon, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Skyrim and SAO are the best.
☆ Let's be friends. I love making new friends. <3 <3
☆ Communication is KEY! Be honest and direct with me, as I cannot read subtlety at all.
☆ I can be very affectionate with people I take a liking to; if this bothers you, please let me know.

I am the owner of the Unicorn group on Furcadia, click the tag to join!

Rave Reviews

  • How sweet and caring is this darling here? I have only known her for some time on Furcadia but she has yet to change on his kind of a person she can be. And let's not forget her beautiful characters like Unicorn, Claire, and Lisska. She's a wondrous delight to speak...
    -- uyudong
  • We may not have been friends for long, but I've secretly stalked you for a long time, and I regret never speaking to you sooner. You are such a beautiful, amazing woman, and I absolutely love speaking to you every chance I get. All of your characters are gorgeous,...
    -- Moltres

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  • Unicorn gave Whimsey (played anonymously) kudos!
    "There are many unicorn characters that I know and have come across. And all of them are beautiful, precious and intriguing in their own ways. Yet Whimsey is one of few I am personally acquainted with, both OOCly and ICly. She is truly a stunning creature; fashioned with obvious love and care, roleplaying with her is a delight to be savored for as long as possible. Her player is one of the sweetest, gentle-hearted people I've come to know and I truly feel lucky to have encountered her. <3"
    (About 1 hour and 40 minutes ago)
  • Unicorn (played by Unicorn) has added Whimsey (played anonymously) and Ashoka (played anonymously) to their family.(About 1 day and 23 hours ago)
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