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  • Gender: Agender
  • Birthday: February 16


I give all credited to the artists

Who I am as a person!!!
My name is Alex. I was born in Scotland and move to France when I was young. I speak only English/French so not be surprised if you get a text message from me in french. I now live in the US and I travel back and forth for US to the UK.

Gender, Sexuallity and Other Stuff!!!
I am a cosplayer. I'm homosexall, and demisexul, and polyramrous.

My roleplaying info!!!
I am a very 'good' literate roleplayer, if you are going to do roleplay with me I what at least 2 or more sentences when you reply but I can deal with one. Almost 'ALL' of my characters are either a lesbian or homosexal.

Social Media
Place you can find me on, Instagram (jake_smol_english) & (jake_smol_english)

Things I Like/Love!!!
I love sing, drawing, my boyfriend, my internet family, my friend, roleplaying, school, art, sports, & life

Disorders I have!!!
I suffer from Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder


Rave Reviews

  • Jake is awesome I don't rolr play with then much but I am in some with them and I think they are amazing they give me a nice wonderful joy feeling when I see that I am in a group role play with them and plus they are a good friend and are helping me with speaking...
    -- Gothic_Girl

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