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  • Gender: Female

Hi guys, sorry for not being online! I was really busy, but I'll try to visit this site at least once a day! :)

Interests: Roleplaying, playing videogames, reading, listening to music. I watch some anime.


Favorite music genres and artists:

    Dubstep, trap, etc. - Alex Mtch, TheFatRat, Alan Walker
    Metal and rock - Sabaton, Skillet, Amon Amarth
    Epic and emotional music - Audiomachine, Two steps from hell/Thomas Bergersen

    -I roleplay in third person
    -I mostly do medieval fantasy RPs
    -I usually post 3-5 lines, but sometimes I can go crazy and write even 4 paragraphs
    -I am okay with violence/gore

When I first meet someone it 's like:

I am always open for RP, so don 't be afraid and send me a PM! :D

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