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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: May 09

Yes I am young, but I am a literate, icon loving, girl that can run fast and fall UP stairs, (meaning falling upward while on the stairs. Physically impossible? apparently not ^^ ). I love Mythology and can talk for hours about the differences between eastern and western dragons. I am a dork by nature, anime-con is the name of my home planet, and Blizz-con is it's star. I play WoW, KHs, LBP, pkmn, and collect pkmn cards. Call me nerd, dork, that crazy person, or anything else and I will consider you a friend. I want a jacket that makes me hug myself (for fun cause I'm not (legally) crazy) Me in a nutshell.... See above!

*WoW-World of Warcraft
*KH-Kingdom Hearts

Rave Reviews

  • Kuh kuh. This chick is my sistah from anotha mistah. >U<

    Shes awesome. And she's a skilled RPer. Im glad i met her! ^^ FRIEND HER. NAOW. >_> ~
    -- DL909
  • Though I can't say I've RPed much with her, the bit i have done, which is currently in progress with another about to start, has been fun and and interesting so far. I'm enjoying it and can already tell it's only going to get better from where it's at right now.
    -- Hurricane_Lance

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