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Hullo! I've recently started heavy work on a group page, and I noticed that there is no way for me to hide the name of the group that appears at the top. I use a banner with a more embellished logo on it, and the only way I can make the page look the way I want it to is to make the background a plain color, align the group name off to the side and make it the same color as the background so that it's hidden unless someone highlights it.

This works for now, but it prevents me from using any fancier page backgrounds for fear of breaking the illusion!

I'd much love it if there were an option to turn group names off or replace them entirely with a banner.

From a web design perspective, relying on images to communicate the title/purpose of a page is considered very bad practice, and I've been trying hard to avoid encouraging this in users here. It can make it hard for people to find you through search engines - which for many people is a main way of accessing sites they use constantly - and is a disaster for accessibility issues.

I would really encourage you to find a way to incorporate the text onto the banner, which is what the current group layout is designed for. Surely there is a position that the logo could be in that would be above, below or beside the title?

Here's some examples of groups using more complex banners that still incorporate text:



:firefly-is-over: for not using my group.

Although it's not public, so maybe that's why ;)

I am personally not terribly concerned about being found, since it's the sort of group I'd rather people access directly from a link given to them through the related Furcadia dream than through a search engine or even the RPR itself. Seeing as the banner IS a stylized version of the name of the group on a transparent background, incorporating a text title in addition wouldn't work well at all unless I reworked the whole thing into something else entirely.

I do understand the broader perspective, though, and thank you for taking the Time to respond. I'll just stick with the silly fix for now!

... actually, if I may quickly bring this back up, I wouldn't mind being able to hide the title either at my own choosing.

Exodus is my lil' brainchild baby, and I'm not too concerned about people finding it via a search engine either. It's the sort of thing I'd rather snatch the link up for and show to people all, "Here, this is the setting I made/what I am working on".

Plus, I would love to be able to use my own fonts-- I've got a couple hiding on Photoshop that would look better on my banner than the ones in the list of fonts for group appearance-setting. It's just the opinion of a visual preference from a fledgling graphic designer.

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