Dylan's trophy case

In the middle ages, an accolade was a ceremony to confer knighthood upon a worthy individual.

On the RP repository, an accolade is an award given for helping to improve the site in some way. Most commonly, they are given to people who submit a bug report that leads to something being fixed.

Dylan has recieved 29 accolades for their contributions to the RP repository. Bravo!

Dylan helped to find an issue in friend widgets that made clicking a friend's picture go nowhere. Friends are now being reunited thanks to Dylan!Dylan found an error that allowed people to send out group invitations from characters that didn't belong to them.Dylan submitted a lightning fast bug report when the new Recent Activity widgets showed some rough edges, and helped to get the show back on the road very rapidly.Dylan reported that page numbers weren't displaying correctly on group membership pages. Thanks to that report, they've been jiggled loose. You may now return to admiring your massive membership rosters.Dylan found a problem in groups where moderation powers weren't working properly. Thanks to Dylan's report, it's fixed.Dylan reported that guestbook widgets didn't look quite right after they'd been "submerged" in our newest water templates. Thanks to their report, we're throwing guestbook widgets a lifeline.Dylan's group was plagued with a memberlist that looked like swiss cheese -- Characters weren't being removed from their roster when their owners deleted them. All fixed thanks to a timely bug report from Dylan!Dylan spotted a second error in page numbering on group membership pages. Turned out, the first fix we'd done for their had become irrelevant through updates and needed its own update. Thanks Dylan!Dylan tried and tried to delete group announcements, but the button hadn't been properly hooked up. Thanks to their bug report, old announcements will trouble groups no longer.When I had finished the new 'mature' filter for gallery images but was too tired to test them, Dylan leaped to the rescue and gave them a thorough working over. Many bugs were tracked down and vanquished, thanks to Dylan!Dylan pointed out that the Pink Victorian Lace template wasn't included in the pink category!When their epic membership was being coy about how much time it had left, Dylan brought it to heel with a well placed bug report.Dylan reported the timestamps on notifications not updating under certain circumstances, after an update.Dylan found a case during the days of notifications turmoil where timestamps could stay the same for hours, especially when your friends weren't doing anything new.Dylan discovered a case where inactive notifications were still being displayed in group activity widgets.Dylan reported an important facet of the layout crisis of 08/23/11, where a whole range of things went kerflooey. Users like Dylan helped piece together the larger puzzle of what had gone wrong with reports like this!Dylan found a hole to an alternate dimension. Pesky worm holes! It's been stitched up to prevent cross-reality contamination.Dylan caught a broken link in the Did You Know hints, that ought to go to the BBCode help page.Dylan reported notifications on player profiles weren't showing the latest activity. Now they're up to the minute!Dylan discovered the only character on the entire site that would always give you a content warning, even if you'd changed your settings to never get the warnings. After months of bug hunting, we can finally put this mystery to bed.Dylan reported that receiving kudos on a character could cause activity widgets to cough up a lung. Lungs have all been stuffed back in and cough syrup distributed!Dylan ran a kudos-giving new years event when I was too tired to do anything but idly wonder what it would look like if that happened. Thank you for taking the initiative to pick up the ball I dropped and turn it into something wonderful, DylanDylan helped me to discover an error that could incorrectly show the number of pages of kudos you've given out.Dylan participated in the user testing of the new page management interface. Their feedback was invaluable in refining the system and getting many of the bugs out before it was released.Dylan's report of unclickable usernames on the Orion templates jarred me into a realization that let me conquer a bug I'd spent months puzzling over. Wooooo!Dylan pointed out that when viewing a "recent activity" widget on a character page, it would sometimes tell you that the character had responded to a guest book comment you had made, when really someone else had made it. Confusing!Dylan's attempt to remove underage characters from her group was met with severe confusion about what birthday to use to do the calculation. Proper calendar reading skills have been restored to the site thanks to Dylan.Dylan's sharp eyes spotted a notification that was hanging around past its freshness date.Dylan reported another issue with changing RSVPs for characters, not player. Yet another self-esteem boosting intervention for the socially awkward Server has us back on track.

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