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ac-co-lade [ˈakəˌlād,-ˌläd] - noun
  1. An award, honor, or laudatory notice: The user's suggestion received accolades from excited programmers
  2. A ceremony for conferring knighthood upon an honored individual

Accolades highlight great community members and demonstrate our sincere appreciation for your contributions. The two minutes you spend filling out a bug report could prevent hundreds of others from having the same problem.

You guys are our white knights, defending and expanding the awesomeness of the RP Repository. Thank you!

  • Big Gold Trophy

    Dragonfire replaced a missing fuse. (About 1 hour and 19 minutes ago)

  • Blue Trophy

    MysteryIncarnate helped figure out a super duper ultra specific bug in Epic Week 2018. (About 7 hours and 21 minutes ago)

  • Gold Star

    Novalyyn helped us keep score. (About 7 hours and 38 minutes ago)

  • Blue Ribbon

    HibariHaru013 found a link that didn't link, like a fish out of water. (About 7 hours and 40 minutes ago)

  • Rainbow Ribbon

    rat reported some math that didn't math. (About 9 hours and 55 minutes ago)

  • Big Gold Trophy

    Novalyyn reported a link that didn't link. (About 9 hours and 56 minutes ago)

  • Gold Star

    Novalyyn found an issue with the BBCode demos not demoing! (About 10 hours and 6 minutes ago)

  • Gold Star

    Mina helped me tell colors apart. (About 2 weeks and 6 days ago)

  • Water Celtic Friendship Knot

    Kitten gave 13 new members a warm welcome in March 2018! (About 3 weeks and 2 days ago)

  • Purple Celtic Friendship Knot

    GoodTailsDoll gave 3 new members a warm welcome in March 2018! (About 3 weeks and 2 days ago)

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