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TopicAuthorRepliesLast Reply
Scifi anyone?Bangor (played anonymously)7Star Wars characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T)August 1 2015, 11:19am
Looking for exotic fantasy charactersTheTwilightWarrior17Bathe Spellborne (played by RoyaleX318)August 1 2015, 8:33am
Black Veil Brides?Calene0CaleneAugust 1 2015, 7:49am
LF (1X1) long term Sci Fi RP Partnerdurgan2Ketin Clarke (played by Petrovalyc)July 31 2015, 10:36pm
Job Request (Fairy Tail RP)Inferno (played by TheInfernoZX)0Inferno (played by TheInfernoZX)July 31 2015, 2:48pm
Thief RP anyone?Gareth (played by SkullJack)11Gareth (played by SkullJack)July 31 2015, 1:10pm
Vampire Midevil (male)Vanessa Dhole (played anonymously)2Vanessa Dhole (played anonymously)July 31 2015, 8:23am
Humanizing a HorsemanTolora9EpicMan561July 29 2015, 4:41pm
The Bringer of Revolution needs character buildingAthena Cykes (played by EpicMan561)270V3RL0RD-P4RR0TJuly 29 2015, 3:15pm
Need Someone To Play Sonic The HedgehogLiveLoveWrite237EpicMan561July 29 2015, 1:09pm
Fallout: The New Orleans Swamplands0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T3SummerNightsJuly 28 2015, 2:25am
ClosedAgent Blight (played anonymously)0Agent Blight (played anonymously)July 27 2015, 8:26pm
New characters need new storiesTealight8Mitah Moonflower (played by iamcrystalqueer)July 27 2015, 3:52pm
Sword Art Online RpLeon13LeonJuly 27 2015, 12:21pm
(CLOSED!)Romance and Crime RP (MxF)Ana and Adam Romanov (played anonymously)4Ana and Adam Romanov (played anonymously)July 27 2015, 6:50am
Hoping for a non Sifi/future RP-partnerDania2DaniaJuly 27 2015, 5:13am
Looking for a Steampunk rp (preferably)hannibal322hannibal32July 26 2015, 10:44am
Star Wars D&DTarigo (played anonymously)0Tarigo (played anonymously)July 26 2015, 10:01am
On The Run: A Modern Magic TaleJames Carmichael (played by Badgerman42)1Macy Lilith (played anonymously)July 26 2015, 7:38am
Looking for Young Males for Romance (closed)TheTwilightWarrior14TheTwilightWarriorJuly 25 2015, 10:54pm

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