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OOC Forums

TypeTopicsLast Post
SmalltalkGeneral chit chat about this that and the other.OOC3761 In: Just Talkin' :) By: TamamoJanuary 15 2019, 7:25pm
IntroductionsNew here? Introduce yourself to our RP community. You'll make new friends and find new roleplay partners!OOC6064 In: I'm So Sorry By: OkaruAudoJanuary 15 2019, 7:18pm
Looking for RPWant to find a new RP partner? A group to join? New members for your group? Post about what RP-related things you are looking for here.OOC11335 In: ‘Supernatural’ Crime Drama? By: A-RoseJanuary 15 2019, 7:01pm
RP DiscussionFor all OOC discussion of the craft and joy of roleplaying. Use the "Looking for RP" board to advertise or find games.OOC1779 In: Use of Proper Vocabulary By: AJ_89January 15 2019, 6:27pm
Art & CreativityDrawing, painting, prose and poetry! The Art & Creativity forum goes way beyond just character art.OOC1776 In: 300 Writing Prompts (dice roll writing activity) By: Abigail_AustinJanuary 15 2019, 4:51pm
Forum GamesFor those silly OOC games that people love to play on forums. Please keep them here to prevent the other boards from getting spammed.OOC434 In: Keep a word, drop a word By: WhatsInTheCubeJanuary 15 2019, 6:54pm
HelpIf you're confused about something on the site, ask your questions here.OOC751 In: Hello By: RhazienJanuary 14 2019, 3:03pm
Suggestions & Development DiscussionGive us feedback and discuss planned changesOOC785 In: Adopt a Character Forum? By: NovalyynJanuary 11 2019, 8:48pm

IC Forums

TypeTopicsLast Post
General Roleplay ForumAll purpose RP forum for modern roleplay, "miscellaneous" roleplay, and roleplay that just doesn't fit on any other forum.IC2009 In: Because We Have Too RP(Closed) By: Jones MonetJanuary 15 2019, 6:26pm
Fantasy Roleplay ForumThe fantasy RP forum is home to dragons, elves, magic, castles and more! Put your fantasy roleplay here.IC2437 In: The Ruins By: CletusJanuary 15 2019, 7:20pm
Sci-Fi Roleplay ForumThe sci-fi RP forum is home to space, lasers, aliens, cyberpunks and more. Put your sci-fi roleplay here.IC542 In: Dead Galaxy (pm to join) By: KatoJanuary 15 2019, 4:21pm