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I was looking into WC3 Reforged and had a sudden flashback to when I was in middle school and spent hours after school playing custom map RP games. Even in 2010, custom game lobbies took forever to fill up because not many people played RP style, and I'd spend hours creating full RP scenarios that would never be remembered or written down. It was fantastic.

I'm just curious if anyone else was enjoying these types of games at the same time.

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Dunno if it's really the same thing, but I used to join RP servers in Sonic Robo Blast 2. A thing the staff, the community, and the forum mods frowned on because they didn't really want people taking up server space to play-pretend in co-op while the Real GamersTM were PVPing in the basically-DOOM-2-but-worse modes, but YOLO.

There's also a lot of people around here who used to play Furcadia. I myself used to go between that and Old-School Runescape. (Which was just normal Runescape in 2006...)

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