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Neko Autumn (played by PinkBrat)

1. Post at least semi to one paragraph per reply!
2. Third person only!
3. No underage characters!
4. No blank profiles!
5. No random/crazy acts (Ex: *Pulls down the sun, swallows it, spits out a rainbow*
6. No godmodding

If there is enough interest I can link you to the group or resurrect the server on discord. Both options will have more freedom when it comes to rules and characters.


In the modern world, portals started to appear across the globe. These portals connected to a mass variety of other worlds and dimensions. No one knows how this happened. Humans were now forced to accept and live beside all sorts of creatures, whether good or bad.

Autumn's Playhouse essentially became home to these creatures. They were accepted by the owner with open arms, for the most part. They could drink, enjoy a hot meal, participate in conversation or a small variety of activities, such as dancing and singing.

The Playhouse was a strange business but it perfectly expressed the owner's colorful personality. With pink and glitter strewn about the place, it seemed like it was a child's wonderland. The front area served mostly as a Cafe while in the back hosted the bar for the more adult beverages.


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Shepherd (played by KingTai)

One moment, he was flying through the dark and stormy skies. Next minute, he found himself coming through a portal in another world that was a little too bright for his own taste. Looking around, taking in the scenery, he turned to see the portal close. Where was he? Why was he brought here? His mind was in a tangle of questions. He was exiled but the way this place looked, he seemed to be having a second chance as he found the first establishment he saw and entered. Some place called...Autumn's Playhouse. He walked in to take a look around with his dark wings ever present.
Neko Autumn (played by PinkBrat) Topic Starter

For the most part, it was a quiet day. Business was slow, which was something she did not like. That often meant she was forced to socialize with the staff and that wasn't very fun. Most of them were serious employees and serious meant boring.

She was sitting at the bar, enjoying a small bowl of ice cream. Having finished the last of it, she licked the spoon clean before hearing the door open. Those feline ears twitched before she turned around to look. Immediately her widened when she saw who entered. He was not a familiar face. What surprised her so much was the wings. His gorgeous wings!! She quickly hopped down and scurried over to the male. She was far too close for comfort, not that she minded. "Ohhh! They're so pretty!"
Shepherd (played by KingTai)

Shepherd was taking a moment to check out the place before someone broke his concentration. He would look over to see a woman with cat ears coming over and compliment his wings. "Huh?" He said. He was not impressed with this least not yet and she was giving vibes that she was the type that would talk and talk and talk. And she was getting too close to him too. He looked at his wings. "If these are pretty, I don't wanna see ugly." He figured he might as well entertain this conversation he didn't feel like having. "What is this place?"
Neko Autumn (played by PinkBrat) Topic Starter

His response made her blink. Did he not think his wings were beautiful? Well, no matter. She couldn't take her eyes off of them and she could feel the excitement inside of her bubbling up. She wanted to touch them. It was almost impossible for her to resist. Thankfully his question was enough of a distraction. "Oh. This is my business!" She said proudly before lifting her arms in the air and giving a small spin. "You can sit here and eat." She pointed to the nearby seating. "Or drink." She pointed to the bar area. "You can dance and do karaoke too!" She pointed to a door on opposite ends of the room. One lead to a room where, essentially, it was like a mini club. The other room was for karaoke. It was an odd combination but the owner was an odd person too. "Are you hungry??" She asked excitedly. Why was she so full of energy?
Shepherd (played by KingTai)

This was her business? He looked at her, and the interiors and all the places she pointed out and he was convinced this was her place. Was this the only entertainment she had? No fight pit? No dark room, nothing that would be anything but family friendly? He was so used to the gritty things that this place felt innocent. At first glance. "No...what kind of drinks do you have?" he asked.
Neko Autumn (played by PinkBrat) Topic Starter

Whether he wanted her to or not, she would grab his hand in order to pull him toward the bar. Of course if he really resisted she would let him go. "Let's see... vodka.. rum.. whiskey.." Upon seeing the wall of liquor, one would notice (if they were familiar with alcohol) that there was a large selection of expensive drinks. Not too mention quite strong too. "I have beer too." She wrinkled her nose in disgust. "But who wants to drink that?"
He would step inside and peer around before removing his helmet and walking further inside trying his best not to make a scene or draw much attention to himself. He would find a seat and sit and took an old tome put and start reading from a bookmarked point. He set the tome on a table and rested his free hand upon it as he read.
Shepherd (played by KingTai)

With this cat girl grabbing his hand, he was confused and was forced to follow. He noticed a new person coming in and looked over quietly before continuing to follow. He noticed the listing of alcohol and he barely smirked. Now, there was some slight interest. "Just give me vodka. I don't care for beer. If you want money, I have none." he told her.
Neko Autumn (played by PinkBrat) Topic Starter

Even if it wasn't for the door signaling a new arrival, Autumn's acute sense of smell and hearing would alert her to a new person. She leaned away from the winged man to look toward the door. She watched as Mathius sat at a table and pulled out a very large book. Immediately she frowned. Who in their right mind would carry that around?

"I will be right back!" Before she left Shepard she gestured toward the bartender to serve him regardless of his lack finances. Really, how did she run a business like this? Autumn skipped over to where Mathius was and leaned over until she was covering his book with her upper body. Her elbows rest on the pages while she held her chin in the palm of her hands, tail swaying behind her. "What are you doing?" She asked curiously.
Mathius leaned back and he looked at her sort of bewildered before he responded "I'm just studying..." he responded flatly but politely.
Neko Autumn (played by PinkBrat) Topic Starter

"Why?" Yes, she could be like an annoying child at times. "The library is for studying. This place is for eating and drinking. You should have fun instead."

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