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Hello! My name is Angel, and while I may be new to this site in particular, I am not new to roleplaying as a whole. I've been on here for a month or two, but I haven't found much of what I'm looking for while stalking forums, so I figured why not make one myself and see what happens.

Before I get into exactly what I'm looking for, here are a few ground rules/expectations/whatever you want to call them:
  • I usually write at least three paragraphs per response, and that's if I have absolutely nothing to go off. I've been known to have pretty long starters, but my regular responses are usually much shorter. My responses can range from 400-800 words, but some of my starters can be around 1,200 words. While j don't expect you to match me every single response, I expect at least 3+ paragraphs, as I need something to reply to.
  • I only do third person. First person isn't really for me, and I'm not willing to compromise on this.
  • I don't expect perfect grammar. Spelling errors are fine, and if English isn't your first language, then I'm more than understanding of that, but I want to be able to read a coherent response. This hasn't been an issue with me as of yet, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
  • I really use female characters. I can write for male did characters, but my main character will be female. Now, as to who they're paired with, I don't care.
  • Erotic scenes are a no go. Definitely no roleplays centered around them, and we'll have to face to black if one of those types scenes to arise.
  • While we're on that topic, a few more no-go's. No incest, rape, pedophilia, sexual assault, or anything else like that. It can be involved in back stories and plot, but not in a good light.
  • Don't message me in character. I'd like to discuss what we'll be doing, our characters, that sort of thing.
  • Tell me what you're not comfortable with. If you're not okay with cursing, then tell me and I'll try to be mindful of that (no promises).
  • Please, please, please read my entire character bio. I know they're long, but read them if you plan on messaging me about a potential roleplay. It's not so serious with my character Caroline, but it's really needed with Elizabeth. I've had a lot of people message me and ask if I wanted to do some random pairing with her and their character, and if you've read her bio, you might understand why "neighbor x neighbor" might not okay out very well with her.
  • I deal with a lot of darker themes. It's not for most, I know this, but death, gore, suicide, abuse, and similar topics will definitely make an appearance here and there.

Now then! I'm looking for a long term roleplay partner. I really only use my two characters from my profile, but they can used in a variety of ways. Caroline isn't only used as a pirate, for example. She can be used as a modern day thief, an adventurer, assassin, the sky's the limit. A little bit less so with Elizabeth, but I have a few ideas on how she can be used in different situations. If you're interested in either of them and have an idea that's differs a bit from their characters as they are in their bios, just tell me! We'll probably be able to work out something super cool.

Here's some basics in both of my characters so you don't have to go read their massive bios to see if you'd be interested in either of them or not.


Caroline Denton
She's a pirate, the captain of her ship. She's blunt, sarcastic, witty, and actually has a lot of issues, but likes to pretend everything's okay. : ) I'd like to do something with a characters that's another pirate, or perhaps someone who is most definitely not a pirate and gets dragged along for some shenanigans anyway.


Elizabeth Dubois
She is a little bit crazy. Okay, a lot a bit crazy. She went through some pretty heavy stuff, and she snapped. So, she's a serial killer, but thinks of herself as a vigilante. She thinks she's doing the right thing, saving others from what she endured and punishing others that have done what someone did to her. She's the main origin of those dark themes I mentioned. I'd like to do something with her and another person who isn't completely sane, maybe a something in a mental hospital.

Well, if you're still interested, then shoot me a message!

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Hi there! Okay wow, I just read Elizabeth’s bio and her bio- honestly has me so hooked lol-

I would be interested in doin’ an rp with you! :>! I have deranged dude of my own named Ayde - I think he might pair well with her?

But yeah! I’m totally interested :>!
Hello, I would be very intrest in roleplaying with you!

I would like to do a rp with Elizabeth if that'alright.
Hii so yes I think I have an idea. Aki, she is in assassin who is on a quest and needs a partner, I think Carolina would go well.

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