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You awaken in a blank, blindingly white room. Four people who you can possibly believe to be gods request your aid. Their world is in peril. The demon king has taken an inch and took it upon himself to take more than just a mile. More than just a kingdom. He covets the entire realm. His forces wreak havoc, plague, and destruction upon the land.

The gods offer you a choice:

Retire to your afterlife if that even exists in your world, or... Fight for them. Gain a second chance at life. A new chance in a new world— Zenara. Force the hordes of evil out.uc browser shareit appvn

Of course, you obviously accept. Who wouldn't want a second chance at life? Boring old nobodies, that's who!

Light fills your vision and when you wake from your impromptu slumber, you're no longer in the room. You're not sure where you are. You're not sure who anyone is in this town. People of all species, shapes, and sizes gather, given the same opportunity as you with the same goal in mind.
what do you mean? can you please be a little more clear 9apps cartoon hd
You have to show your character living in the fantasy world, and taking it for granted. If your MC has just been dumped into a fantasy world from planet earth, then absolutely they can ask for information about what is going on and how things work. If they grow up there, you can’t.

If a character from the past got dropped into modern America, you would not explain to them how an iPhone works, you’d just whip one out and google “Time travel”. You have to do the same with your fantasy world. No explanation about how the magic works, just what the effects are. shareit app vidmate app

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