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Hello RPers! I'm just stopping by to let all of you know about a fantastic little website that is great for storing character information and interacting with other roleplayers. It's called the RP Repository, and you can find it right over here: You can use it in so many ways, it's really awesome. I'm one of the graphic designers for character page templates :) Check it out and spread the word if you like it!whatsapp web routerlogin
Witty interduction. Hello and welcome to RPRepository.
I agree! That is a pretty great website! :)
RPR is a fantastic website!!! And welcome to it!
:star: Welcome to RPR :star:

I hope you find lots of fun here :3
Hello it is I, and welcome to RPR! Everyone here is very nice so finding some friends to role play with won’t be too hard and finding creative and awesome roleplays won’t be too hard as well! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay,
You live here now <3
I totally agree with you! What an amazing website :D

Welcome to RPR, by the way. I do hope that you'll like it here!

Jencey <3
Welcome to RPR!
Welcome to RPR!!
Welcome aboard!

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