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WARNING - This story is not yet rated and may contain scenes, languages or substances not suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. (GM's are MJBeiro/TheProfessor, send PM request to join. CS required. Enjoy the story.) :)

New York after midnight... A crescent moonlight... Such a delight. There's no full moon tonight.
It's dark, apart from two street lights illuminating both sides of an old yellow theater with a rusty brick red rooftop. The doors open, and a small mob of people come storming out. Parents and children, young and old couples holding hands, talking about the movie and going different ways. Rachel and Steve had been dating for over a month. She yapped on and on about the movie while Steve said goodbye to their friends. They looked just like the couple in the movie. Picture perfect. Rachel and Steve had been voted cutest couple of the year in high school and to be honest, everyone in town was jealous. But as they walked around the corner into the shadows, holding hands on the way to their vehicle, Steve and Rachel saw something on top of a brick wall which caught their attention. "Wait, what is that?" Steve exclaimed. Rachel reached in her purse and grabbed a flashlight. As she fumbled to turn on the light, the large black figure seemed to stare out of the shadows at her with tiny yellow eyes as it crawled stealthily down the wall towards them. It seemed to get bigger and more monstrous looking as it approached her in silence. Rachel flicked on the flashlight and aimed it at the creature, whose slit yellow eyes immediately became dilated. "Heheh, it's a cat," Steve said as a small black house cat with yellow eyes walked up and started nuzzling Rachel's leg. Rachel sighed with relief and laughed as she bent down to pick up the lost cat. "Awww, he's cute!" Rachel exclaimed as she picked up the cat. It purred while licking her cheek. "Wait," Steve said as he peered back into the shadows. Suddenly he was snatched up by something with blurring speed. The cat lashed out and scratched Rachel's cheek, causing her face to bleed slightly. She dropped both the cat and her flashlight. She screamed, but there was only the echo of concrete walls and empty roads. She peered into the darkness again. Everything was pitch black "Steve?" She called out quietly with nervousness in her voice. "Steve?!" She called out louder, becoming anxious. She saw a man-like figure standing in front of her, his whole body evinced in the shadows of the parking lot enclosure. "Steve?" There was silence. Suddenly the young lady let out a screeching cry that would strike fear into any mortal being. The murderer or monster or whatever it was had appeared to Rachel right before it snatched her up into the shadows. "Meow!" was the only sound after that, the sound of a lonely black house cat's strange curiosities. Or were they secrets? A moment later, a young man bent over and picked up the cat. Both the man and the cat were coated in pitch black. Their eyes shimmered even from within the darkness. The man's eyes were silver like the crescent moon. As he stepped into the moonlight, his skin appeared cold and pale, but was quickly turning flush. Sharp white incisors on his lower and top jaw showed traces of blood, and his gums were saturated red. Soon however he licked his lips, wiping his mouth on his black coat sleeve, and all the blood was gone. As were his long fangs. He walked out of the parking lot enclosure into the street light, nodding his head and tilting his wide-brimmed hat to passersby, who seemed completely oblivious to the occurances of the night. This was New York, afterall, the city that never sleeps, and the young gentleman in all black was nothing they were preparing for.

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