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GM-DM (played by Tusitala2017)

All actions, no matter how small, carry at times unforeseen consequences... the extent of which can unleash unpredictable events and unwittingly change fates and affect the course and destiny of entire nations.

On this occasion, the day started off like any other, dawn rose in the kingdom as cold as all Spring dawns had been, with morning dew that sparkled upon the grass and cobbled stones of the great Capital city and gave the ground a sparkling look of mystery and wealth, which was all the more so in the more affluent parts of the city.

A handful of tired guards were reaching the barracks for their well-earned rest after the lengthy and grueling night watch, their duties to keep the city safe and enforce law and order now taken over by other guards who were refreshed and alert after a good night sleep.

At the heart of the city the main streets opened up to many squares where merchants set up stalls to sell their wares, bringing fashionable goods, exotic food and much needed varied provisions from spices and fruits to cloth, tools, remedies and other wares.


Barely first lights shone upon the capital yet everywhere one could already hear the gossip of excited commoners going about their business, discussing the coming festivities to celebrate the May Festival and the prince's birthday.

It was said that, since the prince had come of age, his father expected him to consider courting and marriage right away, using the event of the birthday feast to invite all the eligible maidens to the royal palace for a ball in which the favored princess bride and future queen would be chosen.

Each damsel wishing to stand out above the rest hurried to acquire prominent attire and accessories in the hope of grasping and capturing the prince's interest and attention. It was an occasion in which business was bustling. Nobles as preoccupied in the royal ball as were the commoners themselves, bets already running high in the many taverns regarding the chosen maiden and her whereabouts.

The people were spread across the city's different layers and levels according to their wealth, social class, and purchasing power.

At the highest level is where the nobility lived in fancy large manors sprawled closest to the castle, along the main road, guarded by the passing knights and guards at the king's service. They lived in overall safety, well surrounded by a gated wall that separated the privileged, nobility, and royalty from the middle and lower classes.

On the middle level is where the larger portion of the law-abiding citizens lived. At the high end, closest to the North wall, is where the wealthy commoners, merchants, and educated citizens like healers and tutors, and court scribes lived. Towards the middle, traders of every kind, merchants, and ordinary citizens resided there. This layer was wider and larger than the rest. It was where most of the citizens and artisans lived. There was a healing house, the theatre, and the barracks too. The barracks located here is where the knights worked at and the town's guards lived and trained. The barracks had holding cells and dungeons, a tower, and its own stables.


Towards the end of this middle level, one would also find the many workshops and forges in full swing, the fumes and noises at times not so pleasant when passing them by, yet needed all the same.


A further wall separated them from the city slums, made of crammed, unkempt and shoddy buildings, uneven and unsightly, a mish-mash of properties made of straw roofs and low-quality wood, ghastly to look at and unfit for human use for they were often rat-infested dwellings if they could be called that.


This lowest level of the city was crime-ridden, barely watched, where the riff-raff lived. A mixture of homeless, orphans, thieves, unemployed or the extremly low-paid workers shared this hideous area.

The taverns offered the ladies of the night ample clientele along with the cheapest meals and drinks to entice them with, for travelers occasionally forced to take up what rooms were spared if they reached the city after curfew and the gates were already locked.

This part of the city was the grim, there were no neatly cobbled roads with pleasant flower pots, sculptures nor nice displays, rather it was a labyrinth of similar-looking gloomy streets with looming if decayed buildings, a mish-mash of uneven dirty floors made of muddy soil, badly laid down stones, steep coarse dark alleyways, dusty paths and narrow spaces that were filthy and crowded by the day, or frightening by night.

The slums are where one could find the cheapest and smallest accommodations for those lucky enough to be able to afford them, or mayhap a cot or floor space in a larger room to share among many other strangers if money was short.

It was at this lowest and most ominous level of the city, nearby the stench of the sewers, where our lowly hard-working, kind-hearted maid Rhiannon lived, with her grandfather Zachary.

Zachary was an old widowed former royal apothecary and healer who had rented a room above the Dead Crow's Inn Tavern with what little savings he had left. He had come to the city at his granddaughter's insistence after leaving the village where they used to live over ever-growing debts.


The slums, a place of little hope and constant struggle, plunged in never-ending darkness caused by the dense fumes and smokes that clouded even the brightest of sunny days.

Each morning, at crack of dawn, our resilient hard-working maiden would leave these treacherous grounds filled with rotten stench to venture to the higher levels, passing the two gated walls, to go and serve as a maid at the grand manor of the duke and any other lords and wealthy merchants that might hire her services.

Rhiannon had long woken up, well before crack of dawn, changing and giving herself a wash in the basin. She then lit up the fireplace for her frail grandfather, put the kettle to boil, prepared slices of bread and dried cheese, and placed fresh linen over the piles of hay that she and her grandfather Zachary used to sleep on, taking the dirty sheets into a basket to do the laundry and hanging it to dry before heading off to start her work, basket in hand to do the cliente's laundry as needed.

"Morning grandpa! and what a fine day it is today. With this sunshine and breeze the laundry shall soon be dried. Breakfast is served, just make sure to keep warm" smiled the young woman, greeting her grandfather before leaving the house to step onto the dusty streets and reaching the lower gate, waiting for the guards to raise the portcullis to the other levels so that people could come and go as they pleased.

The upper level, of course, was of restricted access and few were allowed to enter unless they had a written parchment or specific purpose for their attendance.

Today, however, the guards were taking much longer than usual, perhaps an execution, perhaps a parade of sorts. Whatever it may be, it was making her late for work and Rhiannon was growing restless.
ZACHARY cleric wizard healer (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Zachary, the good old grandpa, sat quietly by a corner by the modest fireplace which was more like a small campfire than a fireplace, one that filled the room with the smoky scent of burning woods and herbs, and he remained there, sitting still until Rhiannon had left the place, watching silently as she went to and fro collecting her clothes and belongings ready for the day ahead rather hastily


He watched her leave their modest room clearly in a rush and he focused on tidying up the place, sweeping the floors and doing the washing up of the crockery and cutlery before heading out to the forests to collect more wood and herbs. Goodness knew that girl already did too much work for very little money, the least he could do was spare her more chores at their modest room afterward.

He proceeded to clean up, sweep and tidy up until he heard the loud drumming of the executioners' drums and the trumpets that announced the start of the festival.

Zachary came outside staring towards the thick gates and closed portcullis that barred the way to the lowest end of the city. He frowned, trying to discern what was going on until it came clear to him.


The knight in charge, the smug and bully captain of the guards, was appointed to those very gates and he had guards at the gates refuse passage for the so-called riff-raff and street rats which included them, him and his granddaughter Rhiannon.

He watched unhappily as he now knew for certain the thuggish knight would cause his granddaughter to be extremely late for work, mayhap, causing them a loss of a much-needed income.

Now that he no longer worked for the palace, however, there was little he could do to assist or force the guards' hands. Long gone were the days he would just be given passage on-demand at any hour of the day to tend to his patients at will.

His eyes were trailing off at the well-known and acquainted Sir Zerald, giving him a pleading look to do something to assist for old time's sake and favours given in the past... though it seemed it would be to no avail
Tusitala2017 Topic Starter

((OOC all characters are up for grabs: the king, kind maid, dashing mischievous prince, his loyal sidekick and servant or bodyguard, evil duke, ruthless guard, cheeky bandit and his band of thieving thugs... just reply OOC which position you would like and which character you intend to use for the post, if you wish to expand / explore ideas you can also PM))
Tusitala2017 Topic Starter


- 3rd person past tense narrative (dialog in quotes "")
- No too OverPowered characters (nobody is invincible, fast and perfect, if your character is... it is not suited for this RP)
- No godmodding without prior permission (includes assuming/describing others' characters actions/perceptions/reactions)
- Human/humanoid characters (elves, drow, orc..) - no furries sorry
- Appropriate characters for the Medieval Fantasy settings (lords, knights, guards, rogues... )
- Read others responses carefully (ask via PM in case of doubt or suggestion for change)
- Be as realistic as possible in your characters actions
- Actions have consequences: positive and negative alike. If you attack a guard, expect an arrest! If you jump from a height... expect to fall and get hurt
- Be detailed enough in your replies that others understand what your characters are trying to say/do/achieve, what happens to them, how they feel or react, what they think or see
- Last but not least... think how you end your post for your partner! Can they reply to your post? how?
- In case of battles and altercations roll a 1d10 dice: (0-1) fail and (9-10) hit
-If you decide to drop out, please PM so we can talk out your character (died, exiled, on a journey...)

Have fun and welcome))
ZERALD knight lord (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Among the guards that remained near the closed gates one stern booming voice rose above the rest, turning to address those desperate to cross the wall into the middle level of the city

"Back off! Move back! Stand back you street rats!" spat Sir Zerald annoyed, grabbing the tip of the lance and pushing it through the grates of the portcullis to force the low-level city dwellers further away from the closed gate, not caring who got hurt as long as they kept their distance.

It was clear to anyone who but gazed their way that the black-hearted callous knight was disgusted by the stench of the unwashed and unkempt paupers and was trying to force them away.

"We will not have you disrupt the festivities during his royal highness attendance. Go on... shooo.... shooo" insisted Zerald now making it clear that the gates would remain locked for the entire day regardless of the cost and needs of these people who were kept beyond the city's gates, out of sight, out of mind.

A sly smirk crossed Zerald's lips when his eyes fell upon Zachary in the not too far distance.... savouring the taste of power over the lower classes and finding crushing the mighty fallen even more intoxicating.

Far from him were the words of the chivalric code that compelled so many mighty knights to protect the weak, defend the helpless, assist the needy... words that had been long forgotten in Zerald's heart and mind if they ever were written on them in the first place.

He would decide upon the fate of those that came and went, that were allowed to venture into the city or were kept with the outcasts out of the city's walls.

His piercing eyes studied the misery, anger, despair, worry, even the taint of fear ever so present in those that lived beyond the South gate. Among those waiting stood out a figure that called his attention... Rhiannon.... a sly smirk crossing his face as he knew she was Zachary's granddaughter. Though he did not come forth to aid her or let her pass, at least, not yet, deciding to study her carefully before considering his next move.

His eyes soon trailed over the rest of the crowd to spot rioters and troublemakers likely to cause trouble, disgusted at the so familiar faces, insults and unpleasant remarks, even small pebbles, that the citizens were hurling at him he lost the focus off the girl and onto them.
(( I'd like to try the servant position))
Tusitala2017 Topic Starter

((Welcome to the RP, let me send you a PM. Feel free to reply any time))
She despised it, day in and day out doing work for little to no reward. Working in the palace was supposed to come with the promise of a rise in station. Yet consistently she was shafted to more distant work in the kitchens, or even at times being forced to work in the stables for meager coin. She refused to be late to work just because some old fool of a knight, with not a chivalric bone in his entire person, refused to grant entrance to even lesser-born squires that needed to attend to their master's armor. Which is how she found herself halfway up a stone wall clutching and searching for handholds with a small slice of bread clutched between her teeth.

'These are my best rags, I'll be damned if I don't at least attract a minor nobleman or lady.' she told herself at the same time as she grabbed for another stone. Though, it seems an all too loose stone, the rock in her grip fell. It landed with quite the sound, smashing part of the produce of an already upset-looking cabbage merchant. Unsurprisingly, quite a few of the citizens in the surrounding area turned their gaze skyward and settled their eyes upon a desperate-looking young woman scaling the massive wall. She'd like to imagine that Zerald hadn't notice, even if she knew it was a false hope.
ZERALD knight lord (played by Tusitala2017) Topic Starter

Sir Zerald was indeed more than attentive to the crowds of unruly riff-raff, as he called the dwellers of the lowest end of the city, expecting them to revolt any time, for any and no reason.

When he heard the cabbage merchant bark out loud, furious and agitated, out of the blue, complaining and shouting about smashed produce... he knew something was wrong, very wrong.

Zerald's eyes scanned the surroundings where the indignant figure was counting his losses yet failed to see anything significant. He strained to gaze more intently trailing over the crowd, yet his line of sight was rather restricted. Through the solid bars of the portcullis, he was not able to discern anything amiss from his side of the gated wall and solid door.

The tumult of unhappy citizens pressing forth against one another muffled any unusual sounds from the climb and by the time Zerald remembered to look out for the girl, she was gone from sight.
Zachary was still standing there, however, which meant the girl must have blended into the crowd, somehow, and he went over the gathered citizens yet again to try to spot her to no avail.
It was a miracle that she had made it to the parapets at the top of the wall, either that or Zerald was proving to be, once again, massively unfit for his job. Just because the walls were massive didn't mean someone wouldn't be brave, or stupid, enough to climb them. If Camelot's offensive armies ever fell their defenses didn't seem well enough to hold out against a full-on siege. Not that the king ever quite expected Camelot to come under fire in the first place, old bastard was way too confident in his offensive battles to care much for defense.

Trying to get down the walls seemed another story, she could use the stairs in one of the nearby towers. But she was in no mood to field questions from the boorish guards that inhabited them. She could jump-off, but unless she used magic the odds of living through the experience were slim to none. There was no guarantee that the guards wouldn't see her and send her off to the gallows by supper. Well...unless they were too preoccupied with something else to notice. She chances a glance back, where the crowd of outer city-folk still lay in wait for the guards to let them in. "All in vain if Zerald has his way" normally her grandfather would have her ear about it but, desperate times called for desperate measures. So she reached into the bag at her side and produced an old leather tomb, flipping through its pages until she found what she was looking for. checking first to see if anyone was around, she pictured clearly in her mind exactly what she wanted and raised her hands. With outstretched arms, she made a turning motion, almost as if turning a great wheel. And when she heard the crowd suddenly erupt in cheer, she'd known she'd accomplished exactly what she needed to.

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