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Pretty self-explanatory. Offer someone a(n imaginary)dollar to do something, and in turn answer questions asked in the post above yours. Should be something unusual, but it can be normal or absolutely disgusting on an unholy level. When you do this, please just abbreviate it as FADWY. Let me start.

FADWY drink dirty toilet water?

Dirty toilet water for a dollar? You're sure it's not a million dollars? Because I think not. o.O

FADWY fix me a sandwich?

Depends on the complexity of the sandvich. If its relatively simple, then yes.

FADWY eat a chili pepper?

Oh psh, just one? That's nothing!

FADWY suddenly burst into an energetic tapdance in the middle of a moderately crowded public bathroom?

Heck, I would for less than a dollar.

FADWY Give me a foot rub?

...probably not.

FADWY spend a dollar?

Sure. Who wouldn't spend a free dollar?

And darnit! Okay, for a dollar would you bathe my dog?

Yay doggy! :).

FADWY feed a homeless person? :).

Yeah, why not?

FADWY take a dump on a tree?


FADWY bake me cookies?

Of course :P.

FADWY Take in a stray animal and care for it?

Already did that for free. I'm not kidding.

FADWY wipe with sandpaper?

ARGH! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaargggghhhh...! ...Where's my dollar? p3p

FADWY give me something to relieve the pain and would you apply it for me?

Here 'ya go, a crisp, new dollar.

Here's some of the most powerful pain reliever in the universe. Find someone else to smear it on your @$$.

FADWY apply the stuff on Chromakin's rear?

Yes, but I'll be wearing gloves.

FADWY wash my gloves?

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Forums > Forum Games > For A Dollar Would You...?