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In the distant future, a terror stands between humanity as well as its allies of the galactic coalition. a dangerous army of mercenaries, who attack peaceful ships without provocation. in order to combat this threat, a new recruitment drive has begun, for a security escort group to protect merchant ships and freighters on their travels. one young man grabbed by the aura of adventure and honor of joining this force was Dominic Conaugh. his father was a former soldier in the frontier and Dominic learned the art of war from him. however, when the transport ship that was to take him and other recruits to a training planet took off, it was attacked by mercenary forces. With the ship dead in space and most of the passengers dead, Dominic was taken prisoner by the Mercs and tortured for weeks, mentally and physically, by a dark mage who used old magics to give him horrible visions of other realms and burn him while leaving his body unharmed afterwards except for the pain. and lastly, he was cursed with a blinding spell. After two months of this, the Galactic Coalition finally attacked the mercenary hideout, and rescued the prisoners, but the blinding spell still remains on Dominic.

Dominic now searches for a way to remove the curse from his person, as well as fight against the Mercenary forces across the galaxy, but he cannot do it alone. Looking to get with a group and start a crew with them.

So Message me if you're interested, I'll be waiting... In SPAAAACCEE! :)

Always happy for an adventure

Sounds good, I was hoping to get a good group together so maybe wait for two or three more, see what happens!

If this is still open I would like to join ^^

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Forums > Looking for RP > Science Fiction Adventure