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This one encountered while going to my inbox.

Unknown Page

We can't find that page. You may have been sent here by a broken link.

Happily, there's still plenty of fun stuff to do around here. Head back to the main page.

Not entirely sure what caused it as I accidentally hit logout instead of my inbox. But upon logging back in this bugger remained starring at me. It's constant staring creeped me out bad enough where I nuzzles right over here to report it.

So it's not taking you to your inbox when you aren't logged in?

Nah. I got in my inbox fine after logging back in. It just popped up when I accidentally logged out and was still there upon logging back in.

I think I found the error loop you triggered. I've known about that one for awhile but I am constantly forgetting about it. I finally fixed it after this reminder. Rupee for you! :D

Woo! I has rupee! Heh. Now to go spend it on another potion that'll actually poison me! Heh.

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Forums > Help > And another!