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I want to do a modern Greek god roleplay and I was wondering if anyone would be interested. Think along the lines of the Percy Jackson but a bit grittier. There isn't a safe haven camp to run to, the monsters are a bit more dangerous, and there is always a god or minor god who would just love to mess you. Gods might be active in the life of demigods but only because they are more useful, entertaining, and interesting than regular mortals.

The plot would be pretty loose, obviously our characters would meet but after that it could go anyway. Part of me kinda wants to maybe have a plot relating to the gods of fear and terror, Phobos and Deimos respectively, but that is something we should plan once we actually have players. If this sorta setting interests you just mention it, once I get one or two people I will set up the ooc thread. Thank you for your time.

*Sticks hand up and waves it energetically while holding a pencil behind her ear.* Pick me, Pick me, Pick me!!!

Ooh Ooh ooh! I'm looking for friends to play with. I can change to fit in!
I can easily alter this character to be on the same level as your characters.

Ok, you wanna do a 1x1x1 or just a 1x1

Well I don't think there is a reason we can't do a 1x1x1 as long as nobody minds. I will go create the OOC forum but I don't see a reason why we can't start the roleplay sometime this evening. We can figure out a plot if we need one later. :3

Okie dokie. I was thinking something along the line of endless missions. xD We can start by having one of the characters try to meet up with the other two.

That sounds like a good idea! Whose character should be looking for who? The character that is searching should be the one to start the roleplay . . . I will do it if no one else wants to try their hand at writing a starter.

Hmmm, does you character know who their father/ mother is already? (PS want to bring this to a PM for discussion purposes?)

I can do a 1x1x1! As for starting, I guess My guy would be the odd one out, but he would easily and happily latch onto the first person he meets or pays any attention to them.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Demigod Roleplay?