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A game for those who seek to find
A way to leave their world behind
Roll the dice to move your token
Doubles gets another turn
The first player to reach the end winsAdventurers beware:
Do not begin unless you intend to finish
The exciting consequences of the game will only vanish
when a player has reached Jumanji
And called out it's name


Pretty simple game summary here, a group of people finds a board game by the name of Jumanji and decides it would be a good idea to play it. No harm right? Wrong. Jumanji is a jungle themed game with real consequences, for example a stampede of elephants in your living room. Once the game has started there's only one way to get rid of the madness that it brought: Finish the game. Easy enough, however that get's a little tricky once things get rolling.

2-4 characters involved would be preferable, but it's a magic board game, so I'm pretty sure that if we want more people involved it can deal. I'm going to be making use of the dice mechanic to dictate who wins (Size of the board to be determined depending on how long you want to play, Jumanji has 30 places from beginning to end in the movie, but it's played with two dice, so it could be to short if things don't get exciting quick) Also there's the matter of the rhymes that tell you what will occur. We can either work those out ourselves as we go (a new rhyme every turn and the consequences just pile up) or
I can put a combination of rhymes from the movie and the actual board game in a randomizer and we can use those.


Elephant: Abbot Church
Monkey: Abraham Marcus Lyall
Crocodile: Elsa MacKeely

I'll add more jungle animals if we need more people, also I'll change them if there's anything you fancy more.

Based on the movie Jumanji of course, if you haven't seen it, it's great fun. Also I'm open to Zathura if anyone would rather play that...

Any questions?

Can I be the monkey? :P


Thanks. :P

Throw me in as crocodile!

On it!

Would you two like to wait for anyone else to join or play with just the three of us?

Don't matter to me.

I don't care. Would we do it over PMs? That's my preferred modus operandi.

I'm good with that. Any objections?

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Forums > Looking for RP > Who wants to play Jumanji?