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There wasn't much to distinguish the silent demon-like being sitting silently under the porch of the house that had been abandoned for decades. But floating dimly over a set of dulled and small horns on the forehead was a shattered halo. It was aged greatly, a dull ember burning within. A thin tail once bore a spade blade, though now in half and chipped to a jagged point.Four wings graced their back, though the second set was feathery and crippled. They wore a dull crystal armor, covering most of their body. Hands bore sharp golden claws, yet the feet had dull black claws that were smooth and well used. The tail were twitch occasionly, yet this sight was odd. A demon-like figure, yet it bore a halo. Some dragon scales glinted off the tail,hinting at a hidden side that had yet to show itself. This demon-like being wasn't a demon at all. But a lost and forgotten feminine demon with an angel side. A type that would usually died at birth. Yet there she was, sitting under the porch roof of the house. She couldn't find anyone that wouldn't try to hurt her, so she just watched the baren landscape. Eyes barely opened. No one would even relize that this demon form was her true form, as she slowly shifts to her kitsune form. The road in her yard used to be driven on by cars, now it sat unused for some time..

[Yes, Jensaras profile says shes a kitsune. but this basically starts off to show she's holding a dark secret[";

A young girl, no older than 16 walked aimlessly around what looked like abandon town, she looked up the road to see and kitsune with a halo on it's head. She wonder what it was doing around here. She stared at the kitsune, not use to seeing something else beside the elemental childern.

A young teenager named Kori walked down along the old abandon town that seemed to go on forever. As she walked farther down she noticed something along the road. She noticed the long dark hair and realizde instantly that she was looking at her twin sister and started to run towards her. As she ran she noticed something that her sister was looking at and slowed down. "Hellow Kasia, what is that thing that you are examining?" She looked at her sister with puzzlement.

The kitsune raised their head up slowly, halo bobbing over theor frayed ears. ''Visitors?'' She asked to herself, having not seen anyone else before ever since the town had been abandoned long ago.

Kasia saw that the kitsune was looking at her and her twin. "Oh, hello, might you know where we are, ma'am?" Kasia asked the kitsune before she whispered in her sisters ear. "She is a kitsune, a fox demon, but she has a halo."

Kori crouched down beside the kitsune too afraid to touch her in the fragil state. "I'm sorry, are you hurt?" Kori asked the kitsune, reaching out to touch her head.

''I am fine...Just starving...No one has came here since the city was closed off after sightings of a demon spread like wildfire...Who are you two?''

"I am Kasia Yosowa, elemental child of fire." Kasia grabbed something out of her bag and handed it to the kistune. "Here it is food."

"I am Kori Yosowa, elemental child of ice" Kori handed the kistune a bottle of water. "Here, you need it more than I do" Kori smiled sweetly.

The kitsune took both, nodding. ''Thank you..My name is Jenna*, Demonic Angel of the unknown.'' She replied.

(*Jenna is her nickname. Few know her well enough to call her by her full name.)

"I am Kasia Yosowa, elemental child of fire." Kasia said bowing her head slighty.

"I am Kori Yosowa, Elemental child of Ice." Kori did the same and bowed her head to the Kitsune.

''I am an Icy fire kitsune. Nice to meet you.'' She replied warily. ''What brings you two here?''

"I was just wondering around and stumbled along this place." Kasia gave a weak smile to the kitsune.

"As was I, but I did not expect to find someone here." Kori looked down at the weak Kitsune.

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