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(Edit: Anybody is free to join this rp, so if the setting interests you then hop on in! Please be advised that I allow anybody to play on here, and that there are some younger kids here and this is a public forum. Please keep that in mind when choosing which character you'd like to enter. Thank you!)

Gabriel had finally opened his restaurant, and this made him rather happy. Nobody was in it yet, because he'd wanted to try a soft open first. He hadn't really even told his friends or his family that the restaurant was going to be open today. He wasn't even expecting a lot of business, since the restaurant was located on the beach, and it was February. He was hoping for a few passers by at most, he really just wanted to get a feel for what clientele he was going to have and what foods they would like. Gabe was probably going to make quite a few people angry when they found out his restaurant on the beach was strictly no seafood. He had his own reasons for that, and they were likely going to go unexplained.

The restaurant itself is quite cute, and inside it has a beach theme, with lots of blues and greens as a theme. There are a couple of booths and a table or two, along with a bar area where things are served up. The wall that faced the beach had windows, so you could see the water from inside the restaurant. It's not exactly the biggest of places, it had originally been two apartments in the bottom of the complex his brother owned. He wasn't complaining though, it was just right for him. He was the only chef and so too big of a restaurant might get out of hand. There was plenty of artwork on the walls from his husband, and overall the place seemed rather cheerful. The sign outside was yellow, and just had the name of the restaurant for now. There was also an open sign, and that was turned to the on position.

Gabriel himself was seated in one of the booths, looking out the water crashing up onto the shore. It's a bit overcast outside, but that was fine by him, it meant there weren't all that many people walking around the beach. He was extremely nervous about his restaurant, and wanted to take it slow for awhile. He's got on a typical outfit for him, an extremely baggy white teeshirt, and a pair of baggy jeans. His clothing seemed to swallow him up, it was clearly too big for him. He was wearing a pair of worn sneakers to complete the outfit, and his hair looked a little if he could probably do with a trim.

Gabriel looked tired and worn down, with dark circles under his eyes, but despite that he seemed to be in a decent mood. He had his hands around a white mug with something steaming in it, and he appeared to be just waiting around for his first customer. The thought of having his first customer left him nervous and excited at the same time. Hopefully it would be someone that appreciated his food just as much as the rest of his family and friends!

Pantheress trotted down the middle of the street, any passing cars honking in frustration though she was not directly in the way. Her ears lay against her head, paranoid of the confusion. Blank eyes would stare down at the pavement below her, slowly the lids would close over them subconsciously. Paws slowly padded to a stop, her body fortunately in line with the middle of the road. Pavement gave room for her skinny body to be avoided by the passing cars, though barely. The road was simply not made for another sidewalk in the middle.

What had brought her into civilization again was unknown even to herself. Her feet had carried her here and now, leopard would now know, this was her destination all along. Mayhaps she longed for the company of the two-legged once more, a company she'd been trained to tolerate and raised to love. She felt not that she was forced upon the life, the forest still in abundance of wildlife. Yet she continued to return on more than this occasion. However the leopardess was not meant to survive, herself, in this kind of place. Eyes, blind, saw not where to avoid or where to go. She could see her way, however, a specialty of hers that might be more useful in other predicaments. But no - how was she to know that the objects that bewildered her, shouting their noises at her, how was she to know they were so capable of hurting her?

Rei stood quietly in the middle of the road, feet planted firmly. She knew not where to go, now that she'd reached another town. She knew not what to do nor how to react. The sun hid long behind a cold cloud, sunbathing not an option in this weather. Not like she would know where to find the warmth, anyway. She lifted a paw and let it thud to the ground, the vibrations giving her sight. One side of the road was a misty wonder, shifting grains and molecules clouding her vision. On the other side she could see clear, cement and boards taking those slight vibrations with ease. She perked an ear toward the buildings curiously, standing her ground in the middle of that street.

Drae was here! He popped into life outside the Canary's Roost, there was an explosion of noise that faded almost instantly, he'd uh been coming from his subspace lab and had a bit of an issue with his training for Manny's cure. And by issue he's burned his eyebrows almost completely off and there is a little bit of dried blood on his collar. Ahem.

Drae took a moment and looked around, why was he here? Why? Hrrrrrmmmm OH!!!!!!!!! Gabe's restaurant! "I can't lookz like diz..." He said looking down at his slightly messed up appearance. In a snapping flash of orange fairy dust he looked a bit more presentable in a suit. He reached back and tied his long mane of hair in a pony tail and slapped his cheeks a few times. 'Look prezentable not like ya'be been meltin yar brain far da lazt few dayz.'

He cleared his throat, tugged on his lapels and then stepped inside. Of course since Gabe was in the window he probably saw the whole damn thing but Drae never acted like he did anything out of the ordinary.

Mai was walking around on the beach, it seemed to be the place that she could thin best at, she walked along the shore line when she saw a restaurant down the way. She walked into the restaurant, wondering if there was anyone around to help.

Roxy was headed down the street, her black acoustic guitar slung over her back. She had spent the past couple of hours canvassing stores, restaurants, even warehouses with resumes. Looking for work, doing the desk work for her brother's bounty hunting business wasn't keeping her busy enough. Sighing softly as she realized she had just one resume left. Unfortunately for her her lack of a true education often burned her in looking for work. Her reason for the guitar is she had every intent to go play some where on the pier, people who walked along the pier would often give some coin to the musicians who canvassed the area.

She would pause in front of a restaurant, and a brow was flared. I think this place is new...I don't remember it being open. she thought to herself. Well...guess I can drop one here...who knows. She would sigh softly before opening the door and slipping inside the restaurant. She cast a quick look around taking in the carefully decorated place.

Gabriel suddenly got a lot of business in a very short period of time. Draeval's the only face he recognizes and he'd smile at his wolf friend. He had been staring out the window though, and he simply couldn't leave a panther in the middle of traffic. "Can you...hold down the fort for a minute?" He'd gesture to the two women, "I'll be right back." He's pointing out the window to the panther. He knew Draeval would understand!

He'll leave his mug of tea on the table, and out of the restaurant he goes to the street. Traffic was busy since it was right off the beach, but thankfully there is a red light down the way, and it makes a clear path for the panther to cross towards Gabriel, "Hey! Can you talk? You're going to get hurt out there!" Yes, he had no problem assuming that a panther could talk and understand him. Hopefully in this case she might at least run towards his voice and get out of the street before she got hurt.

Draeval grinned back at his friend, 'Zure, go on. I gotz diz.' And he did, he rubbed his hands together, tossed his shoulders back and took a breath. Holding down the fort, GO.

First off was the girl Mai that came in tugging on his lapels he walked over to her, 'Hello and welcome to the Canary's Roost, let me show you to your table and get you a menu.' He settled into his "non-Drae Speak" voice in order to not confuse the patrons. Once he got her settled in he'd turn to the other new arrival Roxanne.

"Hello and welcome to the Canary's Roost! If you'll follow me I'll get you seated and then get you a menu." He'd off her a grin and take her to a seat unless he was stopped.

Once both were seated and had ample time to review their menu he'd be going to them in turn to see if they had an order ready. Eeeyup, Drae could hold down the fort.

Rei had brought herself to stand hunched over the road, blank eyes set on the road beneath. Her ears were pulled back in frustration. She was confused as to which direction to turn next. The voice was a welcome noise. She perked up immediately, jumping slightly to the side, setting vibrations to the ground. Merely avoiding a head collision with the bumper of the nearest car, she stumbled in the other direction and tripped over the curb. Her tail flicked lightly as she picked up her own grace and circled around the bringer of the voice before sitting obediently a few feet away.

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Mai put the menu down. "I'm sorry I didn't come to get anything to eat, I was wondering if anyone could help me find a job. I can't seem to find a repair shop anywhere." Mai looked around the place and gave a weak smile to the other people.

Watched as the one man darted out into the street, her eyes followed him through the window. odd she thought to herself, then she spotted the panther, how in the hell did I miss that? Gotta stop walking round with your head in the clouds Rox she scolded herself.

When Draeval approached her, she turned to him and grinned from ear to ear, "Hey, thanks for the menu. You guys have any cherry coke?" She would lift her guitar up over her head, and off her back. She set it on the opposite side of the booth from where she intended to sit.

She offered a smile in return to Mai, but sighed softly. Another person looking for a job, she began folding her resume up to tuck it away as Mai had beat her to the punch in asking for work.

Gabriel rubbed the back of his head and stared at the panther a moment. "Erm..." He wasn't quite sure what to do now. Maybe it couldn't talk? " you're out of the street at least." Maybe she was someones pet? "Well...come on...this way." He'd pat his leg and hopefully the panther would follow him. Hopefully those in his restaurant wouldn't be too scared when he came walking in with her, if she even followed.

Rei let her head bob eagerly to the word. A word she had not heard in some time. Immediately she let her tail thump against the ground, testing the vibrations, the direction, movement.. She stood quickly and let her feet pitter forward towards the moving figure. Each step granting a new look, different than the last, yet the same. Copper eyes lolled in their sockets, herself focused more on keeping track on where the two-legged walked, rather than focusing on the etiquette of her eyes.
Lay down, sit, shake..
The commands were still fresh in her mind, each learned to better her 'personality' and 'over-all obediance' around people. The boy who dragged her around like a dog was so eager, obnoxious. He proudly brought her into the city-life, convincing others to shake her paw. Rei was eager, too. This world was so exciting.

Drae blinked at mai, "Um...diz iz a reztaurant. I mean, zumtimez dare are waitrezz or cook openinz but I can't really 'elp ya dare. Ya mite want ta try like a newzpaper or zumtin far a repair job. But food, we gotz dat 'ere. Lemme kno if ya wan any food." Like Drae could answer that question? He felt like he was giving Mai a look but he really wasn't. Once he got that settled he'd walk over to Roxanne.

Draeval gave Roxanne a smile, 'Ub courze! Lemme grab dat far ya, go on an get zettled an take yar time wit dat menu.' He gave her a playful wink and scuttled off to go grab that cherry coke. He'll be a moment, considering he was just manning the fort he had to find what he was looking for and then viola one Cherry Coke for Roxanne and Drae is scuttling off again after, 'Lemme kno wen yar ready ta order.'

Roxy nodded her head to Drae and grinned to him, she only had the tiniest of troubles figuring out what he was saying. "Course, I have a look." She cast her piercing blue eyes down to the menu Drae had given her. She was fairly limited to her choices do to the fact she only had about twenty dollars in her pocket. However the choice was easy, burger and fries. She looked up as he returned with her coke, "Actually I'm ready now."

She grinned again, "Something easy, just a burger and fries." She would shut the menu and hold it out towards him. "So...I'm guessing you don't actually work here." She glanced to the door, "The other guy does."
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