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sorry to be late )

kiara watched the beautiful endless star filled skys and sighed she missed her home but new she could never go back, she looked on the radar and saw that she was close to another galaxy "hear we go again miako another system to look into"
she looks on the screen that's flashing error "what the?"

~ My apologies I hope you don't mind me joining in i'm gonna bring a disturbance to Earth :D ~

A great fireball that seemed to have come from around the moon orbiting earth had begun shooting its way to the planets surface. A combination of blue sparks and red blazing fire from what seemed to be metal wreckage making its way down to the Earth's surface passing by satellites and ships alike it had no intention of slowing down or stopping until it had crashed into the ground in an inferno nearby human population centers but still to be what seemed like safe distances away as pieces of the old metal wreckage began breaking off in the atmosphere and as it crashed into the ground it caused a large plume of smoke to rise into the sky signalling it's touchdown.

Finally. I hope you guys don't mind the weird writing. >_>
And CD, there will be NEVER trouble enough. ;3

"Definitely not."
"Why? Just because it's orbiting a White Dwarf it doesn't mean that it is the wrong planet!"
"You're just an <beep> like that, huh? You haven't been there, I said it already. It's not a <beeping> dwarf."
"Look, there's over a million systems like that, y'know? How could you say it's not this one?"
"... Because the green on it were long gone..."

Almost any radars surveying "Earth"s orbit detected it. A sleek, yet primitive looking space fighter blasted it's rather smoky thrusters over 100 Mm/h with a surprising coordination that could only mean a precision AI piloting the object, soon, however, proven wrong by, by the constant chattering signal coming from it, apparently aware of the potential threats orbiting the planet it is heading.

"Y'know I'm not even sure if I can provide you with enough fuel to another trip like that, right?"
"You've been only a hassle lately, just burning through my <beeping> credits ever since I met ya."
"Better have a burnt wallet than the same with your... Arms... Heh, heh, he--"

It didn't take too long for the chatter to be cut abruptly, followed by a loud, mother-offending curse.
Soon, a black trail of what appeared to be smog start to cut through the planet's thermosphere as it started to plummet with a dangerous, accelerated pace.
The fighter finally began to lower it's violent speed, arching on itself towards the ground as the flames from the atmospheric drop started to extinguish. Shortly after, the sky were invaded by a foreign spacecraft, with it's general build-up looking even more primitive as it reached any witnessing eyes.

The station was a buzz with life as the magrail hissed to a stop and Nirix's boots made contact with the hard station floor. On her homeworld, such lurxy was only suited for the nobles and was rarely crowded. It sparked an ember of curiosity in the seemingly young Eoclu's mind and while the train had wove it's way through the cities, wrapping around and weaving about skyscrapers, Nirix had barely noticed the odd looks the humans gave her as the loaded her section of the train. Apparently Eoclu were an odd sight in such a vast and advanced city such as this one...strange.

Nonetheless, Nirix ignored the sideways glances that were directed in her direction and pressed on towards the coordinates that had been forwarded to her console.
"Maxsoni Towers...Take the elevator to floor level 40..." Her directions flowed from her memory without fail. Ten thousand credits would be her payment for taking another life, his life could've continued if not for Nirix's intervention.

Biting her lower lip, lavender eyes fluttered upwards towards the blue sky, now filled with a foreign spacecraft. An odd sight, yet not unusual. It could be a trading vessel or the ship of some rouge smuggler, Nirix mused as she neared her destination. There was no time for idle daydreaming, the reward of her job had to be claimed and it would do her no good to keep her contract waiting.

The wreckage that sparked from the ground, was now stuck in a large crater it had just created, and stuttering outside of it came a burnt droid, with only a missing arm the open gape was sparking a blue and giving off a soft smoke. the rest of the wreckage when the large plume covering began clearing up, looked foreign, old, and unrecognizable to any recorded species. The droid, began patrolling around the wreckage scanning the surrounding wreckage for recoverable data. In a nearby batch there was a small data recorder which had a batch of data left in it which the droid took and stored for himself then continued patrolling the area.

Noticing a large group of bushes - a shrubbery as one would call it - the boy saw to it as being his time to get cover. He took a quick look behind himself to see if there was something right there behind him. Risky move, but seemingly the chaser was still far enough to not be seen. The boy hid in the shrubbery, curled into as small ball as he could, held his breath and waited, hoping that whatever it was that was following him could lose sight of him.

As he was hiding, the rustling sound that had followed him seemed to run past his hiding point. He couldn't get a clear view on it to be able to tell what it was, and he preferred to just keep his eyes closed anyway - in case he would get startled By it and let out some haphazard sound he didn't want to make.
The rustling stopped, waited for a moment and went back to where it had originally come from. Christofer was still partly holding his breath and sat still for a while even after the rustling had dissapeared completely.

He was a bit dirty when he got up. But that was the least of his worries. He wasn't feeling over all great right now. Looking around the murky forest, he didn't know where he was supposed to go now.
He had no idea where he was...

<Seems like a lot is going on in there,> the andalite commented. <And up there.> The andalite pointed to the sky, of which had an alien ship - for a few moments, anyways. It seemed to have either crashed or landed. Or both. With his other hand, he gestured towards some bushes not too far away, but far enough in the woods that the person inside of them wouldn't have seen him or the party of three on the bench. Extending his thoughtspeak farther out, he spoke to the stranger. <Hello? I can see you,> he said privately to him.

Another note - andalite vision is a lot better than human vision.

[ I'd suggest you to add a bit more sentences in that
What are you commenting on? Are you sure everything is in the area of vision of the character?
Just making sure~ :3

All good now~ ]

(I'm starting to think I should make a profile for Kallenger. Or at least a page on Kete's profile. I do have some pictures of her somewhere...)
(Oh, and also, you people are awesome~ It's so great to see so many people taking part in this!)

Alarms fired off furiously, the previously silent air aboard the dropship was shattered in a second as some great heap of metal plunged down on them from above, missing a direct collision only barely.

"What in Oblivion is that!?" Agent Kallenger exclaimed, as the bulky little ship was sent careening off by the shock wave and the fire from the wreck's atmospheric plunge.

"5/20, co-pilot, now! Stabilize the ship!" Agent 5/20 was ahead of Kallenger on the order, extending from the passenger seat a second set of controls that, when used in tandem with the primary, retained better overall control over a rogue vessel. And rogue it was - the entire front half of the dropship was absolutely battered, having been only yards from the wreck as it shot by. The front windshield had been entirely singed over, and monitor view had to replace physical view. The insides of the windows flickered to life with what could have been the normal view, though it was actually through cameras on the exterior of the vessel.

They probably would have gotten a hold of the ship spinning out of control, if it weren't for the sudden, terrible rain of debris from above, pelting the top of the ship relentlessly.

Kallenger gripped the controls white-knuckled. "@#$%ing @#$% @#$% @#$% @#$%!" she cussed, pulling back with all her might, as her co-pilot did the same - but it was no use.
Scraps of white hot metal continued to assault the ship from above, each knocking it off kilter a little more, putting dents in the ceiling of the passenger bay, much to the mild anxiety of the agents there - all with the exception of Agent 4/20, who was still obliviously enjoying his game of holographic solitaire.
At last, despite the valiant efforts of Kallenger and 5/20, one last great scrap struck the left side wing, severing the thruster completely. In it's last act of existence the severed thruster, at the moment of break, released a burst of fire that sent it swinging like some great hammer out of Hades into the side of the vessel - there was no saving it now.

"Emergency landing!" Kallenger ordered, as if that was necessary.
Unfortunately the left side of the vessel had caught fire upon impact with it's own thruster, so there was no time for a normal landing.
In one last act of desperation, Kallenger killed the engines entirely, and allowed the black vessel to go freefalling to the surface, spinning sickeningly as it gained momentum. It would probably pass right by, or within sight of the primitive fighter at one point or another.
Then at the last moment she could, the Imperial Agent reactivated the engines and applied as much downward force as she could muster.

The dropship still came blasting through the clouds and impacted the ground with incredible force, but the damage was in general less than that of the wreck which had sent them here.
Alarms still firing, Kallenger took a deep breath, wiping a spot of blood from her forehead resulting on impact. Then she killed the engines again.

The primary difference between this collision and the one earlier was the location. Where the first flaming wreck had impacted some distance from any people, this one came down in the thick jungle that bordered a suburban Earth City park, within clear sight of - if nobody else - the kid in the bushes, the kid with the android, and the strange blue creature.

Meanwhile, in the heart of Earth City, far from all the action, an assassin was disembarking a magrail train and walking through the station, ignoring sideways glances from humans who were unaccustomed to those with differences from themselves.

As the assassin stepped onto the sidewalk and began making her way toward the building which contained her target, nothing seemed particularly out of order. The city was bustling, business as usual, unawares of the chaos going down in the jungle and the park that bordered it, all to the South of the city.

He was very hungry. It had been a while since he had eaten anything, because it seemed tough around here to snag food, or the money to get food - and damned if he was going to beg for it! It simply wasn't his game.
Instead, the little half-breed sat on a bench and watched the world go by. Of course, he wasn't sitting normally. He was upside down - legs dangled over the back, with his back on the seat, and head hanging where he could watch how the people somehow managed to walk casually on the ceiling of the world!
The kid was small - perhaps seventeen years old? Certainly shorter than he should have been. He was somewhat disheveled as well, his clothing was not dirty, but it was old - especially that coat. A bright orange mess of feathery hair gave to fluffy fox ears, matching tail resting on the bench beside him. He seemed incredibly content, despite his growling stomach. His eyes, one deep blue and the other strange red and gold, looked out with little disparity at his hunger. These things always worked out!

And it was then that his luck changed for the better.

Existing unconsciously in the minds of everyone around him had it's perks. The minds of all within his 50 foot range were extensions of his own - the eye read their thoughts, their sensory inputs, and transmitted them to the boy as though they had been his own. It would seem overwhelming, but he had grown so accustomed to the sensation that the process had become entirely unconscious - the minds were there, the eyes were there, all in the back of his head - all he had to do was look.

It so happened that he found what he was looking for - the boy grinned, reached out, and casually plucked from the pocket of a man walking by Standard card! How lucky to have finally found someone who didn't keep it in a wallet - foolish of them!

He was wealthy, the Kete knew that, so there was no need to feel bad. Besides, he was just going to get something to eat with it.

But before he could make to stand, he noticed something else - this time with his /actual/ eyes. It was a woman. She was very tall, she was dressed very strangely, and she had horns. His first assumption was that she was some obscure sub-kind of half-breed. That would be interesting, since there were virtually no half-breeds on Earth.

So he rolled off the bench - falling on his behind as he did so, and scrambling to his feet - then scampered across the street to the strange horned woman.

"Wow, those are really strange!" He said, as he came up beside her, and stuck there, walking along. That was one way to greet a woman, anyway. Certainly blunt. "Those horns, I mean. But they're real neat!" He seemed so excited about it, looking up at her, smiling.

She was going to have a hard time shaking this one.

Thousands upon thousands birds, numerous on shapes and sizes sprung out from the thick vegetation, extending upon miles from Earth City, as an ear deafening roar pierced violently through the forest surrounding the civilization.

The fighter, descending incredibly fast for it's altitude, jettisoned even more black smog as it reached closer to the ground.
The engine roar, now followed by even louder explosions muffled the echoes of animals running for their lives in the jungle as the ship finally appeared decelerate. Distorted metallic rods distended from the spacecraft's base, functioning like supports once it finally struck the ground with a loud screech.

Then suddenly, all went silent...
The aberrant machine just stood there. Spurting what smog was left it into exquisite engines.

The droid rotated himself in the direction of the descending fighter and made quick notice to reattach his damaged arm as soon as he found it. Searching under various piles of rubble and debris he found his missing arm, reconnecting each little wire, plug, and joint to where it needed to go until it was fully functional again. Moments later he began walking off to inspect the fighter crash that had been nearby inside the forest his blue lit visual sensor lighting the way as he hunted down the crash sight within the forest. Each step he took made a crunching sound on the shrubbery or wood below him as he took each step closer to the crash eventually reaching the fighter, keeping a safe distance away hidden behind shrubbery.

The German didn't get far until he was interrupted on his way again. Hearing a strange voice - although in his head - startled him. He did not recognize it and having just been chased didn't help he situation. The boy dove in the nearest bush again and curled just like before. His head hadn't gotten a whole lot of space to breath after te chase scene so he was starting to stress out, not thingking fully rationally, onstantly fearing an ambush or such would happen.

He made some sort of strange whimpering sound - although he would have preferred to stay silent - and held his hands over his ears. "Who are you? Leave me alone..."

The andalite continued observing, as was the life of such an observer. Upon seeing the kid in the bushes cringe, and hear him whimper, he recognized the language. The chip in his brain began processing, and the words came out as something like "who is thee, leave thine alone!" or whatever it happened to be in the andalite language.

He concentrated his thoughts, and projected more speech towards the boy. <I am Ygurt-Kidutts-Selacs, an andalite aristh. Look south, and you will see a blue dot. That is me,> he predicted, for he didn't know how keen this thing's vision was.

Mercury speaks again. "Master, multiple things of interest are happening in the forest I mentioned earlier. Colin sighed and got up, he ran for the forest with his android in pursuit, making it there in a short amount of time.

With a heavy sigh, a sign that her patience was wearing thin, Nirix opened her mouth to answer what she could only assume was another curious human's question for the umpteenth time in the short four hours she had been on this planet.
"Yes, my horns and pointed ears are real. They are just as real as anything in your human anatomy, they define my people: The Eoclu" She explained, though there was a pause in her words as her lavender eyes fell upon what was definitely not a human.

Stiffening slightly, Nirix observed the non human who had taken a pace beside her. He was short, that much was certain but if it was from youthful age or just lack of growth, Nirix wasn't sure. Age was a very different thing amongst her people and definitely something different amongst the humans. To her they all looked the same and showed any difference until their hair turned white and their skin leathery and wrinkly like that of the ancient and respected elders of her people.

However, the one thing that identified the short male was his scent, that of the people that the humans called: Half Breeds. Nirix had seen his kind before, liberated a few from sickening slavers after she had assassinated their self proclaimed "Masters". It had completely disgusted the Eoclu and she had been more than glad to gift them with all her earns from the previous hit she had done before that one. The smiles on their dirty faces had been more than worth it.

"Atishan Da'len," She smiled as the melodic language of her people flowed from her lips without truly thinking. She had offered him peace and instinctively deemed him "Child" as she was unsure of how old he was. Quickly correcting herself and speaking the common tongue, she spoke more slowly as the words translated from her language.
"Erm, greetings. I am not sure what to think of this word...'Neat'. My horns cannot be unkept or messy..." Nirix pondered as she spoke with her new companion. What harm was there in idle prattle? The human could wait for a few minutes and Nirix found nothing wrong in being polite, assassin or not.

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