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It had an horrible smell, if anybody could even breathe around it. The dense smoke around the fighter carried an horrible odor of burnt rubber and chemicals, a clear indication of oil-derived byproducts being expelled from the innards of the vehicle.

"Was I really expected?" -- He thought, the thing known only as the Mad Ranger, for reasons many still struggle to known why. Jerking a bunch of oil-covered, rusty levers and landing his steel-clad fists into countless switches and plugs, the Ranger, somehow, made the spacecraft burst out a thick stream of more smoke, escaping from the sockets from what appeared to be it's rear thrusters.
Surveying the surrounding vegetation through the spacecraft's jet-black canopy, the Ranger's heart started to pound ferociously, unable to decide whether he should just take-off or storm, guns-blazing outside...

"Master, there is an Eoclu nearby. They have another currently with them." Colin stared a tree deep in thought. "Can you tell who they are Hy any chance?" "They seem to be an assassin, largely regarded as the best assassin in the galaxy." Colin smiled. "This could be interesting. Do you have your cloakin device ready?" The android went invisible. "Good. Wait here." Colin left in the direction Mercury suggest the Eoclu was.

Still a bit scared, Christofer opened his eyes a bit in order to see if someone was there. Usually he would have been able to tell if the sound came from left or right but this time he couldn't. And the strangest thing was: he couldn't even see anyone. Who was talking?

"Andalite-? What is that?" The boy was confused, he had never heard of such thing. Maybe it was some tittle that they use overseas? Maybe? The name sounded foreign too..
He decided to not work his mind over it too much, the other 'person' could find it rude and insulting....

The boy got up, slowly, listening if anyone nearby would be moving.
He got confused over the other person talking and tried to follow the instructions. However, even with his good vision the most he could see was indeed a blue dot, somewhere far in the horizon.

"Ummm... Yes...? I see something blue in the distance... It is very far though..." The boy scuinted his eyes to try and see the dot a bit clearer. "Are you wearing some very Very blue clothes..?"

The andalite approached the woods some, though he didn't stray too far from the path that held the bench.

<No, I am blue,> he told the creature he was currently speaking to, even from such a distance. <See, andalite fur is blue. Females may be anywhere from blue-violet to pink, but males are blue or dark violet,> he explained, smiling a bit with his main eyes. Not that the other could see it, but it was still a nice gesture. <Andalites are a species of alien, you see. We come from the andalite home world, along with garatrons.>

as red lights flash kiara watches as this planet gets closer and closer "no.....OH NO im gonna crash this thing !?

miako: meow ?

kiara grabs her pet and heads for a escape pod while her ship falls into a deep ravine and gets busted up and stuck in rocked edges

"ugh how are we still the escape pods didn't even work at all....oh no i cant stay hear if the galactic patrol finds me...miako stay with the ship and um eatsome cat food u know were it is there's gotta be some type of person that can give me nanobots or supporter droids or just something to fix this..."

with her self in dirt and rags she sets of to the large city in the distance

"i wonder whats up with all that smoke"

The heap of black scrap that was once an Imperial dropship smoldered in it's crater. Flames sprouted from beneath one side - if there had been any sensitive fuel on board there would have been risk of an explosion, but the hydrogen cells used by Imperial vessels were not explosive.
It sat silently there for a long while, before finally a pressure release panel flung with great force off the side, off into the trees. Agent Kallenger crawled from it alone...followed by her twenty agents. Incredibly, nobody was dead.
The DEU was ready for anything, after all. It was not easy to kill them - though they were merely human, they were humans of the best genes, trained from childhood, trained constantly - it would take more than a crash landing to keep them down.

"Regroup." Kallenger ordered - there was no need to bark her orders when it came to the DEU Agents, certainly not now.
"All armed?"
"All armed."
From the pocket of her long, black coat, Kallenger extracted something that looked vaguely like a palm pilot. Or a bulky smartphone with unnecessary curves and a big, greenish screen, with only a couple buttons. An antenna was extended from the top, and the screen began to glow faintly. Then a couple yellow dots of various sizes flickered into existence. "Northbound. Move out." She ordered, whilst bringing up more information about those varying dots.
The signal was beamed from their ship that hung in orbit - it relayed an augmented version of the electromagnetic tracker that was based there. The dropship had a less powerful relay, and this one was weaker still - but the accuracy was still excellent - the primary difference being that more specks would appear as more possible sites of EM disturbance were detected, and it would be up to the user to decide which ones were most likely to be what they were looking for.

There were two that were particularly strong within the immediate vicinity, she noticed, leading her troops in the general direction of the city. One was almost /too/ strong, that one was closer - it was likely something large and metal and hot - logic dictated that it was one of the masses that had gone crashing to the ground only moments before, and neither of them were of particular interest to Kallenger...Though she would pass by them anyway on her way to the second target.

This one was much more promising - it was farther north, just on the border of the city - pulling up the rudimentary satellite view it was likely located in a park. While less of a disturbance, it was also finer - more precise, clearly emanating strongly from a single point. It was likely that anything telepathic would give off similar disturbances to that of their target - though his was more distinct, it could not hurt to check out every possible instance of telepathy they found.

They had not reached the source of the disturbance yet, though sooner or later the troop was going to run into some trouble...

The fox-boy couldn't help but shy away slightly at her reaction - his ears flattened and he shrunk away just a little, giving her an apologetic and also rather perplexed look - though he perked back up in a heartbeat at her expression once she had actually looked at him.
"Ma'falon!" He replied - it might have taken the woman a few moments to realize that, though the pronunciation was poor and the words clearly translated very loosely, it was at least reminiscent of something she might know.
Kete loved to do that - sure, it bordered on the dangerous, risking exposure of his mind - but it was simply too fun to see the look on someone's face when he replied to them in a language he should not have known.
It could easily be passed off however, as hear-say. After all, expressions did get around, and he never did seem to get the words just right.
This was because of the manner in which he was able to pluck the information from the individual's mind without being so invasive as to go digging through their memories. It was the same reason that he always seemed to know what someone was trying to say, even if they were speaking very broken Common. (The Galactic 'standard' language) he could often manage rudimentary translations this way, though the subtleties that came with language were often lost on him. For this reason, while he recognized her words as a greeting, the assumption of youth did not reach him.

She certainly did seem friendly, Kete noted. That's good.

"Hi!" The boy piped in, replying to the woman's Common greeting, perhaps a little too quickly, and not skipping a beat; "Well, they could be dirty." He said, "Or crooked." as if to explain, he flattened one ear as he spoke.
"So, Eoclu huh? Oh yeah, you /do/ have pointy ears too! I hadn't noticed that. What brings you to Historic Earth City?" His thoughts certainly did seem disjointed - if the way he spoke was any indication. "It's a pretty spiffy city, huh? Those magrails are really something!"

The boy shuddered when he heard the words in his head. His attention was completelly caught By the last sentence that he almost immediately forgot about what the other being that was present had stated earlier

"A-Aliens...?" Suddenly, his body went rather stiff. Most of the things he had heard of aliens were very Very negative. The negative outnumbered the positive ones so greatly that Christofer didn't really even consider that the 'blue beast', some dozen meters before him, wouldn't possibly harm him. He started to back away slowly...

The andalite could sense the unease wafting off of the other, and he sighed gently through his nostril slits. <I am coming to you,> he stated, starting to move through the forest.

<And yes, aliens. However, we andalites mostly protect other species. See, we made a big mistake a long time ago, and are currently paying for it now. We helped another alien species without realizing their potential for harm, and.. well, we have a war on our hands now. But never mind that. I would like to speak with you, face to face.>

A twitch of what appeared to be a smile on her face, graced Nirix's features from the cheery fox half breed in front of her. His butchered pronunciation of her language had in most ways, surprised her but also allowed a small tender spot to develop for him. He was more like a energetic child and yet he had some knowledge of her language and was brave enough to speak it to her without hesitation. A strange boy indeed but Nirix couldn't help but feel like there was something a lot bigger at play with this one.

He was full of questions and yet Nirix felt the need to ask some of her own. His eyes, for instance; one, big blue and the other something unnatural. Red and gold, the colors that painted Nirix's life of spilled blood and money. It had to be some type of synthetic implant but for what reason did he have one? He definitely had the appearance of poor, or forgotten. His clothes, an old, battered brown leather jacket, a plain T shirt and faded old jeans with equally worn looking shoes, left no indication to the observant assassin that he held any money to his name. Then there was-her left ear twitched at the sound-a low growl of an empty stomach. It was not hers, so maybe he was starving then?

"I'm here for a business matter," Nirix blinked, shifted her gaze away from her new companion and upwards towards the nearing building of Maxsoni Towers. It was large, almost like a high impenetrable tower holding secrets on each floor.
"My homeworld has something similar to the Magrails, though only for the nobility of my race." She answered without fail to his questions. Not only was she quick on her feet but she was also quick with keeping up the conversation. But the sudden beeping of her handheld console, drew Nirix's attention before she had anytime to forward their interaction. The wrist watch-like tool on her left arm glowed red, the final indication that her Contact was ready for her to arrive. Smiling at half breed, Nirix offered a small apology before speaking.

"It seems my duty is calling upon me, I must unfortunately cut this discussion to an end." She told him politely with a small bow, an old custom that seemed hard for her to stop. She turned on her heels to leave, Nirix paused in her steps to turn back around to face him.
"You're hungry," She hadn't posed it as a question and it came out more like a curious statement. "If you wait here, I should return and buy you a meal, a small thanks for keeping me company" Nirix offered. An assassin with a soft heart, who would of thought?

Colin continued walking until he found Ketin and Nirix, he intended to walk past them and find a place to hide but instead sprawled to the floor right between them, thinking outloud. "Oh no... This is bad... Really... Really... REALLY... Bad..."

The boy's gaze followed the woman's as she looked up to the imposing Maxsoni building with a vague sense of wonder about it. He seemed to be impressed, at least to some small extent, by basically everything.
"Ooh." He breathed lowly, as she explained.
"Nobility, huh? I'm gonna' guess that you're not nobility, you're much too pleasant." he smiled cheerfully. What a nice way to say 'you look poor because you're nice!' "Seems kinda' silly to me though, to restrict something like that to the fancyfolk. I mean, there can't be that many of them - why would they need a whole train?" The words were not spoken critically, but rather lightheartedly. What did he have to criticize?

Again, without meaning to, Kete glanced to Maxsoni Towers. When he looked back to the woman, she was explaining that she had to get on with her business.
Except now Kete had a slightly better idea of what her business might be - thanks to that nifty little wristwatch she had.

It was not merely the ability to read the electronic signals of the brain that Kete's eye provided - it was also capable of the manipulation of those electronic currents.
Not within the brain, of course - he had no power over a sentient mind, since they were vastly too complex to be tampered with even if he tried. Just as he was connected to a network of minds that all linked back to him, he was a part of the devices around him, a part of the Aethernet itself, in a way - it would have been no great difficulty for him to start sending bad jokes and pictures of cats to Nirix's fancy wristwatch. It also wouldn't have been hard to overload the thing - a simple redirection of the static current that existed within space at any given time. (The ability was, really, less powerful than one might have imagined. It was only good for subtle changes or total overloads - but also looking. It was very good for looking.)
Kete had caught a small part of whatever bit of data had caused that beep. Theoretically he could have accessed more, but that would have taken effort, and thusly it would have been invasive and rude. That little scrap of data however, those couple kilobytes, they had simply been picked up, like seeing something out of the corner of your eye. Nothing he could do about it - I wasn't looking, I just saw!
Though there was still no way he could understand the exact nature of the woman's business, it now seemed slightly more interesting - that was about the extent of his little discovery here.

"Well, nice meeting you- w-huh?" Her offer caught him by surprise. Ears perked, and it took a short moment for him to reply. When he did, it was with a slight raised-hands gesture and a vague splash of pink across his face. "Oh, hah~ No, that's okay, I just haven't gotten around to getting lunch yet." He explained, "But thanks for the- Hey watch out!!"

He had seen the other boy coming of course, but there was no need to look, or even acknowledge his presence nearby - that is, until Kete noticed out of the corner of his mental eye that a specific pair of lookers was moving intently toward them, accompanied by a matching sense of intent. While Kete could not comprehend someone's thoughts, he could gauge their emotions and intents - the latter was especially effective when paired with the eyes of both parties, coordinating possible future movements. He knew by seeing himself through the eyes of the other that someone intended to do /something/ to /someone/ very close - and since there was no anger it probably wasn't going to be violent.

But the boy tripped on something and went careening toward the ground. If only he had noticed it sooner! But that would require paying attention.
So Kete was too late to really help, yet still he shouted his warning - to whoever he was warning - and tried to catch the boy as he fell.
This only resulted in the two of them going down together in something of a crumpled heap.
Uncoordinated and flustered, Kete flailed about some until he was able to maneuver himself into an upright position - where he would sit on the sidewalk for a moment - sputtering as he scrambled about; "Hey, are you okay? What's bad, are you hurt?"

As a side note, in the back of his mind he /was/ still watching the woman. If she decided to slip off during the bit of commotion caused by this other clumsy kid, she wasn't going to lose him.

Colin sighs and sits up. "Y-Yeah, sorry. I tripped over my own foot. I'm not joking, I'm a complete klutz." Colin glanced at Nirix and thought to himself. 'that has to be her. There's no way they're not'

The events that transpired before her were a blur of clumsy movements and missteps, things that Nirix had avoided by a making a simple light step to her right. She blinked, suddenly confused by what appeared to be an clumsy accident but yet the human who was eagerly staring at her told her otherwise.

"Is everyone alright?" She asked, voice holding a twinge of concern for the both of them. Their collision wasn't too rough, from what Nirix had observed, and she hadn't seen any slight of hand during the accident that could suggest the human was trying to pickpocket her newly acquired acquaintance. So what was up with this seemingly harmless exchange? Could it have been just a mere accident?

Turning to the Fox half breed, Nirix cocked her head to the side, eyes now watching him expectingly.
"Da'len? Will you be alright until I return?" She questioned, not really wanting to leave but not wanting to keep her contact waiting for too long. The human wasn't known for his great deal of patience, he had nearly exploded at his assistant for bringing in the wrong wine five minutes late when Nirix had first agreed to take care of his target. But he would have to wait for now, until she felt fine with the situation at hand.

"Yeah, I guess so." Kete said, almost absently - he was giving the boy a look of perplexity now, one ear perked while the other lay down. It was clear that his new friend had no idea the identity of this clumsy boy.
He glanced between the two for a quick moment, giving the Eoclu the same look - though with a bit more perk to it. "Wai- return? Oh, yeah I'll be fine." He said, giving a cheery, reassuring smile, and at last getting back to his feet - leaning a little to the side before gaining his balance again. The woman intending to seek him out again after her business was concluded had taken him by pleasant surprise - though he was still somewhat skeptical.

Or, perhaps he was entirely oblivious? In all reality, that was more likely.

Following that, he would extend a hand to the boy still on the ground. "What're you in such a rush for, anyway?" Kete asked curiously, keeping one metaphorical eye on the Eoclu's metaphorical eyes, dedicating some of his focus to keeping her view clear in his head.

Fifty feet wasn't a terribly great distance, but it was usually distance enough. Whatever that strange feeling in his gut was, Kete was going to get it straight.

But then - if this kid had some business with the Eoclu, then /he/ might insist on following - that would make Kete's curiosity that much easier to satiate.

The, 'I'm coming to you' scared him and the boy kept on backing away. The 'thing' or andalite as it was calling itself, was bigger than him and when they got closer he could note that the blue skin wasn't the only weird feature of the creature: they seemed somewhat resembling to a centaur - a creature from the Greek mythology. But how? Could aliens really exist?

The German stumbled on some branches as he was backing away. Panicked, he ended up with his back against a tree, unsure on wether or not he should try to make a run for it. Alhough, even if he was fast, the creature did have a horse-like set of legs, so if they knew how to use them, they'd most likely be able to catch up to him if he tried running... He was done for...

"P-Please don't e-eat me....." he whimpered, petrified against the tree.

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