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"Confirmed, do not neutralize" the droid proceeded to lower the rifle and his sensors registered blue again as he stood down "would be nice to tear apart a good specimen though, that would give me samples to registers blood flow, organ deposits, and various other data in the organism" the droid equipped the pulse rifle back onto his back "or perhaps for a bit of entertainment, which ever comes first" the droid commented to the ranger

The andalite understood perfectly. <Ah, okay," he replied, his main eyes focusing on the rather unusual creature ahead of him. <We have animals on my planet - only most of them evolved to have six or more limbs, instead of four as on your planet,> the andalite informed.

<I think I would like to try some hay, since it grows in fields.. it sounds delicious.>

The idea of animals with six legs didn't really appeal to him. The thought of them felt like they would be out of some alien horror movie - and considering how those usually were, the thought wasn't all that pleasant.
He was staring to get a bit used onto this blue being though. Slowly, but it was still something

".... I think hay is pretty dry...." he said rather quietly, as if he was unsure.

<I wouldn't mind dipping it in some water,> the andalite went on, now apparently dreaming of Terran hay. It sounded so good to him! Seriously, grass on his planet was rarely yellow.. so yellow was very exotic to him. Yellow. Yell-oh. He played with the word in his mind, seemingly distracted.

He wasn't so sure on what to think of this creature, but he was starting to be very sure of one thing: his stomach. The German was growing hungrier every passing minute; and even if the stomach wasn't growling or making other hungry noices, he could clearly 'feel' the emptiness while he was hunched over a bit and held on to it with his hand.

The andalite didn't appear to him as if they'd have been a 'local' to where ever it was that they were. Trying to make a plan on what to do, Christofer looked around for roads of any sort...

"Fourth layer traversed, decelerating to under mach one. Approaching anomaly points of impact. Termination of coolant stage. Commencing aerodynamic control. GP armor, all systems green. Final deployment clearance granted by Command. Pz-Zero Three Executing deployment over last large sensor net detection." Above the jungle canopy the loud, high pitched scream of a high speed object racing low overhead became evident, along with a flash of white through the few breaks in the canopy that allowed one to view the sky. In it's passing, the object came directly over the Ranger and the droid, but also Kallenger and her troops.

At the edge of the clearing the Ranger and Droid sat in, no sooner had the object passed over that of a object comes crashing into the edge of the clearing, kicking a large amount of dirt and debris along with causing a loud rumbling boom.

"Entertainment?" -- Muttering under his mask, the Ranger tried to conceal the single, small step he took away from the Droid. Eyes slightly widen than unusual, he started to have his doubts about his 'friend's AI stability. Not willing to take his hand away from the grip of his holstered Revolver, the Ranger was about to move away when something else happened.

A big mechanic structure passed right above his and CD's heads, crashing violently just some feet in front of them. The thundering clash of the machine was just enough to make the Ranger limp a few meters backwards, trying his best to protect his face from any incoming dust and debris with both of his arms.

Definitely, there was something wrong with this planet. Terribly, terribly wrong.

The droid observed the crash but there was too much dirt and debris in the air for his sensors to pick up proper detection "I cannot get a good reading, the dirt and debris in the air is blocking my sensor, this is no normal anomaly" CD commented grabbing his pulse rifle yet again, his lights changed to yellow "Enabling Sentry Mode, ready for the worst" A laser pointer activated on the pulse rifle pointing directly towards the wreckage as CD slowly made it's way over to the wreckage

From inside the center of the dust came the muffled voice of a woman "Command advise Fireseed-actual That I will be speaking to him after the operation and to have a medical team on standby on his behalf. That's the third time this has happened!" After a moment of silence come several loud clangs,then the sound of ripping metal. After one final booming clang, a large metal door comes flying from out of the dust to land at the droid's feet

Following the door through the dust is a woman's voice is head again as she advances out of the settling dust, shield raised in a defensive posture and rifle at the ready "Fifth SOG! Lay down your arms, both of you. Failure to promptly comply will Not be tolerated..."

Surprised about his ferocity under a threat, the Ranger wondered why CD were defending him in the first place. Whatever the reasons, he was proving to be a worthy ally.
He didn't let the thoughts distract him, however. Immediately shrugging his distraction away, the Masked Man pulled out - again - his Revolver, pointing directly towards were the voice came while running in the opposite direction that Droid did, in attempt to flank the newcomer.

"Just came in 'n already want to order around, eh?!" -- He shouted, keeping his finger firmly into the trigger guard, ready to blast away his gun. Amidst his commands, the Ranger drew his attention towards his fighter. It's thick hull would provide a hard cover if a gunfight arise.

CD kept his stance, slowly marching towards Lydia "Order received" and CD started processing the order "Error, cannot comply until target lowers weapon" CD stated stopped just inches away from Lydia "Proceed to lower your weapon, and I will lower mine" CD offered to Lydia turning his laser pointer off but keeping his pulse rifle at the ready in case of issues. "Plenty of confrontations today, odd what activity happens on outer rim worlds"

"Ignore it!" Kallenger barked, without so much as turning, looking or stopping as yet another interplanetary vessel came hurdling from the sky, crashing to the ground in a smoky crater.

Most of the men obeyed, though one did lean into another to mutter under his breath
“Sure are a lot of things crashing today. I wonder if it’s always like this.”
“Probably something to do with the planet’s magnetic field.” Replied Agent 4/20, “Certain electromagnetic frequencies can seriously mess with stuff like ships, robots, AIs and electronics. Who knows? Maybe the whole planet is a huge trap designed to trap exceptional people here long enough for some crazy powerful psycho rich guy to announce his plan to force them to compete in an epic quest to find Planet Earth so he can use it to take over the Universe.”
There was a long silence as the other agent failed to dignify the crackpot theory. He should have known better than talking to 4/20, he was always coming up with stuff like that.

Christofer Markov had been looking around for a road, where he and the Andalite were standing in the jungle, not too far from the park.
Well he would find one relatively easily. Perhaps not exactly a road, but it appeared to be a path – perhaps naturally formed – that cut through the thick jungle foliage.

Unfortunately he would not be exceptionally happy with what he saw on it.

He had looked just in time to see a soldier in black armor, masked in a matching helmet, and armed with a weapon that looked like a musket with an assault rifle attached to the side. He was aiming the weapon alternately at him and the alien. He was silent – not only in that he said nothing, but his footsteps were silenced by sound dampening boots.
Only seconds later, he would hear a SLASH behind him, where a thick chunk of plant would fall away to reveal Agent Royanna Kallenger, who had been having a harder time than she would have liked getting through to the small clearing in which the alien and human stood. She held her blade in perhaps a more dramatic stance necessary.

Things were only getting worse however, when a series of nineteen other armored soldiers appeared from the jungle brush so that they were surrounding the unusual pair, all with rifles aimed at one or the other.
Kallenger did not look happy.

The specially designed psychodampeners that she and her men wore would have kept their presence unknown to the Andalite –likely this would be a strange feeling for him, since they still would be apparently nonexistent even as they stood there with weapons raised.

“Stand down and explain your presence here.” She demanded of the human boy, holding the blade aimed at his throat, very threateningly.

It seemed that being the first youngish, human male that she had seen, Kallenger was willing to take any lead. After all, Devil Eye could have changed his appearance – perhaps cut off those revolting beast ears and dyed his hair, maybe worn contacts. Anything was possible, and Kallenger was in a foul enough mood not to care much either way. She must have thought that the sharp electromagnetic psycho-signature had been coming from him, rather than the strange blue alien.

For…some reason.

Charlie the Security Guard spun around, still holding the more-or-less helpless boy by the collar, half dragged up onto his toes thanks to his height.
“Wha- this thing’s with you?” He demanded, raising a brow, locking eyes with the woman and clearly appearing to want to save face while avoiding a confrontation that he was quite certain he could not come out victorious from. It as much easier to pick on a half-beast kid than someone who just really gave off the vibe of being a ruthless killer.
“Well, here.” Spitefully, he swung around and half-threw Kete in Nirix’s direction by his collar. He stumbled with the momentum and fell onto his behind at the woman’s feet. “Well keep your pets on a shorter leash.” He grumbled, indignantly. “Don’t need ‘em stinkin’ up the place, ‘specially the boss’s office.”

Then he huffed back to his post, once more leaning grumpily against the wall where he always stood.

Kete scrambled to his feet – a bit unsteadily, somewhat off-balance from the stumbling throw – then turned around to look up at the woman with a nervous smile. “Heheh~ Thanks, ah, sorry about that…I, well I uh…”
He went patting hastily through the pockets of his coat, trying to find something – anything – that he could claim to have thought she dropped. Pockban, oxygen injector, flask of Chili Lime Brandy – there! He took out a key – a old fashioned, metal toothed key – and held it up for her. “I thought you dropped this, s-so I came to, ah, r-return it.”

He was /so/ lying.

Usually he was a much better liar when it came to people he didn’t know well or have an exceptionally strong attachment to. Sure there was something that made him want to stick around this woman, but she was not yet at the point in which Kete became unable to lie with a straight face.

But then, something was wrong here.

He failed to notice the boy walking up behind him, he failed to see through the Eoclu’s mind past merely detecting it’s presence, he failed to muster up any good information from Charlie the Security Guard’s brain, and now he was failing to manage a half-decent lie to a stranger.

Perhaps it was something to do with the planet’s electromagnetic field.

“Uh, l-let’s get outta’ here before I cause more trouble huh?” He added, glancing back to Charlie the Security Guard – more interested in keeping Nirix from killing him than causing more trouble. He would strongly urge her to leave, even standing between them if he had to.

Somewhere very far away, hanging in space between systems, something very large and artificial blipped into existence.

"Da'len, are you alright?" Nirix completely disregarded the human-No, that guard didn't deserve to be called of his own kind-he was a Shemlen, the lowest of the low in the Eoclu culture and if Nirix hadn't been more concerned about Kete's condition, the shemlen wouldn't have been breathing. It was sickening to see how humans or rather any other races, could treat someone who was different like they were completely nothing!

Resisting the urge to snap the neck of the disgusting Shemlen, Nirix bit back her rage and focused on the boy in front of her. A single, old fashioned, metal toothed key dangled from Kete's fingertips and a rather unconvincing lie spilled from his lips. He definitely hadn't followed her for the reasons he claimed and in all honesty, Nirix didn't really care why he had. Since the first time he had initiated a conversation with her, Nirix had a feeling that he was....curious. Curious way beyond the norm but in that moment, she had brushed it off as childish curiosity and even now Nirix still decided to deem him as "Child".

Yet now she wasn't so sure about this Da'len.

Though not wanting to press the matter at this certain time, Nirix reluctantly agreed to leave the lobby of Maxsoni Towers , but not without remembering every detail and component of the Shemlen guard. Nirix would definitely be paying him a visit, hopefully the Gods would forgive her if she carried out what she attended to do to him. It wouldn't be a pretty sight once someone would find him...or at least more like, if anyone found him.

"I believe I owe you a meal anyway," Nirix found herself saying as she moved to exit the building with Kete. It was definitely a meal worth talking over.

He did spot a road, a very nice one at that. It was covered in a nice, warm and soothing set of sunrays. It was a natural path though, not a manmade one. But what was there to tell him that he wouldn't find something if he'd take and follow it? Nothing~

The boy took a step forward towards the path, but as the wind moved the leaves of the trees siding the road, they left behind a very strange shadow... It looked almost as if it would have been a human... In fact, it didn't seem to be a shadow at all, but instead was the real thing.
Christofer immediately began doubting the path and took a step away from it. Upon seeing the man move, he rushed his way to the nearest tree, appearently quickly enough to get out of the way of a falling plant that might just have crushed at least his feet had he not moved then and there. He didn't feel exceptionally lucky though...

"(Why must everyone and everything always have to strike for a 'dramatic entrance'?)" he thought to himself while glaring at the 'newcommers'. His hunger was somehow overwriting the panic that he felt inside.

"I don't know why I'm 'here'. Now leave me alone." Christofer partly hissed. He himself wasn't sure how he could talk back to her, the dark haired lady that had just shown up. The hunger must really have gotten into him as he clung tightly to the tree, thinking that it would keep him safe...

Agent Kallenger's expression changed instantly at the boy's words.
She liked her tendency to go out of her way to make a dramatic entrance. Secretly it was the whole reason that she insisted on using that outdated, archaic weapon
From the stern, authoritative stone-faced expression she had donned only moments before, a look of absolute exasperation fell over her now and she stared at the boy with eyes that looked very displeased for a long moment.
Then she exploded.Tossed her arms in the air - almost decapitating one of her soldiers as she did so - spinning about some in a somewhat flamboyant gesture of hopeless, sickening disgust. "Space be @#$%ed does /nobody/ take me seriously around here?!" She barked to nobody in particular, though in the general direction of a few of the soldiers.
One of them shrugged, perhaps a little too soon.

Presently she spun back around and leaned in closely to Christofer, holding out an arm with open palm stiffly gesturing toward some of her men. "Do you not see the twenty armored soldiers with automatic rifles aimed at your face? I mean the other @$#hole I understand since he didn't see them, but you - you should be /entirely/ intimidated @#$%it!!"
Breathing heavily, she kept her position for a long moment, snarling at the boy - then she exploded again.
"@#$% it. @#$% you," She gave Christofer a hard prod on the chest, then spun around to face the Andalite, flailing her arm in in his direction. "And @#$% you too, whatever you are-" another arm flail in the direction of from whence she had come - "And @#$% him and his @#$% robot of death."
Lastly she turned back to Christofer. "But especially /you/." She growled again, with a furious indigence.

"Men! @#$%ing /move/!" Sheathing her weapon and apparently satisfied with her absolute freak out, Kallenger stormed back down the road, and the soldiers silently dissipated into the jungle again where they would follow her in stealth.

Kete smiled up at the woman for a long moment, as if trying to set it in - but it was forced. Primarily this was because he could still clearly detect the intention to do harm. It was a 'cold-hot' intention. Fueled by rage, but calculated for later. Cold intentions were the hardest to judge due to the necessity of abstract thought.
Despite whatever was messing with his eye that made him off his game, he could still function at that level - and he could still do /something/. So though it would be impossible to tell he was doing anything at all, Kete dug around for some letters, put them together, and sent them to a receiver, where they registered as an incoming message.
Charlie the Security Guard jumped slightly, and reached into his pocket to retrieve his phone.(cell phones had changed very little in a few gazillion years.) He looked at the glowing screen, went pale, and started looking frantically around.
How very convenient that Charlie had taken a loan out from a less than reputable 'businessman' and had plenty of reason to believe an anonymous warning to leave the city for a few days.

Feeling better about the whole thing, Kete gave a little sigh of relief - though one might have trouble identifying exactly /why/ - then gave a remorseful, almost shy little smile. He knew his lie had gone at least entirely unbelieved. Now that Charlie was most likely going to be safely out of town within the hour, he could admit to it.
"Alright, well I can't turn down free food and I can't lie to someone who feeds me. I was just curious." He admitted - to an extent this was true, and since he could make himself partially believe it, it came off much better. Still not perfect, but better.
"I mean, you're not exactly dressed for a business meeting. So I assumed you were an interstellar spy." He nodded sagely with these words - the kid had a way of saying them where it would be difficult to determine if he was joking or not. it was a clever trick, leaving the perception of his intent to the other - innocent, or comedic - either way he would come off as a whole lot less threatening.

Had she said 'business meeting' or given any details about where she was going, other than the location? Maybe. He couldn't remember, though he assumed she did, anyway.

Mentally Kete glanced around - he could not seem to find the boy with the android from earlier. Whether this was because he had fled with the credit card or because the cloaking device was further tampering with Kete's abilities was unknown - but Kete assumed the prior, and found it amusing that he had stolen someone else's credit card!

It was convenient, too - he actually hoped the guy wouldn't pop up again and try to give him back the card. That would take some explaining and getting out of - maybe he could just insist that it wasn't his, and that the boy was crazy? It didn't have his name on it after all...

Somewhere very far away, hanging in space between systems, something very large and artificial was moving very, very slowly in the general direction of the jungle-world falsely named "Earth".

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