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The lady seemed very angry. She was shouting and swearing like an angsty 14-year old. What was up with her? Was she important in some way? She had all these.... Men... Anyway, she wasn't exactly giving them her 'best side' or if this was the nicest she could be, she certainly wasn't going to be their friend anytime soon.

Christofer wouldn't leave the tree until the angsty lady and her troops had left. Who knows what they would have done? His stomach grumbling reminded him of his earlier objective: he needed to get something to eat.

As the German boy pondered, he came up with an idea. Probably a stupid idea, but his head couldn't think of anything much better. He'd steal some. It wasn't a nice thing to do, but the people he was going to steal from didn't seem too nice anyway, so it was going to be ok. He had his reasons though. Everyone had to eat, right? And considering that the group was rather large, he figured that they'd have quite a bit of food to 'share' with him, how he obtained the food wouldn't matter.

"Wait here" he said to the andalite. "I'll go get some food"
Christofer then proceeded on sneaking after the leaving group of men wearing armory

The andalite stood there in the woods for some time, until deciding to go wander around in it. He didn't feel like following the German boy, nor did he feel like doing much else. He just felt like exploring, like any aristh would.. and then he ran into a path, evidently having gone in a circle. Rats. Maybe it was time to find his shorm, or something else.

And so, the andalite cruised by the German, the swearing woman, and a hotdog stand. Oh, those smelled gross.. ew. The andalite wrinkled his nostril slits, and started walking on some grass, as to feed on it while he did so.

Colin messes with the guards. Before heading out, his cloaking device already activated. He walks by Kete and throws jum the card and continues walking, turning off the cloaking and still managing to fall down before hopping up and continuing to walk.

With a expression of disgust she stares at the two before her as she waves her rifle at them both "You off-worlders never listen to authority do you? Bunch of know what? I don't have time for this. Neither of you are that big a threat." Waving her rifle barrel off in the direction of the nearest road Lydia says in an annoyed tone while starting to walk around the droid "J-Just get out of my AO? I have bigger issues to deal with. Roads about sixty meters through there. Follow it until you hit the city. Register those weapons soon as possible too..."

Holstering her rifle on her hip armor Lydia places her hand to her helmet "Command, two of the intruders are non-valid. Both using old tech it seems. Requesting updated vector to that large group."

That does it. While the Ranger have been thankful for surviving the encounters with all those android and cyborg folk, he wasn't letting being underestimated ever again while being on this planet.
If someone would point their guns first, it was going to be him. If someone would shoot first, it was going to be him.
If someone would get their <beep> done, it was going to be him.

"... <beep> your authority, you <beep>. Mind your tongue or you might get shot." -- He yelled towards the girl clad in thick armor, still pointing his inoffensive looking Revolver towards her.
Tilting his head sideways CD, still pondering on what to call him. "... And you'd better leave her be. You'd better focus on whatever objectives you have in your programming."

"Yes, my style of dress is...unusual" Nirix added, glancing down at her choice of clothing. Her attire consisted of leathers and specialized cloth built to work with her cloaking device and for the humid climate of the Jungle on this planet. Nirix required no cybernetic suit or armour, she was nothing but a traditionalist and stuck to more older fashions of stealth than relying on most forms of cybernetics that "newer" assassins and freelancers tried this days.

"Very observant, Da'len." She cracked a small smile before noticing the airborne card being thrown in their direction. Swiftly, Nirix caught it before examining it thoroughly. A basic credit card yet obviously it did not belong to either of them for Nirix wasn't one to really carry one and her companion didn't seem like he owned too much money-
"Da'len, is this yours?" Nirix raised a single eyebrow, lavender eyes keeping a steady gaze on Kete.
"Or did you resort to other means to get this?"

Thievery wasn't a great way to make something of yourself in the Eoclu's book but then again, Nirix lived in the world of shadows and death. Still, Kete was young in her eyes and it seemed his race would be put down no matter what they did. Stealing would only hinder and add more bad views against his people and more so him. Though Nirix had no exact say so in his life, she could still give him a chance...

The droid turned to the Ranger "Currently my programmings include Survivor Rescue, Intelligence Gathering, Elimination Of All Hostiles, Relentless Sarcasm, and... Birthday Parties" the droid put its metal hand against it's face plate "My apologies, that last one was meant to be Assassination Protocols" the droid said replacing it's weapon in the holster on it's back "I am a simple combat droid produced to deal with major threats to my creators and allies. Anything less and I am useless and/or forbidden from. Several of my models were built, I am the only one remaining from the crash site of old Progenitor Technology you would call 'Relics' today" The droid entered back into his usual decommissioned mode where he would follow whom ever had either purchased and or found him.

Raising an eyebrow under his mask, the Ranger wondered what kinds of 'secrets' the Droid would unveil if further tampered with. The thought was enough for him to consider destroying CD in a not-so-far future, after all, the Ranger from many, do know what kind of potential any 'ancient' piece of technology or architecture bears,
Clenching his hand over the small bump on a purse under his carbon-fiber cloak, the Ranger merely nodded towards the robot, as he slowly backed away from the cyborg-like girl...

"Let's get the hell out of here..." -- He tilted towards CD again. "I'm losing time, 'gotta repair my equipment."

Lydia stares at the Ranger for several moments before looking at CD, her tone becoming more business like and adopting a straighter body posture as she continues to speak into her radio "Command, new information has been received. The construct is Relic related, repeat, Construct is Relic related. Changing operation parameters according to SOP."

Waving at CD with her shield, Lydia says in a script like manner "Under Special article nine sub-section fifteen of the Unified System Alliance charter, I'm going to kindly ask that you come with me. There are a number of people that would be very interested in speaking with you. Please continue on the route I describe. There will be someone waiting for you outside the jungle." Her left arm moved rapidly as she spoke, pointing her to be one of Those people that talked with their hands and mouth "I'll join you shortly. Just need to speak with your friend here privately first about the situation. Since he was with you at initial contact, under Article nine I have to label him as your finder for...fair compensation. We'll catch up to you." even as she spoke though, her right hand moved from her helmet down to rest on her hip just above her rifle. Truthfully Lydia couldn't remember the number of times she had given this kind of speech or the 'fair compensations".

Several meters to the front of Kallenger, the roar of old turbine engines and distinct electrical arcing sound of a vehicle decloaking herald the appearance of a large tilt-rotor craft. Hovering briefly after it's slightly dramatic arrival two large and heavily armored twin girls drop onto the road directly in front of her, shields raised defensively as the tilt-rotor pulls up and away, recloaking as it does. One of the girls call out "Unified System Alliance, fifth SOG. You are in a restricted area. Remove any weapons on your person and get on the ground with your hands on your head!"

[~~Psst~~ ~~Psst~~ ~~Psst~~, you can make an horizontal line placing five dashes in a row.]

Things just couldn't get worse by now. Not only he was stranded on a planet with his gunship severely damage, but the Ranger were stuck with a bunch of law-grubbing, stubborn folk armed to the teeth like some kind of full scale war just blew up. It was just a damn scouting mission in search of Earth, what could've possible gone wrong?
Maybe he was just a trouble magnet, after all.

Sighing heavily with frustration, the Masked Man placed a hand on his hip, frantically shaking his leg under the powerlessness he was tangled on. With no EMP equipment or high payload weaponry, there was no possible way he could take on those guys... Specially the heavily armored cyborg.

He wasn't going down alone if guns went blazing, however. With some, innocent looking, tampering on his hand-held device, the Ranger managed to arm a 1K Petajoule artifact inside his fighter, ready to stealthly unleash it's contents in case his vital signs suddenly stopped.

"... What do you want?!" - He yelled back to Asimov, suddenly turning back to her. Hopefully no mega atomic device had to be detonated...


The droid stood in silence for a mere moment, gazing at Asimov "My construct denies me from following your order, after all, you did just point loaded weaponry towards me, that shows signs of possible hostility" he said and turned back towards Ranger and threw him an old data-chip "That has what you were looking for Ranger, you have no further need of my assistance, Bravo is my given title if you were wondering CD-407 Bravo" he said pulling out his pulse rifle and facing Asimov "For the Empire!" he said and raised his loaded weapon preparing to open fire on Asimov.

Kallenger’s men were far from invincible. After all, they were only men, after all. Men who were armed with the highest technology that the Galactic Empire had in its possession (which was pretty high!) and who had been training all their lives for the job they had now. Certainly they gave off the illusion of invincibility, given the dampening boots which allowed them to walk silently, the highly advanced EM detectors that could pick up traces of life from a hundred yards. The furiously rapid firing and accurate rifles they held, the titanium-petrostanium armor that was virtually impenetrable to most projectiles. No, they were not invincible – but they were certainly good at what they did.

It was the technological advantage that led to Agent 4/20 switching off his communicator – making so that anything he said would be heard only by him – and silently moving to the boy who thought he could sneak up on a stealth-shock team. But he did not have his weapon raised – he simply approached him from behind, and tapped him on the shoulder, leaning in close. Then he held a finger to his mouth, indicating that the boy would be better off keeping quiet.

The helmet’s pitch-black visor hid the man’s eyes, giving him a vague resemblance to Robocop, but in matte black.
“Hey, just a heads up, Boss is pretty pissed off right now. She’ll probably order us to shoot you on sight if anyone else notices you. So, like, I know she’s kind of a bitch, but I’d /really/ suggest you don’t try to screw with her, okay?”
He seemed about to say something else in relatively good nature, when gunfire rang out from somewhere down the road. The sound of a great number of highly automatic rifles all discharging at once. His head snapped to that direction. He cussed under his breath, and then glanced back to the boy. “Get out of here.” He ordered, much more forcefully than before – if Christofer protested, Agent 4/20 would deliver a harsh blow of the butt of his rifle into the kid’s gut, then switch his comms back on and sprint silently toward the commotion...

Kallenger had been walking down the path, with only a single soldier on either side of her. The remainder of them were hidden in the jungle brush, alert like foxes and ready to strike at a moment’s notice to protect their leader. She had ignored the strange, blue creature as it went shooting by her to disappear ‘round the bend.
Agent Royanna Kallenger, admittedly, did not appreciate when /other/ people made a dramatic entrance – particularly since it seemed most people could pull it off better than she. Of course, her lifetime of training had been for efficiency and combat effectiveness, not dramatic entrance.
Still, she was in a very foul mood now. When the two armored girls dropped from their craft she appeared entirely unphased. By the time they got to the word “System”, Kallenger was already ordering, nonchalantly and frankly in a low voice, as though she was quite fed up with them already – sure, her arrogance was a factor in the decision, but she /did/ have a sizable force to back it up, and she clearly did not have the patience for another distraction from her mission.
As such, by the time the girls had gotten to the latter half of the word “Alliance”, an incredible hail of bullets would descend upon them from all directions, as the well-concealed soldiers in the surrounding jungle all trained their weapons on the two targets. The men beside Kallenger opened fire as well of course – hopefully (for them, anyway) her jump-the-gun order would catch the enemies somewhat off guard and make the attack more successful.
The bullets, specially designed for combating a creature capable of incredibly powerful electronic manipulation, released small EMP fields upon impact, rendering most energy shields useless. (They would largely interfere with or disable any electronic devices as well, however many of the systems that soldiers might use were no longer electronically operated, so this effect would only be really useful on older tech.) The EMP release had the dual effect of a generation of great heat, which would improve their penetrating power – not perfect, but very good.

Unless something stopped them, the soldiers would keep firing until the targets went down.

Kete have a half-prideful smile. Easily complimented, he was usually happy to accept most commendations, even little ones. Sure, it wasn’t exactly difficult to see that this woman was not dressed like most others on this world – it occurred to him rather suddenly that he was being complimented for pointing out something pretty obvious, and it was at that moment that the smile faded to a half-frown of mild disapproval. So mild in fact that it likely meant nothing at all, but still…she…she thought he was a kid, didn’t she?
The idea irked Kete – he suddenly wanted to protest the point! But then, he knew that this perception could possibly be in his head alone, oversensitivity to the issue – it’d happened before. Plus, if she /did/ think he was a kid, it would make him that much more harmless, and harmless was good. Very good.

And then a credit card fell out of the sky and into the Eoclu’s hand. Kete winced at the sight of it. Drat.

That guy again, with the cloaking device and the creepy android! Why, /why/ could he not see him?! Why was there a fuzziness in the back of his head making all his typically natural operations seem labored and ineffective? No matter. There was another hole to dig himself out of.

Standing on his toes for a moment as they walked down the sidewalk, he peered at the card. “Nope.” He said, plainly. “My name’s not ‘Bogardt Henry’- hey, wait a sec!” Suddenly he looked offended. Whether this offense was genuine or not? Difficult to tell – but in reality it was, like his best lies, half-genuine. He was much more offended at this new presumed assumption of his age than at the idea that he might have stolen a card that he, well, actually did steal. But she didn’t have to know that.

It wasn’t the white hot anger that one might associate with a real insult, but he did look mildly offended nonetheless. “Just ‘cause I’m a halfie doesn’t mean I go around stealing stuff! I mean, I know that’s just what halfies /do/, but…” Okay, maybe he held some legitimate resentment toward his own kind. “But – where’d that even come from? What’d make you think it’s mine? It’s not.”
Gah. Too heavy! Lay off. Insistence like that never gets you anywhere, idiot.
Hopefully the half-feigned offendedness would redirect the issue?

“Which one did you say it was?”
“Two of four. The one orbiting that dwarf star off in Beta-west-7.”
“Well it’s good to see its working, if nothing else.”
“’Course it’s working, Ael. Everything you do always works out.”
“Keep stroking my ego like that and I’ll have to get violent again.”
“Oooh, so scared~”
“Really though – I didn’t think that electromagnetic field trick would work. “
“Yep. Every ship that enters the atmosphere’s got zero chance of leaving. It’s like a bug-catcher for gullible adventurers!”
“Hah. All these years, it still amazes me what people will go through to find that Pale Blue Dot. What /really/ surprises me though is, well, why would the /actual Earth/ be /named/ Earth? It’s a lost planet, for all intents and purposes it doesn’t exist. It’s obviously not going to be a planet that millions of people live on, trading with other worlds. And with /four/ planets in the Galaxy going by the name “Earth” what makes them think it could possibly be /this/ one I couldn’t begin to guess.”
“True, but it’s been a really long time, Ael. It’s probably changed a whole lot since…”
“Since we were there? Don’t start getting sentimental on me, Alex.”
“Me, sentimental? Never.”
“Get over here.”

The boy held onto his hood, keeping it over his head while sneaking, moving after the group. They weren't moving on the exact path he had come from, but he already seemed to be familiar with the flora, moving amongst it rather naturally. It almost felt to him like he'd have been seeing such greenery for a few years, although it didn't exactly resemble the kind that you'd find in Germany...

As he was sneaking, he could feel that someone was following him; the leaves were rustling faintly. His sences seemed to be a bit more active than they usually were. He turned just as the man was about to poke him and varyingly jumped backwards, taking a defencive stance, not sure whether to snarl at the man or not. They seemed harmless enough for him to not start snarling, he wasn't fully going to trust them though...

"Stay back." Not that saying that would really have any effects. If the one dressed in black wanted to move, they would move. Christofer might not really be able to accomplish a lot anyway, it probably wouldn't end nicely

When the shooting started, the boy held over his ears. It sounded like they would have been shooting right next to his ears. Normally he wouldn't give two craps about the shooting, but now his ears were hurting more than usually...

"What is her deal anyway!? Why is she like that?"
Not too long after would the rifles other end meet with its target, the pain in his ears hindering his performance just enough for the more better armed person to land a hit. Yelping due to it, he'd fall back, covering the new hurting spot all the while trying to manage with his ears. Knees could catch his fall, things were not going well.

The Ranger would keep a response from the cyborg if his thoughts weren't interrupted by the sudden storm-like roar that dozens of guns discharged nearby. That Kallenger woman or whoever she was must've finally found her target... Or not. Anyway, he wasn't laying low so easily. Whatever conflict that was growing had already broke out and only in hell the Mad Ranger were staying in some sort of Alien Crossfire.

He would take one of his EMP's grenades and throw right at Asimov... If he had one.
Instead, the Ranger somehow managed to execute a backward leap in the air, guns blazing at Asimov with eagle-eye precision, surprisingly with none of the Hyper Accelerated Tungsten projectiles managing to hit his robotic friend. He was completely safe from the deadly "storm".
Less caring if the bullets did or did not affect the mech-lady, the Ranger milked the worst he could from his Petroleum Compounds Powered Jet Soles, managing to leap at incredible speeds over the dense jungle, not to mention the fiery flashes also igniting a good part of the plant nearby.

The gunship would probably be destroyed in the scuffle... And it was better that it wouldn't.


Nirix's mouth twitched to a half smirk, her amusement at his smug demeanor dying down once she noticed it changing to one of offense. Offense, Nirix had offended him? Taking the route of appeasement, The Eoclu gave a low bow.
"Ir Abelas, I am sorry and hope you forgive me for my mistake" Nirix offered in apology. "However I was not referring to your race, Da'len" She quickly added. What Nirix was actually trying to do, was get more subtle information about the Half-breed. She already knew is name, but to randomly call him by such without him telling her was not proper in her culture. For now, Nirix would have to stick to calling him Da'len until further notice.

"You are one with Shadows, following the Vir Banal'ras, way of shadows" She explained with a tilt of her head. A small smile colored her features before she spoke again.
"You followed me to the Maxsoni towers, a person of interest. Next, you observe others around you; their actions and way of dress, then you manipulate your words to make it seem like you know what you are talking about." Nirix looked at the Half breed next to her, trying to gauge his reaction before letting a small chuckle escape her lips.

"You would either be a good thief or a great spy from where I come from," Nirix explained her observations to Kete. "Though I have assumed too much from you. Tis nothing but a thought and I am sorry once again if I have offended you."

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