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The sky was dark with rain, the wall and streets were teaming with soldiers, many of which never held a weapon in their life. This is what has become of the great walled city of Covecroft, once a place where men, demon, and all other sentient beings would go for refuge and a new life. Now it has been taken over by the high king Auberon.

The Great kingdom Groehan has been plunged into war with the Paralogers, an ancient race of draconian origin that resemble a mix of Orc and giant. The fighting has yet to begin but armies of kobalts and goblins, the Paraloger minions of choice, gather at the borders of Groehan. Just within the border lies Covecroft.

Tents littered what once was the city square, men in armor huddle by fires, trying to escape the chill of the rain do not notice that which lingers in the darkness nearby. Xenon slowly slips out of the storm drain, careful not to alert the guards. Slipping through the alley she soon came upon a medium sized road, the other side of which was a tavern that glowed with firelight. It was called the Drunken Theif and was known to house those that most inns would turn away. The door opened and a drunk man was tossed into the street. As the door closed again, muffling the sounds of congratulations towards the thrower, the drunken man brushed himself off and walked away.

The road clear, Xenon Creeped accross to sit behind the tavern. She scratched the door. The owner of the tavern was a good man and often gave her meat.

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As the rain continued to fall and the veil of darkness shrouding movement, he found it very easy to maneuver within the darkness. The male hugged the darkness, taking in the sights of soldiers, fire and tents fastened down to prevent blowing away in the wind. This was humorous. Many of these people didn't even seem to be able to fight from what he could see. Was there a war about to ensue? It seemed as if farmers were told to fight in place of real men. Whatever the case, it mattered none to him.

Shrugging, the male continued through the darkness, his immense black tattered cloak keeping him hidden against the majority. This place, it conveyed huge quantities of turmoil. He could sense it throughout his being. Fear, rage, doubt, despair. They all collided against one another which caused him to smirk. He loved it, feeling these pitiful humans uneasiness. Careful not to raise any alarm, the male strode through blind spots, feeling the ground through his bare feet. It was a few moments before he caught scent of meat and alcohol. Making a decision, the mysterious shrouded male made his way toward it, finding it not to be too far off.

"The Drunken" the male said in a deep yet rich voice, giving off the subtle accent of being not from this land. Through his cloak, he thought he saw the figure of someone making their way behind the tavern. Shrugging this off, the male walked up the wooden steps, his feet giving off resounding echos against the wet wood until he parted the door to be welcomed with an overwhelming blast of smoke and heat. Pulling back his hood and stepping in, he revealed his features; an olive complexion with short jet black hair plagued his head falling just before his crimson feral eyes. Some of the customers cocked their heads toward him, taking in his features and immense black cloak before returning their gazes back to their conversations.

" this the best this country has to offer?" the male said to himself before being greeted by what seemed to be a waiter.

"Good evening, could I help you sir?"

"Yea...find me a secluded place." he said, eyeing him coldly as he was escorted toward the back.

On the rooftops during this dreary night a figure gracefully glided across them. Stopping just beside the tavern, golden eyes glowed through the darkness slightly. They watched the humans below with curiosity, the figures head tilting slightly, moving closer to get a better look. They remained hidden in the shadows, watching quietly, wondering what the humans were up to now.

The figure slowly removed the hood of their cloak, revealing a young woman who had two canine like ears sprouting from her long jet black hair. On each of her cheeks were three lines that sort of resembled whiskers on her porcelain skin. Nine regal white tails exposed themselves from her cloak, twitching about curiously as her ears pointed forward to listen.

She listened as they spoke, most of the men sounding terrified about what they might face. A noise in the small alley beside her caught her attention and she glanced down curiously, seeing an odd looking creature carefully making it's way behind the tavern. She tilted her head again curiously, wondering what on earth the creature was, it was unlike anything she had seen before. Then again she had been locked up for over five hundred years, and everything had changed. She moved silently, following the creature as it made it's way behind the tavern.

In a flash a man appeared in the center of the town, wind whipping through the town just before he appeared. He stood there, unfazed by his sudden appearance as he stared out at the humans that ran about the town as if preparing for a war. Inhaling, he let the smoke from his cigar fill his lungs as his golden eyes kept a careful eye on the humans that circled around. He looked a little out of place there, his neat ponytail and carefully ironed suit set him apart from the numerous farmers and dirty warriors.
Rolling his eyes at his filth he inhaled, taking in the smells of the town. Out of all of the smells a few stuck out; Meat, alcohol and a few other demons.

"I will search for a suitable home, Master. Please make yourself comfortable."A soft cheerful voice spoke, soft and wispy as it disappeared with the wind the man had arrived in. The man only sighed, making his way toward the smell of the alcohol when the scent of a certain demon caught his attention. Stopping dead in his tracks, the man wrinkled his brow as he stared at the bar. Of all the people to be in this town, it had to be him. Making his way into the bar, he swung the door open as he stared down the demon at the counter. His gold eyes met the crimson eyes of the man before him as he wrinkled his nose down at the fox demon before him.

"You... What are you doing here?"he growled, glaring at the man.

Xenon froze, the wind didn't change and the rain made it faint, but she had been on the surface world too long to be fooled , there was more demons. Nearby and many. She sniffed at the bottom of the tavern door, smelling two, but there was another, she did not know where, nor who, but they weren't in the tavern. The sounds within told all. The owner would not be out soon. She whimpered, a small slit appeared near the middle of her face. Turning her back towards the adjacent building she began to creep towards the darkness, her antennae twitched fearfully. Demons didn't like her, those who cared in such matters saw her as the equivalent of an escaped slave. Smaller demons were the more often problem but sometimes major ones went after her too. Leaning forward further her claws touched the ground, ready to run or ready to fight. Whatever it came to she feared having to relocate again.

Ahri tilted her head, watching the strange creature grow alarmed and recede back to the shadows. She frowned slightly, crawling to the edge of the roof and looking down, a curious look on her face. She watched as an antennae twitched erratically, her eyes moving with each twitch, watching it closely.

She had smelled the other demons, and had been on a quest to find them. Her curiousness getting the better of her though, completely consumed in this new creature and forgetting the demons she had smelled. It had been ages since she had seen or even smelled another demon, she was hoping to get caught up on things in this current time. When she had returned home from her confinement her kind was no longer there, no sign of anything even residing there before. She wondered what happened to her kind, or any other demon, it seemed like her kind had grown scarce.

She looked down at the creature, frowning as it slowly crept away cautiously. She wondered if the creature knew anything, or even spoke. She hopped down off the roof, staying out of sight from the humans. She then slowly crept in the darkness, getting closer to the creature.

Just as he was making his way toward the back, he stopped, his cloak fluttering slightly against him. Demons...and they were close. Trailing his gaze back towards the door, the waiter stopped and stared at him from behind. He heard the sigh, though not caring. Apparently this man was annoyed that he had such a weird customer. The demon wrinkled his nose and narrowed his eyes...this scent. It was him. Growling to himself, he watched as the male entered through the doors, his golden hues meeting his own. From under his cloak, the male balled his fists and felt his demonic pressure rise from within his being.

"Tch, last I checked, I wasn't bound by you in any sort of way. Besides, your sister is kind of looking for you." the male said in a cold condescending tone. People within the tavern looked over towards them, wondering if there was going to be another fight. Words of wager ensued, placing their bets on the two men. He didn't like it. His growls got slightly deeper as crimson energy began to flow throughout his being. All he wanted was to be left alone, and to think that this asshole was standing in his way for relaxation.
"Now...if you don't mind...GET THE FUCK OUT!!!" the male shrouded in male roared, expelling the demonic energy that had gathered around him. The people who were rooting for a fight were now shrieking in pain from the sudden burst of pressure the male emitted. The ground under his feet concaved and frayed his short black hair as if he was in the middle of a great storm.

The intensity of the man's glare penetrated into the demon before him. He couldn't stand him in the least, and yet the man stood before him demanding that he leave. This traitor to his own kind, demanding something of him. Normally, he had a good amount of patience but when it came to his sister he snapped easily and this man.... He had defiled her.

"Good. I prefer it that way. If you weren't associated with either of us that would be great."the man said, hatred deep into his eyes as he stared down the demon. It wasn't long after Sei let his energy loose that Sam did as well. His lip curled upwards, bearing his teeth as shot his energy right back and watched the two colors slash against each other.

"Now shut the fuck up. I don't take orders from a turncoat who would stab his own master in the back."Sam yelled back, stepping forward towards the demon before him with a confronting glare.

The walls of the tavern were sturdy and let nothing more then a bit of light creaking show the chaos inside. Even if the tavern had burst into pieces it would not have taken Xenon's eyes off of the demon that approached her.

The slit in her face grew larger, almost slitting her face in half, and she let loose a low mix between growling and whimpering. She felt the demon before she saw her, but didn't run. Instead she shuffled lightly and backed away an inch or two, but didn't run. Her curiousity got the best of her.

A memory, blurred beyond comprehension show itself in the back of her mind. It was no more then shapes and ideas, an idea that proved that curiosity had been her advisary for a long time. This demon in particular was unlike any demon she had seen before. She wasn't even quite sure that it was. As the demon came closer more things became clear. It was female, humanoid based, and had nine foxlike tails. Xenon couldn't see her face but she began to doubt aggression.

She stopped backing away, opening her "mouth" she half mumbled half growled. Those with trained ears would hear almost a faint " who?". It was as close to speach as she could muster, and even that was rough and hard to comprehend.

Ahri had frozen in her tracks, turning to the bar for a second when she felt a burst of energy. She tilted her head again, when she heard a faint 'who?' turning her gaze back to the creature. She watched as it growled and whimpered at the same time, obviously afraid of her. She frowned slightly, not wanting to scare the creature who seemed to be able to communicate some. "One was just wondering what you are." She whispered softly, her voice was soft like velvet. "Ahri has never seen one like you before, Ahri was curious, don't be scared. Ahri means no harm." She said, moving a little closer to the creature so it could see her clearly.

Her gaze went back to the bar as she continued to feel the energy grow inside. Her attention was being drawn towards two different things, she couldn't decide which to investigate. "One has been locked away for ages, and is confused." she whispered, turning back the the creature. Her golden eyes glowing some in the darkness, as they focused themselves on the creature. "Ahri just wants a friend." She smiled, her canine like fangs poking from her lips as she smiled.

"Turncoat you say?" the male snarled, feeling the air ripple against his being from the sudden clash. He knew that he couldn't keep the streams of energy up for long, especially with his limiters on, and the fact he named his master. He wasn't about to let that slide. "Big words coming from a kid who turned tail from his own sister." he demon snarled. He hated the being in front of him with such a passion he could swear he felt his blood set on fire.

People who were once betting on them were not laying on the ground, blasted away from their energy and staring at them with fear. Some were scurrying toward the back, away from the two opposing forces, knowing their lives depended on it. Deciding not to strike out again, he coated himself in his aura that spiraled upwards. Wind kicked up before it his energy condensed and outlined hiss body, hoping that this would stop the brunt of Sam's attacks if he decided to.

"Yes, Turncoat. Though its a mild term in comparison to what you had done."he said, his venomous words dripping with anger as he spoke.
Red flashed in the man's golden eyes as he stared down the demon. The hatred that he had for this man boiled in his veins, and it didn't seem to help when he mentioned his sister once more. A low growl erupted from his mouth as his eyes narrowed, staring down the man he had grown to hate so much. It was ironic knowing that he had to join sides with this monster.
"You know nothing of her. How dare you even speak of her!" he yelled, his face twisting with anger. As he did this, the room slowly became to become cold as if the heat had been sucked out of the place. The humans that cowered against the walls exhaled seeing their own breath puff out before them in a frosty cloud.
"She lowers herself associating with your kind... Though that won't be too much of a problem for long, those that search for you will come to run across you soon."he said, smirking as he stared deep into the demon's eyes.

The energy emitting from the tavern was beginning to take hold of Xenon's attention as well. She was glancing back and forth between the tavern and Ahri. Ice began to creep beneath the doorway. Xenon heard a voice and turned again to the demon. She listened intently, growing more and more at ease.

A friend? No one has ever asked to become my friend, especially a demon but...
Xenon exited herself as she thought. Her antennae relaxed and she tilted back onto her hind legs, coming face to face with Ahri. She tilted her head, opening her mouth wide in an almost gruesome smile. Her voice again came out as more of a growl then a voice.
"Ahri, Friend?"

Ahri watched as the creature was becoming distracted by the tavern too, she was beginning to grow more curious herself. Such raw power was coming from inside the tavern, these weren't lower class demons. She looked at the creature who looked up at her questioningly, and smiled as she just barely caught what the creature was saying. "Yes, Ahri is friend!"

She frowned slightly when she felt another source of energy join the other one, glancing towards the tavern again. Her curiosity was getting the best of her again, "Ahri be right back.." she said softly, she crept towards the door, making sure no human saw her since she was exposed with her tail and ears. When she got to the door she gently placed her hand on the handle of the door, turning it slightly. She was being cautious, not sure what was on the other side of this door.

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