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Hi people!
I thought we could play a little game of "you know you're a/in... When...".
The game is supposed to be around your nationality and the town/city/country you live in! I was hoping we might have a little fun with it :)

Here's an example: "you know you're a Dane, when you give people weird looks for talking to you on the bus."

So, I hope the "rules" are clear and you guys will join in!

I'll start with this:
"You know you're from Copenhagen, when you bike through the central city, while you're eating a kradser and trying not to hit pedestrians."

You know you're a Dane, when you don't get why people freak out over stepping on a Lego brick

You know you're a Pole, when wearing sandals and socks at the same time is fashionable.

You know youre a rhode islander when people give you a weird look for saying your drinking coffee milk


You know you're a Dane if you try to stand as far away from other people at the bus stop/train station as possible.

You know you're Scottish when ye cannae shove yer granny aff a bus.

You know youin Georgia when you see kids get excited when there's snow

You know you're in Denmark when the train and bus service lose it because of the snow that comes every single year...

You know you're in Australia when the weather conditions are crazy: One minute it's got that Summer heat (Despite it being Spring), then it somehow spits out Cyclones and Floods like it's nothing, before going back to Winter pretty much, then gets its Summer heat back, and so on.

You know you're in Poland when old ladies on the bus stop reminisce the "good ol' times" of communism...

You know you're in new England (USA) when if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes. There's a reason we all carry a winter jacket, umbrella, windbreaker, sunscreen and an ice scrapper in our cars.

You know you are in Copenhagen when you can have a blizzard for two days straight, and there's no snow on the ground afterwards.

You know you're in Alabama when one day goes from 89 degrees, and the next day it's under 55. And then immediately after a computer flies out of a window and smashes your car's windshield.

Hmm... You know you're in Alabama when all the best shops and places are in the CENTER of the state. XD

You know you're in Washington when there is a Starbucks across a street from a Starbucks.

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