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Nekos are a special breed of people...They are part cat and part human. A specific Neko has gray hair, silver ears, and black eyes. Her tail is silver as well... Her name is Moon. She wears a necklace with a cat charm on it and the cat charm has a moon engraved on the back...This is Moon's Story.......

Moon jumps from tree to tree...

Somewhere not too far away from Moon's current location, there was a woman, dressed in rather normal and drab clothes, sitting with her back against the tree, resting. The woman has traveled quite a distance away from her home on her vacation as she was given it because her boss also given some vacation time (Not by choice mind you since there was nothing for him to do at the moment). After resting for a while, she opens up her big traveling bag as she takes out a small white box before closing up her bag. Her eyes lit up while she smiles brightly as she places the box in from of her lap, acting very eager to open it. What made her so happy and excited? Once she opened the white box, inside contained a slice of a very delicious and decorative cake on a beautifully designed saucer. You see, the small white box is actually a refrigerator with plates of magical ice on all six of its sides to keep things nice and cold inside.

"I have been looking forward to eating this cake, and since I'm here where no one is around, I can enjoy it peace." said the woman very happily

The woman then starts to pray for a bit before starting to eat the cake.

Moon seems to jump into a tree with a women directly beneath it...She stares at the woman...She has something...

The woman, oblivious to Moon's presence above her, finish up saying her prayers as she then grabs a fork and knife from her bag for saying...

"Thank you for the food~!" she said so very happily

The woman then cuts out one small section of the cake as she then eats it.

"Delicious~! I admit that I wasn't expecting too much of the cake that I've made when I followed a different kind of recipe, but this turned out greater than I imagined. I might as well consider buttermilk cream and cinnamon to be my new favorite flavor now." said the woman

The woman continues to eat her cake, nice and slowly, still continuing to enjoy every moment of it, and without anyone to bother her.

Moon accidentally creaks on the branch... ~Whoops...~ She thinks to herself.

The woman was greatly started so much by Moon's creaking the branch that she couldn't help but to make her cake fly a bit in the air. Prioritizing the cake before anything else, she quickly grabs it with two hands before it touches the ground.

*Whew* "Thank goodness I managed to catch it just in time... That really surprised me when that branch just suddenly started creaking like that. I'm sure it's nothing, but maybe a large bird?" said the woman

The woman then promptly returns back into sitting spot as she then resumes to eat the cake again.

"Nope. I'm no bird." She says as she looks at the woman from above.

The woman was startled again when she heard Moon's voice, but this time she didn't make her cake fly off of her lap as she then looks up to see Moon above her.

"Oh it's a Neko on top of a tree. How do you do?" said the woman

"I'm fine. What are you doing here? I haven't seen you here before..."

"Oh, I'm just on a little vacation away from home. My Master was forced to take a little vacation as there wasn't any new work for him, so I was also forced to do the same. He did say that it's going to be likely a month before we can get more work, so he decided to let me go out and enjoy the lands for the time-being. How about you, miss? Why are you here?" said the woman

"I live here." She says.

"Around here? But there's nothing much around here is there? You do live in a house do you?" asked the woman, not realizing that she asked so many questions

"No I don't live in a house...The trees are my home."

"Poor thing, what will happen to you when it rains or snows? Not all trees can protect you against every type of weather." said the woman

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