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Senka stiffened when Jacuzzi caught the blade."Seeing is how you were hurt last time,I wanna help."The scar on her left shoulder was starting to pound.

Jacuzzi froze and looked at her, debating wether or not he should allow her to stay.
"I.. I cant let you," he said a little hesitantly.

"Why not?I've survived a sword impaling me in the heart before."Senka looked at Jacuzzi with her green eyes."I wanna help the best I can."

"This is my battle. I just cant let someone else get hurt for whats my fault. By the way.. The name is Jacuzzi. You know just letting you know in case i die," he smiles a little, trieing to lighten up the mood.
He started to push her up the metal ladder as he turned around to face the demons.
"Go! I will be right behind you," he looked at her as he took the scythe off his back.

Senka looked at Jacuzzi,then looked up the ladder.She vanished from the spot she was standing and reappeared at the top where the ladder,not wanting to go any farther.She closed her eyes and vanished to the top of the building.

The first demon came around the corner and charged stright at Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi smirked and hammered the blade into the demons head, blood staining the concrete. He quickly removed his scythe before the demon could heal, Jacuzzi turned and started to climb the ladder. He placed his Scythe on his back comfortably and slightly struggled getting up the ladder.
The pain started to come back to him. He took a deep breath and summoned up lots of energy before climbing quickly to the top of the ladder. The demon from before jumped up and grabbed onto his cloak. Jacuzzi quickly untied his cloak, letting the demon fall with his cloak.
Quickly he clambered over the top of the ladder to the roof and flopped onto his back. Breathing heavily, he looked around quickly for Senka.

Senka ran over to Jacuzzi."You okay?"Senka winced and rubbed her shoulder,her scar pulsing with pain.Senka ignored the pain and looked at Jacuzzi.

He smiled when he saw her then a slight worried look appeared in his eyes, sensing her pain. Quickly he stumbled into standing position and looked at her.
"No. Are YOU ok?" his voice slightly edged with worry.
He quickly looked her up and down, looking for blood or an injury.

"It's nothing you need to worry about."Senka winced as pain shot through the scar on her shoulder.She took off her hood and glanced at her left arm.It was covered in black veins.

Jacuzzi quickly realized he was showing some emotion to Senka and quickly stuffed the emotion away.
"Whats with the black veins? Are you sure your ok?" he asked in a slightly worried tone.

Senka looked at Jacuzzi then back down at her arm."The black veins are from poison I've had in me ever since I was ten."Senka rubbed her left shoulder."It must be reacting to the demons that came at you."

He winced as the pain came back to him but he ignored it as he heard the demons trieing to get up to the roof of the building.
"Come on then. We have to get away from here, for your sake and mine," he grabbed her arm that wasnt hurting. He pulled her along as he ran across the roof, coming to a dead end as the roof ended. He looked around quickly and saw a trapdoor in the roof. He slammed his foot down on it, making it fall open. He carefully lowered Senka in just before some of the demons made it over the wall and onto the roof. He quickly lowered himself in then quickly shutting the trapdoor. He knew it wouldnt hold so he held it closed with the strength he had left as the demons fought to get their way through.

Senka pulled out a few silver knives and wedged them into the trapdoor so it would stay shut unless the knives were removed."That should hold them off for a while."She took a few deep breaths and looked at Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi was exhausted still from using the second stage of his scythe. But he was more worried about Senka than himself.
"Are you ok, Senka?" he turned to her and asked, while examinging the very small room they were in.

"The poison in my blood won't kill me,it just hurts a lot."Senka closed her eyes."It's one of the reasons I'm hunting my father down.From what I hear,my father has the ability to stop the poison but since he despises me so much and my mother's dead,he's trying to kill me before I kill him."

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