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Senka took off her cloak and looked at Jacuzzi,noticing his eyes were a deep blue.She was wearing a black shirt and black shorts,her pure white hair falling to the middle of her back.Her hair was pushed behind her ears,showing a silver dragon cuff hanging on to her left ear.She looked young,yet her bright green eyes gave her an older appearance."Your eyes look..."Senka's voice trailed off as she blushed.

Jacuzzi cocked his head to the side. "Look like what?" he said noticing her blush.
He smiled and decides not to point out she was blushing. Jacuzzi was wearing a gray shirt with no sleeves. It showed off his arm muscles, which were a pretty good size, his abs showed through his sorta tight shirt. He was wearing long pants that had a few patches in them.
His hands had a few scars on them, but there was a very large, circle scar in the palm of both his hands. He had a very long scar that started at his right shoulder and stopped at his wrist. The scars showed he had been in many battles.

Senka blushed harder."Um... never mind."Her cheeks felt like they were burning as she noticed the scar on Jacuzzi's arm.

He could see Senka blushing harder and decided to have a little fun. He got close to her.
"No come on Senka. Tell me," he whispered, smiling.

Senka blushed harder as Jacuzzi came closer.She swallowed as she stood there."I said never mind."Her voice squeaked slightly so she bit her bottom lip.

"Your embarrased to tell me?" he whispered and stepped a little closer.
Then he smiled and stepped back. He turned and ran his fingers through his hair as he walked into the kitchen.

Senka sighed in relief as she felt the blush on her face go away when Jacuzzi walked away.Never has she blushed so hard in her life and she felt like collapsing on the floor."Why did you do that?"She asked Jacuzzi,her voice trembling slightly.

"Its cute when you blush," Jacuzzi said from the kitchen.
He walked out holding a glass of water. Handing it to Senka he smiled.
"It seems like you need it," he laughed a little.
Then walked over to a closet and got a blanket and pillow for himself.

Senka took a sip of the water."Thanks."Senka watched Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi's arm muscles flexed as took the scythe off his back. He leaned it against the wall then sat close to the fire.
"Feel free to do whatever you want in the house, except rearrange," he smiled. "I like my house the way i first arranged it."

"Okay."Senka took off her swords,her weapon belt,the golden snake armband wrapped around her right arm and the silver dragon ear cuff.She set everything aside and sat next to Jacuzzi but not too close.She stared at the fire and stayed silent.

"What do you think about love?" Jacuzzi asked suddenly. "I mean do you think it would be worth it?" Jacuzzi added.
Jacuzzi was alot older than his looks made him out to be.
"Did you know im half vampire?" he looked at Senka as he said it. "But i dont drink blood. I refuse to. But you see since im half vampire i dont need to drink blood," he explained.
Jacuzzi was trieing to stop the silence between them.

Senka glanced at Jacuzzi."I don't really know much about love to judge it and I don't really mind vampires because it's who you are that matters."She kept her gaze on Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi nodded and looked over at her. The fire flickered in his eyes and he smiled.
"Your a nice girl, Senka." he said quietly.

Senka's eyes seemed to glow a brighter green than usual."Your the first person that has seen this side of me.Other people ignore me or try and kill me because of the oddity of my hair and eyes."

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