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Jean shrugged. "What's the point of trying to cheer up someone who is already going to go thorogh more pain than anyone could think of." She though to herself. "True, it never hurts to try." She smiled at Amethyst.

Amethyst looked at Jean."Your lucky to have someone who cares about you."Amethyst looked at the passing trees."My mom and dad died when I was four and my siblings are afraid of me."

Jean looked at Amethyst. "I don't have any siblings but most likely the same would go for me, but why are your siblings afarid of you?"

"Because I sorta lost my temper in front of them.I don't remember what happened but when I came too,my siblings had a look in their eyes and I could sense the fear."

"Oh, did you ever ask them what you did?"

"I was too afraid to ask them."Amethyst glanced at Jean.

Jean understood somewhat of Amethyst has to deal with. "I would be too, if I lost my temper and went into my devil from infornt of my mother."

Amethyst looked at Jean."I hate my mother because she abandoned me when both her human form and my father died and for making me something I shouldn't be."

"What did she make you that you shouldn't be?"

"First of all,I'm not supposed to be alive.Second,she sealed something inside of me but I'm not sure what it is."

"Wait a minute, why aren't you suppose to be alive?"

"Because I died when I was born because I was human but the dragon blood that was in me made my heart rupture."

"Oh, why do you regert having a second chance to live?"

"Because I became a human dragon when my mother sealed something inside of me to keep me alive.I wasn't a human with dragon blood,I was a dragon with human blood."

"But eihter way your a half dragon, half human, right? I know I'm half devil, half human."

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > A Devil Child's pain