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Forums > Art & Creativity > IE Compatibility. Please help?

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Please fix it. IE kills it. There's indebtedness in iyt for you.

Try setting the width in #charheader and #footer to be the same.

Yowza, now that's what I call a custom template.

I don't have time to look into the CSS in-depth just this moment, but I wanted to throw out some compliments in the meanwhile. :D

I don't know anything about this kind of stuff, but I just wanted to say that it looks wonderful.. x)

Looks really good! Only thing that looks off to me, is that the icon is dropped over the links somewhat, and it appears as such in both Firefox and Chrome.

It was really interesting watching your progress with this. I'd click on His every now and then and see how it was coming along.

Which icon? Could you screenshot it for me?

I believe she is referring to the one of CSS Test. The icon of the portrait is barely hanging over the links at the top. Just barely mind you.


It looks pretty crowded and is hanging over some.

Interesting. I don't see that happening in Chrome.

It looks just fine to me in Firefox. It could be rendering different if you use a Mac or an older version of Firefox.

Weeeird. I'm at work right now, so different computer, not Chrome but Firefox and it still looks like that to me. Odd! But if it's only me, nevermind. xD

I'm using Chrome too and it looks exactly like Dylan's showing it.

Using Chrome Build 10.0.648.134

I'm also on a PC on both computers and updated version of Firefox. Pretty sure I have the same version of Chrome as Sanne.

I must say I've the newest updates for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and both portray the exact showing of what Dylan has submitted. I am not sure why a handful of us are viewing it differently than yourself and Miss Kim.

Ah, browsers. Don't ya just love them?

(Stuff like this is why I'm going to go grey prematurely XD)

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Forums > Art & Creativity > IE Compatibility. Please help?