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Pyre had somewhat expected this, quickly leaping behind the rubble slab as the grenades and shots flared. Talos peeked from his pocket. "I told you they were up to something," he yelled over the noise, "We have to follow them!" Even though the Exo wanted to disagree, he had a feeling that this discovery could benefit the Last City. "Fine," he shouted, "But first we need to find them!" He waited for the smoke to clear before he rose from his spot. As expected, the Fallen were gone, but another figure seemed to watch them from a distance. Before Pyre could find out who or what it was, Talos called him over. He glanced again at the spot, only to find the figure absent. "I've found their tracks," the Ghost explained, "Let's see what they're really up to." "I've got a Deja Vu feeling here." Muttered the Guardian, following his Ghost into the empty streets.

The two fallen once making their way to the subway entrances they stopped to catch their breath. "You know Velkres, if that guardian finds us..." Velkres cast a glare at his brother. "Ikota shut up....lets focus on our goal." The fallen nodded as they turned on the flashlights on their armor and rifles as they proceeded into the tunnels. "So lets review Ikota, The younger fallen said pulling out a small device as they walked through the darkness. "Somewhere hidden in these tunnels is the old world military bunker with what we are looking for right? Ikota gave a nod. "Yeah I believe they disguised it as one of the service stations based off the data we scavenged. But brother I have to ask, how is your....condition?" He asked his little brother. Velkres shuddered looking at his arm thinking back on the incident that was practically the reason why they had to go off radar. "It hasn't gotten worse if that's what your asking. That medication seems to be doing wonders." He said as before stopping due to the path in front of them had caved in. "Just our luck Ikota... He said looking around before spotting what looked like a service tunnel that was gated off along with a chart of the railways. "Actually will you look at that....Ikota try to get that gate open and scan that chart. We can use it to find possible candidates for the bunker Ikota nodded as he went over scanning the chart before starting to work on opening the gate while Velkres kept watch as best as he could in dark tunnel system.

"The tracks lead here," Talos said as he looked into the dark tunnels, "But what could be down there?" "Great, another dark tunnel," Pyre-5 cheered sarcastically, "I think that this time, there's nothing bad down there; no Vex, or Hive or even Fallen. Perfectly safe." He looked at Talos in a scathing manner. "Whatever happened to 'look out, Guardian, there might be danger', or 'I wouldn't go down there if I were you'? Why are you so interested in forsaken Fallen if they have nothing we can go on?" "Hey," Talos replied, "I'm just concerned for the Traveler and the Last City. You remember what happened last time we didn't listen to the warnings given?" The event he spoke of was the Red War, where Dominus Ghaul had taken the Traveler through a surprise attack on the Tower. "Fine," Pyre-5 shot back, "But if we don't find anything, you owe me." They both turned to the tunnel, then trekked down into the blackness, unaware that the figure was still following them from the rooftops.

Velkres yawned as Ikota was working away trying to get the door open. It has been about 10 minutes and still there is sounds of Ikota swearing as he is trying to fiddle with the locking mechanism. "Ikota I thought you was supposed to be good at picking locks," Velkres said sarcastically. Ikota glared back at his little brother. "Velkres with all due respect to your former rank, kindly go stick your head in a furnace. Whoever made this lock clearly didn't want it to be open by the wrong person." He said as suddenly the door finally opens with a audible *click*. Velkres started to walk towards Ikota chuckling. "Then that means we are heading in the right direction." The two walked onward before wandering into one of the large openings and underground bridge. Velkres went up ahead before he spotted something rather concerning. "Ikota, get down! Look." He said as he pointed towards the lower area as there was faint sounds of gunfire and a rather eerie and concerning sound. "That is Cabal gunfire but....what are they fighting..... Ikota wondered when suddenly a Centurion ran out of a tunnel for stories below shooting in a panic when suddenly a black orb struck him. killing the centurion in a small explosion. "Of course it had to be the Taken.... we don't get a break don't we?" Ikota grumbled as Velkres looked back at a the same arm his brother was referencing earlier. He hasn't faced the Taken since the incident. "Taken or Cabal, lets try to avoid engaging them. Let them kill each other. Besides my scanners are picking up a Fallen beacon, It seems to be a old signal so it might be a abandoned outpost. Maybe we can get better gear there." He said as his brother nodded in agreement. Eventually the two reached a small outpost that well....empty in a who ever was the fallen scavenger that was here is probably dead kinda way. "We will rest here and gather some gear. We move out hour."

(that should give you time to catch up to the two brothers :D )

Pyre nearly turned to find out what the commotion above was, but got the gist when the Centurion was killed with the Darkness. "Taken," he groaned, "You would think that with Oryx dead, they would cease to exist, but NOPE! That'd make too much sense." "Now isn't the time for humor," Talos reminded him, "We need to find those Fallen and avoid the Taken if possible. Look, the tracks end down that tunnel." Pyre-5 knew all too well that something (Other than the Taken/Cabal battle outside) was amiss about this, his years as a Guardian giving him experience in situations like this.

((You still there?))

Pyre-5 wrote:
((You still there?))
((yeah sorry bout that))

Velkres sighed as he sat down rebandaging his arm away from any on lookers. Aside from this the two did managed to find some new supplies and armor. Now asides from the boots and pants he wore the two was now wearing the old outdated fallen armor. "Ugh These are clearly from the Devils...." Ikota groaned as he decided swapped out damaged parts of his armor with the armor found here. Just remove the identifying markings off them if it bothers you so the way brother have you been practicing your English at all? Velkres asked as he began reload his fallen handcannon but keeping his human rifle considering the guns they found was in far worse condition. Ikota look up shaking his head. "I still don't understand why I should be learning it as well." The younger fallen chuckled as he was preparing the captain's helmet he found. "Your getting better, but it should be obvious why I'm making you learn brother. If something happens to me then how are you gonna be able to figure things out? Your luck will only get you so far." he said smiling as he donned the helmet to make sure everything was working on it. "So you really think we will find that bunker this way brother? Just imagine how helpful the stuff in there will be to us if the intel we got from those old computers are true."

The banner was the first sign that they were in too deep. "It's one of the Dusk banners," Talos realized right before they realized they were in Dusk territory, "Must have been from a while ago, if they're not around." He looked around for a minute. "We need to get moving if we're going to find those rouge Fallen." He concluded as the two went onward into the dark.

((Is it alright if I introduce a second character? She's another Fallen, but from the House of Dusk/Devils, depending on the time this takes place.))

((go for it man also we kinda established this is after the events of destiny 2 il let you post again cause cause pretty much that is why my guys are doing for a little while))

She hid atop a rooftop, occasionally downing a Taken here or a Cabal there. She enjoyed shooting the helmets off Cabal troops, watching them suffocate without them in the air; it brought her such pleasure. She wasn't concerned of being Taken, as she knew that they would pose no threat from far away. She had noticed two of her kind being chased by a Guardian, following in close suit. She didn't care if the Fallen died, as long as she was the one that found what they were after and wasn't interfered by the Guardian. Batroks watched them enter the tunnels, but stood above ground to have fun in killing. She would follow, just not until she knew the time was right.

Ikota looked back at his brother. "Judging by our findings it there is a good chance it is." Velkres said with a nod as he pulled out his old and mildly torn yellow silken scarf and wrapped it around his neck. "Good. Once we find that we can proceed to get what we can operational. Then maybe finally get in contact with our Baron." He said just as his brother waved shrugged as he started to put on vandal helmet he just found and the put his hood over the helm. "Alright enough English practice. We better keep moving before the guardian catches up" Velkres nodded as he got up although now as he grabbed his rifle another old fallen rifle next to it fell over with a audible clang. "Oh shit!" He said as both fallen raised their weapons making sure nothing rushes out from the darkness in response to the noise. A few moment passed and the two relax. "Velkres I never seen you be the one to make a mistake like that. Did you finally get your growth spurt?" Ikota said chuckling. Velkres was always sensitive over his height dude to some illness or allergy at birth that caused him to be unable to grow taller then 6'4 which is the around the height dreg and humans share so it was rather common for other captains to joke about his stature until they saw how agile he was. The response the fallen got from his brother was one of his more iconic death stares as he loaded his rifle rather slowly staring at him the whole time. "Right...Ikota remind me to smack you later. Lets get moving He said while Ikota was laughing as he followed.

((Yo buddy, still alive?))


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