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Prompt #4 , Alkeira doesn't have world per say but I weird thing she does, if she is trying to court someone to pork. She makes a nest filling it with nice smelling flowers and shiny things. She pretty much is the bird going 'becky let me smash'

Wrapping this round up for the night. I'll be back to post more prompts another day. In the mean time, feel free to answer the ones I posted today!

Thanks everyone for participating! <33

Oh my gosh I can't believe I missed this. What a great idea, Ashley, I'd love to see another of these some time soon!

M'Boy Tonight

Boyce is a late-30's logger who is terrified of vampires--reason being his village was 30 Days of Night'd when he was a young teen. He lives in a world much like our own but over 100 years ago, and with monsters that go bump in the night.

[Prompt #1] Does your character have a type of tic, or bad habit?
  • doesn't speak in full sentences
  • walks away from people in the middle of a conversation when he's done
  • eats about a bulb of garlic in a day (it keeps the monsters away??)
  • does other superstitious stuff local to his own experiences (think like knocking on wood)

[Prompt #2] How does your character handle a relationship, what do they want in a partner?
What he wants: competence, independence, and enough openness to balance his aloofness, since it takes time for him to feel comfortable enough to open up, himself.

What he usually gets are short-term encounters that fizzle after maybe a single hook-up, as he doesn't actively pursue others except for when he's feeling lonely enough to bother with a one-night stand. He doesn't do well with those who don't respect his boundaries, but on the plus side he makes his boundaries very clear. Once someone's proven that they're willing to respect limits, he can be a very easy person to get along with. Skittish stray cat probably identifies his romance style. :I

[Prompt # 3] What would it take to push your character over the edge, temper wise? How bad do they blow when they've reached their limit?
Boyce is a very up-front guy. If something irks him, he removes himself from the situation. If someone oversteps a boundary and walking away isn't an option, he pushes them back and calms down again without holding a grudge. He doesn't often get angry but he does tend towards worse volatility when he's scared... but that's usually a more aggressive version of the above.

[Prompt #4] What is an unusual social practice in your character's world? Whatever you can think of.
Ahhh, Boyce is from around the 1910's in Eastern Canada, and I haven't done enough research to get really fine details about this, but I'm going to say that him living on his own in a part of the country that could suffer from winters that got so frigid is probably pretty unusual. Boyce grew up within a village in the middle of nowhere, so the practice wasn't entirely unfamiliar to him. I tend to plunk him down in settings much closer to our present date, so most of what he does and thinks are somewhat syncopated to what we'd consider 'usual'.

I love him! What good answers. XD

Hopefully I can plan a time for the next round soon. I tend to do a mix of planned and unplanned. I guess I function best on a whim. But there will definitely be more of these!

Rockin! Thanks for stepping up. I've been craving forum game-like threads with more substance.

Ashley wrote:
[Prompt #4] What is an unusual social practice in your character's world? Whatever you can think of. (Examples: Humans wear make-up, eat dinner communally, hug, etc. All things that might be seen as bizarre through an other-worlder's eyes.)

Lycana is a land of werewolves. The land is separated in six territories, or kingdoms. Though human-like, they follow a more wolf like structure of government.

I think I'll be doing another impromptu OC night tonight. Starting in 30 minutes. (9 pm Central USA Time, or 30 minutes from the time I posted this).

:star: OC NIGHT TONIGHT! Starting in 30 minutes. :star:

For anyone not familiar, OC Night is a get together where the host (that's me) posts prompts and guests answer them for their character or headworld. It's very casual, so feel free to jump in at any time! We're not following any kind of posting order.
You can also revisit prompts at any time, they never time out.

-Strokes chin- Actually, it never occurred to me that this could be considered a forum game. I'd always thought of it as an RP discussion. If I'm in the wrong forum, please do let me know!

Alright, lets do the thing. The first part of OC night is sharing a character you're proud of. You can talk about any character at any time, so don't worry about locking yourself in. This part is literally just an excuse to share a character of yours!

This is Baz. She's an angry parkour child. Bazooka spends time with a dimension traveling lady who doesn't communicate english well. She hates everything.


Throwing my boy Talib back in for this since I haven't done it in a long time.

RPR page:

TL;DR He's a musician just trying to get by with his boyfriend-- while trying to ignore the fact that he is highly sensitive to ghosts.

I'm gonna use Alf as usual,

My monster man who was raised in cat walmart.


This is Steve. Steve is a nice old man who's also a werewolf. Sweet and kind and very protective.

I will be using Briar tonight!


I'll be bugging Yoen tonight.


Originally he's a clone trooper, but I've been using a fantasy AU incarnation recently. He's a shapeshifting sapient bug with a bad attitude.

Gonna move on to prompts before it gets too late <3 but you can share a character with us at any time!

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