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Controlled by the galactic federation, vast expanses of the universe remained in order. Though this was done with borderline tyranny and dictatorship, order is order. Unfortunately for the High Chancellor, order ain't high on everyone's priority list, The Outsiders being a good example. A notorious band of law breakers, They were among the federation's most wanted... that is, until Karn showed up.

A relentless madman with an army at his back, he began tearing his way through planet after planet ravaging homes and families, killing innocents for the shear fun of it. However, the last thing anyone expected was for the High Chancellor to employ the help of an Outsider. Jakkor was certainly surprised himself.

Jak made his way through the Galactic Federation headquarters, having already been briefed about what was happening. As much as he hated the Federation, he hated the idea of everyone getting killed more. And he loved getting paid, something the chancellor would be doing in full. Still, it would be a tough task to do alone. None of the other Outsiders were crazy or drunk enough to take up the job with him. However, he quickly noticed a girl beating the hell out of two enforcers trying to arrest her.

"Excuse me gentlemen. I'd like pay her bail!!" He called as he walked over, the girl still giving them quite the ass kicking. He had a plan in mind.

((Mind if I join?))

((Can I join))

((I want to save the universe too))

((Could I join?))

Id like to join))

(( It happened about a year ago, Sadly I do not think it is still up))

((It was a while, yeah. Maybe someone could make a similar one?))

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Forums > Sci-Fi Roleplay Forum > Who wants to save the universe? (Open)