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Duran had begun to fidget with the rolled tapestries while his mind tugged at possible traps and lures, and he was grateful for Lucy's continuation. Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad trip after all...

"Uh, Duran! Me, I'm Duran. And that sounds great to me - saves me the looking, though I probably passed one earlier and missed it.... Did that with this spot.... Kinda bad at that, I guess; get wrapped up lookin' out for one thing an' completely miss another."

"oh uh well nice to meet you!" she responded before looking around, 'still no sign of the shopkeeper huh....' she thought to herself, maybe she had a large inventory?

Perking up at his next statement she lightly shook her head lest she start day dreaming, "Yeah I get what you mean, I'd probably have done the same but some old ladies I bought herbs from pointed out where all the materials I'm looking for may be" she smiled and then let out a chuckle at the thought of the three tree sisters bickering. "They were an interesting sort, if we ever visit again, maybe I'll introduce you!" she finished before looking around once more.

"The shop keeper sure is taking their time ayy?" she commented after a small moment of silence, maybe something had happened?

Her eyes were fixed on the being in front of her. Whatever it is, it's too strong for her. Fritz loosened her pull on the bow string, the mage hand placing the arrow into her quiver. "... Why couldn't you have waited..." she mutters. Her cheeks red from a mix of anger and frustration.

Her illusory voice is the by-product of the scar across her neck. Whatever happened to her, it was the cause of her being mute.

Fritz turned to the others with a bit of an awkward look on her face.
"HelloMyNameIsFritzAndIamForcedToWorkWithYouBothNotThatIDontWantToImJustConfused" she said in on breath trying to get the awkwardness out as fast as possible.

Duran nodded at Lucy's final statement. "At this rate it'd be quicker t' just.... walk off with this an' hit th' other shops," he grumbled. "'d save me some shards, that's fer sure."

When Eshchallus arrived with the new person, Duran regarded both with suspicion, but especially Eschallus. Seemed his distrust of that being wouldn't be changing any time soon, either. But Duran's eyes kept returning to the newcomer's scar and her unmoving lips. His grimace worsened as he realized that her voice was probably the product of magic. Still, that would probably come in handy in the dark, and the bandit knew it'd be stupid to chase off the extra help.

So he took a deep breath, and tried to continue with small talk.
"Right. Fritz? You got other magic 'r just that one?" He pointed at the scar, as though that were the actual source of the illusion. Not because he actually thought that, just... where else was he going to point to talk about a sound?

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Radiance of Tordithas (closed)