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I’m looking for a roleplay partner to partake in an action/ adventure plot with tones of underlying romance that will eventually take a more dominant role after a long period of time. I don’t want “OMG I MUST HAVE YOU” lust, instant understanding of another player’s every situation/personality, or instant trust in another character. There may certainly be attraction and flirting, but I want the characters to build a respect for one another and trust in one another before real romance starts.

I also would greatly appreciate it if your character has at minimum ONE significant flaw. The character I’m using has several. For example, in idea two devon has severe trust issues due to his/her family (this is a fairly common ‘flaw’ but if it’s their only flaw it has to greatly hinder their ability to deal with people). In idea two, Devon also can't always control his/her powers which can greatly put the characters in danger. For some reason I cannot update or create characters on my account though, so I'll have to describe all aspects of my character before the roleplay.

Any roleplay will be over PM/messages and I need a partner who is patient. I easily get wrapped up in my school work and sometimes am not for a couple weeks at a time but I still greatly enjoy roleplaying. I will come back on to answer your reply in due time, but real life comes first. For both partners. I will also be understanding if something pulls you away and you too cannot get on for long periods of time. I also would like a partner who is creative. If I'm the only one coming up with ideas for the roleplay I'm most likely going to get bored with the roleplay and also fed up. If neither of us can come up with something individually to throw in on our own, we can always brainstorm more ideas.

Here are the two ideas I'm fairly fond of currently doing. If you don't like either of them, or if you like aspects about one but want to change something just let me know.

Idea One: Based on the idea from the book Grimspace. The first few paragraphs of this review ( ) sum up space travel in this universe, along with the idea of jumpers and grimspace. I'm just using the idea of space travel for the roleplay though. I'm changing several other aspects of the roleplay. The fact that jumpers do eventually burn out I'm keeping though. I'd like to be the female and pilot in this idea and your character would be the jumper. If you would much rather be the pilot I'm willing to switch that around but I'd like to be female.
Throughout the universe, there are various federations run by different alien species and all are currently at piece with one another. There are always tensions between select species but for the moment, war is being kept at bay. The federation that manages human affairs is simply called the Corp. Not a very flashy name but it was simple enough. The Corp currently is focused on exploring the universe that hasn't been looked at along with diplomatic relations. Devon just graduated from pilot school and is currently looking for a jumper to begin training with. Once they select one another, their first assignment will be to explore a newly discovered planet.

Idea Two: I'm willing to plan male or female (clearly). You must be alright with romance blooming even when my character is the same gender as yours.

For the longest time, the world was threatened to be taken over by big business and finally it happened. The company UCTC, United Chemical Testing Corporation, used the guise of testing chemicals for short and long term effects to humans as a cover. Behind the scenes, the company was creating a drug that caused humans to rapidly mutate and also caused the taker to become extremely susceptible to “foreign ideas,” aka brain washing, for their own benefit. It took them years to finally find the right chemical mixture that mutated their human test subjects into something more powerful than just a human and also make them susceptible. Once they had it though, it didn’t take the company long to take over with their army. Of course, it didn’t help that while they had been in the testing phase, agents of the company had been securing support from politicians who would get a share of their profit and power.

The pill had several downsides that the company had not tested long enough for though. For one, the pill affected every person individually. Some mutated over a very short period of time while others took longer to mutate. Sometimes the drug changed them physically and other times it changed them mentally. The most common form of the mutation was physically and that was what UCTC generally took as ‘successful’ subjects. The subjects that changed mentally were kept for studying. Patients who became extremely smart were turned into human computers. Patients who gained some psychic ability commonly became the head honcho’s aids or pets, to keep them closer and more under control. Patients who showed no sign of change though were released after complete brainwashing and memory replacement.

The second and most frustrating complication to the company though, was that for successful brainwashing and subordination to occur, the subject had to take the pill time and time again. As time went on the pill was taken less frequently and the brainwashing would stick. Thankfully, the pill only mutated the subject the first and second time the pill was taken so multiple uses wouldn’t greatly damage the body or brain for the company’s use. Before they had known that though, several very strong willed subjects managed to break out of the brainwashing and make a run for it.

That was all before UCTC took over. Even with the escapees rallying troops to stop the corporation’s domination and the people’s outcry and revolution UCTC took over. Rebellions were crushed and most, if not all, the escapees were caught or hunted down by other, well trained, mutants. The common people were submitted to totally tyranny while poverty flourished all across the country. UCTC didn’t manage to take over the world, but one continent was enough for them. For now. Most other continents and countries closed their borders completely and totally to UCTC’s new world. The few countries that continued business skyrocketed the per capital GDP, and also their countries worth.

UCTC overlooked one vital thing; the subjects that had been tested upon and had had no obvious signs of change. It took them a long time to figure out that some of the subjects had been hiding the fact they had changed. Others, their DNA had been altered yet hadn’t changed them. Children with abilities started to pop up all over the board. One child had been found to have living bones made of steel. Another had the ability to breathe fire. Becoming more frequent was that that child didn’t just have one, some of them had two different abilities. Their powers ranged all over the board. What made things worse for UCTC was that they were immune to the pill’s ability to mutate them further and they couldn’t be controlled with the normal brainwashing drug.

The children who were found to have these special traits were taken by the company. Some were even turned over by fearful parents who had heard of the company killing anyone who stood in their way. OF course, they hadn’t known that they were once test subjects or what was going to happen to their child. That, is where Devon’s story begins.

Devon was one of those children. Born as a normal female child, Devon started life believing she was normal. She grew up in fear of UCTC and quickly learned how to lay low and not bring attention to herself. At the age of 8, she started to form her ability. She could switch genders. She knew that she could get into trouble if she got caught, so she only did it in secret. Well, not totally. She would also go to other parts of the city she lived in and switch genders. At age 11, she was surprised with the ability to create fire, but not control it. Once or twice she almost caught the house on fire because once the fire left her skin she lost control. Her parents had just assumed she was playing with matches though because, conveniently they were nearby. She found out rather quickly, that if she didn't occasionally use her fire ability, it forced it's way out of her. Thankfully she always managed to get to her shower or into a sheltered river or creek. She had a hard time explaining her cloths though. In her male form, it didn't appear that she had an elemental ability, which was perfectly fine by her. Eventually she found out she was wrong.

At age 16, in her male form, him and a couple of his street friends went snooping around one of the power stations. Devon got dared to go in over the fence, like stupid boys do, and he did. Unfortunately, that was when he found that he wasn't so normal in this form. Being so close to one of the electric towers awoke his ability to control lightning. What also unfortunately happened, was a surge. Since Devon had been suppressing the ability, the sudden awaking caused him to lose control. He took out the power plant and the entire city's source of electricity. His 'friends' managed to survive the surge though they got knocked out and once Devon realized what he had done, in sheer panic he headed home. Still in male form. As soon as his parents realized who he was and what their child had done, they gave her a false sense of security and quickly went to turn her in. She knew that they were going to do it though. She had always known. They had talked about how other parents sheltered their mutant children with love in clear disgust. So she had packed up everything she could into a large backpack, grabbed as money as she could and quickly headed out.

For four years now she's been on the run. Switching back and forth from male to female. He found out that he could very easily control his lightning powers though that was mainly the form that they were looking for. After being male for awhile, he quickly realized that he felt safer as a boy and generally stayed that way. Not only did people bother him less but he also was more in control. Occasionally when he'd go farther into the city, he might switch back into his female form but only to keep his identity a secret, not that their white hair helped. She did enjoy being a girl though. She didn't mind being either really. She was both after all. So in the end, she/he's left running. Just trying to make it day to day.";

0_0 that's a loooong intro :P
I'm interested if you don't mind!

I´m interested

im interested. i like the 2nd idea

This thread is over two years old. I don't think the guy who made this thread is still looking for this roleplay. If you're still interested though, I'd suggest you contact the OP

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