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Juls wrote:
Got a message from CoyBoat that he needed to drop out. :(

So if things go toward combat, I'll run Thorin for a bit.

(CoyBoat, if things calm down, feel free to jump back in!)

Aw, that stinks! We'll miss you, CoyBoat!

Rae, looks like your decision on the mule. :)

Hello! Is there more space here? I'd like to jump in if possible.

Glad you're interested! :) Do you have a character in mind already? Someone who lives in Hirot might work out well.

Well, I woulda liked to throw Pint in but I haven't gotten to use Xepil at all. Would a Hobgoblin skirmisher be ok? He's essentially a regular fighter that throws spears. I could make his sheet using Pathfinder rules super quick if you'd like?

If you REALLY want to use a Hobgoblin, know this is a very much an 'old school' campaign. He definitely wouldn't be seen as 'good guy', so Pint would be the easier fit.

I'm only vaguely familiar with pathfinder. It's similar to 3.5 D&D right? If you write him (or Pint) up in that, know that I'll likely ask you to pair down numbers to WhiteBox levels, which I think are a little lower overall. Weapons mostly do 1d6 damage. Attributes should be a true 3d6 (not 4d6, drop lowest).

That's ok! Haha! The whole point of Xepil is that he's supposed to be dealing with a lot of racial tension ala Drizzt. He is totally aware that Hobs are evil but he tries to prove the stereotype wrong :)

Yeah, Pathfinder is basically DnD 3.5 version 2. Lemme make the sheet real quick and you can modify it as you see fit.

EDIT: Here we go

Yeah, those are MUCH higher than WhiteBox numbers.

Attribute Mod for Str, Dex & Con would be 1, not 3
HP: 8
AC: 10 + Medium Armor (4) + Shield (1) + Dex (1) = 16
Saving throw: 14 (+2 vs death & poison)
Melee to hit: +1
Ranged to hit: +1
Battle Axe: 1d6+1 damage . (Assuming 2-H?)
other weapons: 1d6 damage

That's acceptable. Sheet has been modified.

I like the intro post, MordosKull. :)

All, will be offline for a couple days. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US!

Thx m8.

Y'all have a good holiday as well.

Hey! Sorry I've been kind of absent lately. Had a rough week last week, and Friday afternoon was particularly bad. I was pretty stressed out all weekend, and it's taking a while to get back into the swing of things. I just haven't had much inspiration, but I'm getting there and hope that I can post tomorrow. Thanks for being patient! :)

No problem, VampireDwarf! Always gotta take care of real life before RP!

Glad things seem to be looking up. :)

VampireDwarf & MordosKull, I think we might be down to just us. (Though I'm hoping the other two rejoin!)

Any objections to moving to the scene at the gates? I don't want to rush any RP. :)

I'm fine with it, hopefully everyone else will catch up.

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Forums > RP Discussion > Doom of the Savage Kings - OOC