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That's fine with me.
I hope the others can come back too - the more, the merrier!

Ey m8s, sry I havent responded, been busy and sick x.x.

Will post soon tho, prolly tomorrow.

I'll try to get a post up sometime tomorrow, but it may need to wait until after work. It's been a hectic week!

No worries! I figured everyone's schedules get a little hectic around the holidays! :)

Could I join with this character by chance? He's a modren-medieval kinda character. I kind of understand the game. I'd prefer to be human, if that's ok.

Human is perfect.

Do you know which class you'd prefer? (Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User, Thief)

If you can (or maybe you have already) download the pdf linked in the first post so you can create his Attributes and get more information about the classes.

Feel free to PM me with questions or if you get stuck. Then we'll also figure out how to work him into the story. (I have a few ideas, but will hold them until you pick a class!)

I'd prefer something ranged. Like a bow.

Apologies for the lack of good description, but there's no hole in the wall right now... unless maybe Rae was implying that she was going to hack one?

Oh, dear, my bad! I thought the hound had come crashing through the wall earlier. Did it come over the wall then? Because I was under the impression that it was inside the city.

I'll go fix my post now though! Thanks for the clarification!

Ah, I've gone back and read through that part... You didn't indicate it did either of those two things... ;)

It was inside the walls (which are about 15 high), just no hole. :)

Galiena will go along with whatever Rae and Xepil decide. :)

Felyne, I'm trying to give Josh an excuse to interact with the other PCs, but ya know... help me out. Unless you have a different plan!

Hey, guys, I was planning on posting this morning. But something awful (I wasn't personally involved, thank God) happened at work this morning, and I'm just not in the right mindset at the moment. Hopefully I can get something up before the day is over.

Thanks for your patience!

Oof! Sry to hear that, m8. Take care of yerself first, we'll wait patiently for ya.

Take your time! We can certainly wait a little while for ya!

Something tells me that having Xepil and Rae in the same adventuring group is going to wind up being a comedy of errors... XD

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Forums > RP Discussion > Doom of the Savage Kings - OOC