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I joined November can imagine my dismay at having missed out on the trick or treating *sob sob*

But I have been wondering....Thanksgiving passed and I didn't see any public feast Christmas is coming and I was thinking it would be a fun feature. Of course i am newer to this site so maybe this is already a thing? I dont know really but some present time forums feast forums etc sound fun to me.

Do we do that on rpr? If so when could I expect a present time forum? If at some point nearing Christmas I open a public gift exchange forum would anyone join in?

I am from USA btw, and unsure about how the holidays effect other nations, which are shared, which are not, what non American holidays are out there etc so sorry if this doesnt effect everyone the same.

While RPR doesn't have a holiday roleplaying event, we do have the Festival of Being Excellent to Each Other! Here is a little more information about it from last year's news post. :) FOBETEO is all about appreciating your RP friends and companions and is generally celebrated by an outpouring of kudos!

When exactly is this held? I see last years was December 3rd and that is now today.

Voldarian_Empire wrote:
When exactly is this held? I see last years was December 3rd and that is now today.

It can vary from year to year depending on Kim's availability, but the event started a few hours ago! :D Here is the link to the news post.

Yes I saw! Thank you! I will give presents in the form of Kudos to all the well deserving members of this great community.

Thanks for the info :)

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Forums > RP Discussion > Holiday roleplay?