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Forums > Forum Games > 4 Sentence Story BUT without the letter "E"

A story of any genre.
Must be four sentences.
Must NOT contain the letter "E". No substitutes allowed, like "€".

Adam was a boy from Brooklyn. That's all you would know about him. His ability to shut out any sort of intimacy, was uncanny. His sad, pitiful world, brought him nothing but a hollow soul.

Trisha is jogging. Quickly, now running. A dark form is following this girl from long ago. Trisha turns, pulls out a shank, and stabs him.

I found a gun. Found out it wasn't fun. Put it in my car. Got rid of it at a pawn shop.

Picking up a brush. I look at my shaky hands, at my blank canvas. I cannot hold a brush, I cannot draw. At last, my blank canvas is still as blank as it was an hour ago.

This is highly doubtful. Thought as wind picks up, tossing hair back and forth. Stony guards stand straight, thoughts only on who will drop first. Soon all will succumb to dark abyss, fading to nothing.

Lazari is shy. A bird just fly by. A drop of blood. Oh... Laz is walking away.

Ah, good, you want to talk about Lucina? I'll talk about Lucina. Lucina's got a cool sword, Falchion. Falchion has too many variants...

I play my guitar. Wanna sing a song. Start a band. Quit my day job.

’All I want is to fly with you,’ I sang. You look dubious, I grinned at you.

I’m curious, this girl’s surprisingly shy today.

All I want is to fall with you,” I coax you again, and you finally sang along.

I lost my mind. Nobody was kind. The asylum is fun. Now if I could con my way out.

I found a dog on my way to work today. It was looking up at passing foot traffic, whining pitifully. So I took a small puppy in. That tiny pup is now an adorably ruinous tornado plaguing my condo and consuming my socks.

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Forums > Forum Games > 4 Sentence Story BUT without the letter "E"